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6 years ago  ::  Jun 21, 2012 - 1:50PM #1
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I know the scriptures, but I want to see if we can make a point and find a common ground on this thought.

It's not the blood of Christ that saves you.

Hold on before you knee jerk.  If you think the blood of Christ has some magical power over GOD to force His hand, then you aren't worshipping an omnipotent God.  So stop and ask yourself, is your God all powerful or not?

So, absolutely Christ died on the cross, and this question isn't taking away from that sacrifice, but adding to it.  Since the BLOOD can't force God's hand, what actually DOES save you?

The realization is much more sobering than what is spit out of people's mouths by rote memory today.  It's shows much more Grace as well, and a LOT more Love than people realize, and for those reasons I put it before you today.

Jesus' blood doesn't save you but what does?  YES the blood plays a part, but if you stood there and touched his blood, that didn't magically make you heaven bound. 

What does.  I'm not being hyperbolic, nor jesting, nor being a heretic, and I'm not trying to rub some of the hypersensitive noses in the ground as they imply at times.  There is a thought that warrants considering in there, and only by asking the questions and working your way through it, will the answers ever come to you, OR make sense to you.

Are you willing to challenge your parroted beliefs and challenge them to make sure they are the truth?
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