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6 years ago  ::  Nov 04, 2009 - 10:22AM #11
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There is so much I like about my church.  The Lord blessed my husband and I by finding us this wonderful little church.  First off, our paster preaches strictly from the Bible.  He does not look for glory for himself but for our Lord.  His family is awsome.  They are very musically talented.  Their boy and our preachers wife especially.  When they sing praising our Lord, tears will come to your eyes.  The little church just gets to rocken with praises and singing to the Lord.  The sermons are, as I said from the Bible. He delivers them with such passion.   The members are God fearing folks who welcomed my husband and I with open arms.  You can actually feel the presence of the Lord in this little church.  When you leave, you feel  spirtually fullfilled all day.

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