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9 years ago  ::  Dec 04, 2008 - 8:20PM #21
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robertaf wrote:

Shaner, would you happen to be my old BNet friend, Shane? If so, I am totally impressed to see you are now a Mod. If not, then Shaner, can you enlighten me as to who you might be?

I was part of the beginning's of Retreat House, the very first posts here.
Lots of history here. I need to be brought up to date.

Hello robertaf,

I don't believe so, I've had the Username of Shaner since I joined Beliefnet in 2000. Our late son's name was Shane and sometimes we called him 'Shaner' as a nickname, hence my choice.

On the old Forums I Hosted Learn About Catholicism, Catholic Talk and the Ave Maria Cafe Forum.
When Beliefnet changed over to this new format and many of the Cathlic Boards were dropped, they asked me if I wanted to Host this Forum.

I imagine you have a story or two to tell about the old Forum, :-)


"Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the Words of Eternal Life"
"Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
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9 years ago  ::  Dec 31, 2008 - 10:13AM #22
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Blessed salt?  yes, that makes perfect sense.  Salt, like water, is something necessary for human life.  Salt also is great for preserving and purifying.  Salt was used to cure meat and fish, thus "preserve" it.  Salt can also be used to help purify by pulling out toxins.  Isn't this why salt baths are so popular, and so many like to bathe in the Dead Sea?  My wife loves to take a bath in bathing salt because she says she feels like toxins have been pulled out of her.  I have used salt to "purify" and old smoking pipe by filling it with salt and some alcohol.  In a few days the salt has "pulled" the old tobacco and impurities from the pipe bowl and "sweetens" the pipe (now I wonder, would blessed salt make my pipe blessed if used it to sweeten it? ;0)).  Salt is even used in holy water as a preservative.  I believe salt also represents one of the four elements (earth, water, fire and air) each of which has a blessed representation in our faith:  blessed salt (earth), holy water (water), burning candles (fire) and Frankincense (air).  Mark Kurlansky wrote a book called, oddly enough "Salt" which talks about salts history and how it was so valuable throughout history and in society.  An excellent read even though the subject sounds rather bland.  Anyway, I can see how blessed salt would be used in exorcism, because if salt removes toxins and purifies, then blessed salt would remove and draw out demons, which are are the most extreme forms of impurity.  Salt is taken for granted today due to such plentiful availability but this was not always the case.  Boiling sea water to get the the salt is very labor intensive and uses tremendous amounts of fuel for a very small yield. Salt is valuable on many levels, and deserves its place as a blessing from our Lord.  Peace, and a very Happy and Blessed New year.
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