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10 years ago  ::  Jul 28, 2008 - 12:15PM #1
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I am not homosexual but suppot gay rights and amm interested in the MCC. Is the MCC for homosexuals only mor are all welcome?  Are there any heterosexual members of the MCCC on beliefnet? if so do you feel welcome in the church?  Also is the MCC a christ centered church withn traditional beliefs regarding the god christ, the bible and salvation or is it mainly contained with social issues such as gay rights?
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10 years ago  ::  Jul 29, 2008 - 10:58AM #2
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I'm not an MCC member, but have some familiarity with the denomination.  It was founded 40 years ago this year by a gay minister named Troy Perry as a refuge for glbt people who'd been shunned by their home denominations.  It has a reputation of being a "gay denomination", but all are welcome.  It's a relatively small denomination and does not have a significant presence here on Beliefnet.

I've only worshipped once with the MCC, but my understanding is that its worship style varies greatly from church to church.  Some are very traditional in worship style and some are very experimental.  I've heard complaints by some that the MCC church that they went to wasn't "Christian enough".  I think that there are a few different factors influencing this.  1) The MCC is a denomination made up of people from lots of different religious backgrounds and worship styles (orthodox, pentecostal, mainline, evangelical, whatever).  As a result, it's difficult to nail down one specific worship style that everyone is comfortable.  2) Given that many MCCers have been expelled from their home denominations, I think there are concerns by some of the leadership that they need to be mindful of the language and practices that they use.  So they might use gender-inclusive language or worship practices from many different backgrounds, including non-Christian backgrounds.

Anyway according to their statement of belief, they are a Christian denomination (source: … ntID=695):

[QUOTE]MCC's Statement of Faith

This is the simple declaration of what MCC believes, as stated in our By-Laws, and accepted by our General Conference:

"Christianity is the revelation of God in Jesus Christ and is the religion set forth in the scriptures. Jesus Christ is foretold in the Old Testament, presented in the New Testament, and proclaimed by the Christian Church in every age and in every land.

Founded in the interest of offering a church home to all who confess and believe, Metropolitan Community Churches moves in the mainstream of Christianity.

Our faith is based upon the principles outlined in the historic creeds: Apostles and Nicene.

We believe:

-In one triune God, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, of one substance and of three persons: God - our Parent-Creator; Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God, God in flesh, human; and the Holy Spirit - God as our Sustainer.

-That the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, showing forth God to every person through the law and the prophets, and finally, completely and ultimately on earth in the being of Jesus Christ.

-That Jesus...the Christ...historically recorded as living some 2,000 years before this writing, is God incarnate, of human birth, fully God and fully human, and that by being one with God, Jesus has demonstrated once and forever that all people are likewise Children of God, being spiritually made in God's image.

-That the Holy Spirit is God making known God's love and interest to all people. The Holy Spirit is God, available to and working through all who are willing to place their welfare in God's keeping.

-Every person is justified by grace to God through faith in Jesus Christ.
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10 years ago  ::  Sep 19, 2008 - 4:21PM #3
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[QUOTE=Friend!;769692]Does the MCC, now UCC since the merger, believe groups like Exodus and PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) should enjoy equal rights with homosexual groups?

I think of the bias in public schools against students and groups whose members left the homosexual lifestyle and became heterosexuals.

The MCC has not merged with the United Church of Christ.
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