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6 years ago  ::  Jul 29, 2012 - 12:50AM #81
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SR, I was not the one who said you were wandering in fantasy land. I'm not sure who did, but it was not me. I just said that, as far as I knew, wedding photographers could pick and choose their clients. I also said that, beyond 'federally-protected' groups, states could make their own rules in terms of discrmination laws. If the state did not include homosexuals (or anyone, really) in their discrimination laws regarding private businesses, then technically said businesses could refuse service to them. I never said it was right, I just said that the law allowed it. Apparently New Mexico *does* include homosexuals in their laws against discrimination. Not all states do.

I never said anything at all about anyone having beliefs pushed on them, Christian or otherwise. If I did, show me where.

My friend's 'bitch clause' just has to do with him refusing to put up with bullcrap from spoiled brides and rude families. Last I heard, 'jerks' were not a protected class in his home state of Pennsylvania. I could be wrong.

More where that came from...

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