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10 years ago  ::  Aug 19, 2008 - 12:53PM #1
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Went to Wisconsin this weekend... Floated down the Saint Croix with my Mother who is in town and some friends.  it was amazing fun.  I first suggested that we all go up to my cabin, but I have been there a million times, I wanted something different.  I had remembered going to this place once about a year ago and it was so fun, I suggested that we all go.

We bought some inflatable mattresses and filled them up and launched at one dam, and floated into town... Then hiked the 7 miles back!

Anyone do anything fun-tastic and rondom-licious this weekend?
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 19, 2008 - 4:43PM #2
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I listened to music at the White City Days celebration in the park.  My daughter had her face and arms painted.  It was fun.
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 19, 2008 - 6:31PM #3
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I spent about 4 hours floating and bobbing in the ocean.  Not just 4 hours at the beach, (I was actually at the beach about 5 hours), but four hours out in the surf.  It was so fun. The waves were pretty mellow so you didn't get smashed up too much if you got past the break point, and the water was not too cold, and the weather was perfect.  I did get a bit of a sunburn, even with sunscreen, but nothing serious.
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 19, 2008 - 10:48PM #4
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My weekends usually consist of getting up obscenely late, scratching myself, eating ribs (or some other tasty treat) and hitting the movie theater for a rebound flick (something I didn't take my wife to on Friday).  I like to take my youngest to the lake to feed the ducks and (if it's not raining) walk three miles around a nearby lake (listening to my iPod through my Grado GS-1000s).  I like to listen to old music, especially old music I'm only superficially familiar with.  That's the stuff I rediscover as I'm trudging around the lake going buddhist as I lose my mind in the kaleidoscope of colors.

I'm well practiced at the fine art of doing nothing.

So, my weekend was probably nothing to write home about, except for the Bucs game my brother took me to.  I'd never seen a game in the Raymond James Stadium, and it was the Bucs versus the Patriots.  He stopped to pick up one of his friends, who's a lovable character right out of those stoner flicks written by Judd Apatow.  I think the guy was half-lit when we picked him up (though, to his credit, he didn't do any of that stuff with me around).  We got there after the kick-off and, for me, it was totally golden, with lights, screaming crowds, dancing nubile cheerleaders, cool plays, a people watcher's paradise of odd characters, and a charmed ending (the Bucs tore the Patriots up).  We got home before midnight and I was ready for work on Monday.

The best little evening was tonight.  I got the day off because of Fay, which was supposed to storm right through us.  I took my daughters to the Y.  My youngest got to play with all the other little kids in the play pen.  My oldest and I shot baskets.  There was a time when she wanted to run away from home, so it was nice just shooting baskets with her.  She just started her senior year at a brand new school, has Spanish 3 with a handful of other kids, joined the swim team and is thinking about joining the basketball team.  I don't know if she'll go through with that last bit - after spending a token two hours of shooting hoop (she thought it was exhausting, but she's just coming off a cold).  I actually got to teach her how to improve her shots (which is gratifying since I was the guy you'd pick last, if ever, for schoolyard games).  It was just nice to do something together since I've been the bad guy, fending off the boyfriends, threatening lives, et cetera (Yes, if you show up to my house in a low rider, ready to introduce my daughter to your super sperm, I will provide you an all-expense-paid meeting with Jesus).

It's got to be tough, as a teen, when you look up and realize what cave your DNA crawled out of.  As parents, my wife and I have been toughing it out as style-cramping backwater "peeps."  So, when that odd moment comes and the kids still want us around - for anything - it's nice.  My daughter is now talking about medical school, and she'll get there, even if I have to buy her a plane ticket to Grenada.
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