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9 years ago  ::  Jan 17, 2009 - 9:17AM #11
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[QUOTE=littleonebeforethethrone;686656]Just figured I'd say hi. I'm a new Catholic, just joined up last Easter. This seemed like a safe place to just say hi. :) Have a blessed day.[/QUOTE]

Hello and WELCOME, INDEED, WELCOME!! Forgive me for not looking in here sooner, but that's no matter now.  I see you joined the faith this past Easter, so, were you baptized & confirmed + holy communion all on Holy Sat???  Same here, some - let's see now - nearly 20 years now!!! I always go to Holy Sat. Mass ever sense, as it helps me to renew my baptismal promise and feel as though all is new again, for myself anyway.  I would urge you to go again to Holy Sat. Mass.  This is also an anticipated Mass for Easter Sunday, as tis held in the evening, you see??? Oh, lot's to still learn, but I take such comfort from going to Mass AND Confession.  Confession for me takes all the weight off my shoulders and I feel as though I'm brand new again.  I was kind of scared going to my very first one, prior to baptism, you know??? And yet, when the Priest forgave me in the name of Jesus, it was a revelation, I knew right then, everything was going to be just fine!!!  And it really has been.  Oh, I don't mean to say that I haven't had any troubles, those, after all are the teaching tools (in my opinion) the Lord sends to us. Just be aware (this took me years) that the answer never comes instantly, nor is it completely figured out through the mind!  I've found that I can get insights on these lessons a bit at a time, and then a year or TWO later, it's like a light bulb goes on in my brain, and the whole answer to my puzzles falls into place!??!  Oh dear, here I am, going on & on, as usual, when I only wanted to welcome you, most sincerely into our groups, as well as into the Faith! May GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU, ALWAYS!  Love & Friendship, Rebecca in Tucson, AZ
Good Luck and Happy Landings, Rebecca in Tucson, AZ
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