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2 years ago  ::  Dec 31, 2012 - 11:18PM #1
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Weve been debating each other so long at beliefnet all the time something just occured to me. After reading Theos post about his Christian name just wondered if anyone wanted to give their true first name ?Sense weve been here forever and ever just thought it might be nice.First name only of course.

After all my psycho threads if I gave yall my last name Id probably be shot down by tomarrow LOL!

My Christian name is Elizabeth.   
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2013 - 11:49AM #2
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Well, all right, no harm in it.

Elizabeth, I'm Bob, pleased to meet you!

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2 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2013 - 12:07PM #3
Want to know
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I'm William, not that I think anyone cares. A few years ago someone (might have been me) asked why we chose the name we use on this board. I think that would be interteresting along with Elizabeth's suggestion. We need to let up a bit on this forum and be friends. We are Christians, you know, and we should act like it and stop talking so sassy (only word I can think of) to each other.

I chose "Want to Know" because when I came to this forum years ago I had so many questions I wanted answers to. I have learned a lot but still have many more questions left unanswered. I plan to be around a while and continue asking them.

I grew up in a mill village here in the South where everyone was Protestant, and I never knew there were people who believed any different than us. I did know people said they didn't like Jews because the Jews killed Jesus and Catholics were also despised but I didn't know why. I never had the opportunity to go to college and had very little contact with anyone outside the village.

I always had many questions about what I was supposed to believe but I didn't know how to ask them. In those days you were warned about questioning, you were supposed to take it and believe it. That never did satisfy me, but when I came to this board I found there were others who had questions they felt uneasy about asking to their family or friends.

I didn't mean to get to rambling like this but I do think it would be great if others would share a little about themselves. I enjoyed reading what Theo said about how he got to where he is in his faith and I would like to hear from others if they care to share.

Your fellow Christian, William

"Now we see as through a glass, darkly but then face to face:  now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known."  I Corinthians 13:12
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2013 - 1:35PM #4
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Its ok its a good ramble thanks for sharing. i think its good idea for us to share stuff like this with each other so we all know were humans and where were coming from. Also if anyone wants to share their denomination it would be good.Where your coming from  denomination wise.


Well I naamed myself Rideronthastorm and at one time I wa rideronthestorm i had to change because at one point I was havint  ahard time logging into Beliefnet. I was also stoneschild at one time. I chose the name because I wa sobsessed with The Doors when I first came here. I was caught in an old timey United Pentecostal Church that I left after 9 years and never went back to.


 If you look at the thread on The Trinity Apostolic something or another is the posters name hes from my old church. I believed it to be a cult after I got out and found out that one of my old pasters raped and molested several of my girlfriends and pleaded guilt to rape child molestation and also drug charges of cocain unknown to me he had  a cocain problem as well.


I dont know what his church teaches on dress codes some of them ar enot very strict and have removed the old timey dress codes. i went to  3 different kinds of churchs one that was real strict one that pretty strict but not a shard core and one that left the dress codes behind.


They have lot of rules women have to wear theyre hair long not cut it no jewlry no makeup and had to wear dresses long dresses 100 percent of the time no matter what. they also taught oneness interpretation of the Godhead and you have to be baptized in the name of Jesus instead of the father son and holy ghost or you cant be saved and also you ahve to get the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


Itw as actully a good experience for me for abit because at the age of 23 I was hanging out on street runnign away from my parents not working or going to school drinking alot and just drifting and kind of messed upa nd frankly for awhile after I got into the uPC church I straightened out got a job in fastfood quite running away that type of stuff.


Anyways long story short after Id been in 9 years realized I was going crazy and how crazy the church was . I had some help but had a friend help me get out of church.


Then when I started coming here to Beliefnet I named myself Rideronthastorm because when i was in church they woulnt allow me to listen to secular music of any sort nothing it had to be all Christain music rockinroll is of the devil.After I got out had  alove affair with Jim Morrison began to become obsessed with collecting every single album of The Doors and had a 5 year obsession with them. But these days Ive gone past it.

But I keep the name because its a cute name and Ive been around so long like I dont know about 8 years now everyone knows me by Riders so I prefer to keep it.

I come and go alot around here. technically I was away from Christainity long time and went to an earthbased UU chruch and still belong there I tried Paganism or long time. But got sick last year and had to have a histerectomy while in the hospital I reacccepted Jesus.

Sense Ive been out Ive calme ddown alot and I did a 100 percent trun around and even considered becoming a conservative Evangelical christian and had even a couple of argumens about it at sexuality section on what the bible says about Homosexuality.


 But after rehtinking the situation ive decided to stay away from politics and Ive decided I dont know very much and that God knows and I can put it in his hands and thats all taht counts But I am open and accepting of everyone regardless. i dont udnerstand the bible, but I can be loving and aaccepting of al regardless and sense have reopened my Polyamourous singles group at Meetup and have actually had a couple of succesful meetups there. we have lots of GLT folk so officially Im being welcoming.


I went back to my old UU church and still want to go back and visit some though its kind of far away.

I havnt been able to drag my but  back to a Christian chruch I dont know what my problem is but my sister got me a computer for Christmas that seems to be compatible with second life so I may think about returning to the Christian church throughs econd life the virtual realit world on the net.

Anyways I come and go here alot because as everyone can testify about 8 eyars back when I first came and had sych problems and very very angry with Christianity I freaked out after I found out about my old Apostolic Paster I was MAD AT THE church alot and really my posts and threads were over the top out of control i never threatened myself or anyone or anything like that but still I was pretyy crazy and folks at this sectiona nd Christian debate asked me to elave and take time off to get psychiatric help and I took them upon it.

The past 3  years Ive been pretty cool and layed back around here but now and then I get out of control and have to make myself leave again or else like I did last ngiht when I realized I was getting crazy about the topic of sexism I went back and removed my threads and apologize dto everyone these days Im apussycat compared to what I use to be.


Im sorry this post is so long probably nobody will read it all the way through Im a drama queen and an attention hound sorry...................Happy New Years




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2 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2013 - 9:43PM #5
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I'm just passing through, but I'm Shannon. Some people on this board already know me from Facebook, but that's my name.

More where that came from...

Writing I get paid to do

Beliefnet Community Host - Christian Faith and Life, Christian to Christian Debate
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 02, 2013 - 9:20AM #6
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My name is John.  Smile

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2 years ago  ::  Jan 02, 2013 - 4:19PM #7
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If you ever hang around the U.S. News & Politics Board, then you already know my first name.  For those who keep away from politics, hi, I'm Mark.  Pleased to meet you...

"No freedom without education"
            --Thomas Jefferson

"NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition"
            -- Monty Python
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 05, 2013 - 10:39PM #8
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 06, 2013 - 8:32AM #9
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For me, there's quite a difference between the name given me at birth (which Caesar co-opted, changed to NAME[note: all capital letters] and used as collateral to secure the debts of the UNITED STATES, Incorporated...but rather than ramble on about this), my name in Christ i'll keep to myself, for now.  Names have power, as the Native Americans recognized; most of them were quite reticent about giving theirs, you know.

"History records that the moneychangers have used every form of abuse, deceit, intrigue, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it's issuance."
-- James Madison(1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President
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2 years ago  ::  Jan 06, 2013 - 9:10PM #10
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Jan 6, 2013 -- 8:32AM, Hatman wrote:

For me, there's quite a difference between the name given me at birth (which Caesar co-opted, changed to NAME[note: all capital letters] and used as collateral to secure the debts of the UNITED STATES, Incorporated...but rather than ramble on about this), my name in Christ i'll keep to myself, for now. Names have power, as the Native Americans recognized; most of them were quite reticent about giving theirs, you know. Hatman

How does one aquire a "name in Christ"?

Whenever anything terrible happens, or rather is done, in the world, “we” are somehow to blame for it, not the merely apparent perpetrators. The root cause is always in us, the us in question being our biological, cultural, or political ancestors, but never me in particular. We are responsible, but I am not. We have done something to make them behave badly, and if it were not for us the world would be a peaceful, happy place. And to be ultimately responsible for all the evil in the world is at least flattering to one’s sense of self-importance, the defense of which motivates an important part of many people’s intellectual activity.

Theodore Dalrymple
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