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4 years ago  ::  Sep 28, 2014 - 1:46PM #21
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I have happened upon this forum. I wonder why it has been left alone for so long. Maybe I can help revive the discussion? I'm curious, and want to learn more about my ancestors faith.

I have heard that a significant focus of Celtic Christianity was praise and worship, similar to how Catholics have a focus on prayer and spirituality, and many Protestants have a focus on evangelism and fellowship. Is this true? Can someone better express or explain this? 

I read through the thread, and found that much of Celtic faith was based in love and harmony. What else can you guys offer me, as a learning disciple of God? 

Also, I like to think about St. Patrick, the one often attributed with bringing the Word to the Celts. While many people know of his little ways of teaching the people the nature of God, like showing how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one with the image of a clover. Or how he incorporated bonfires, a common method of celebration for the Cetic people, into the holy days.What else did he teach that can be shown in the Celtic Christianity? 

Bealtaine ní mór dúinn an Spiorad.

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4 years ago  ::  Oct 01, 2014 - 11:08AM #22
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Greetings Boudico,

Thanks for your interest in our little forum but as you can see the time has passed! Ever since the Roman Church confiscated all the Celtic Properties back in 664 A.D. after the Council of Whitby, Celtic Christianity has been more a matter of personal devotion and private rituals. Every Celt celebrated life each day, even before the Christians came to Ireland. 

It would see that CC, with brick and motar buildings, tends to fade away after the initial interest peaks. This has been the Third Revival in the history of CC and it seems to have ended a few years ago. Sorry...

Most of us still live what we believe and hold to the faith of our fathers and their fathers but we live it on a more personal level now. CC is about how you see the world around you. 'Seeing' Christ in his Creation means you must engage in everything in your day as though is it your mission in life.

From what you said in your post it would seem that you are just starting out on this pilgrimage. I would suggest to you two books I found really helpful: Listening for the Heartbeat of God, by J. Philip Newell and Anam Cara, by John O'Donohue. Those have always been my favorite introductions to CC but there are many other good books to read as well. Let me advise you to be careful in your reading selections though, there are many 'mystical' or even 'Wiccan' authors who write as they have a handle on 'real' CC. Our beliefs focus on the Three Harmonies, anything else is just myth! (harmony with yourself, harmony with God, and finally harmony with the rest of His Creation) If you can master those skills and perspectives then you will have all the mystery you can handle!

Good luck on your Celtic path, may the Lord of all Creation guide you on it...



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