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9 years ago  ::  Mar 01, 2009 - 12:11PM #21
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I have to say that listening to Christian Music is a passion of mine.  I would even say that I am a music-a-holic!  I have been recently, in the past few months, been re-introduced to some of the Comtemporary Christian artists from the 80's whom I had totally forgot about.  I couldn't have remembered they're names for the life of me, but one night I was trying to remember a song that I had heard but couldn't remember the artist or even one word of the song.  It drove me nuts, so I went through the alphabet trying to remember his name and although it took me until the next day, the name popped into my head.  It was Terry talbot and I went on line and found the song that I was trying to remember( actually the tape, Terry Talbot, Terry Talbot) that is actually the name of the tape!  Since then, I have been reaquainted with others like Bryan Duncan, David Meece, Wayne Watson, Steve Camp, Larnelle Harris, Michael Card, Scott Wesley Brown and the list goes on.  I went on to Amazon and purchased many of they're music CD'S, got an mp3 player, and now carry this great music with me.  I love " A heart like mine" by Bryan Duncan, actually his whole CD, ("Love takes time") Gary Chapman, " A Man after God's Own Heart" All of Steve Camp's music  "Living in Laodicia", After God's Own Heart" .  Clay Cross, "He walked a mile in my shoes" Wayne watson, Home Free, When God's People Pray, Almighty, This One was born in Zion. The Group 4Him, Scott Wesley Brown"s when Answers aren't enough, and I could go on for hours.  This music to me, I have been reminded since I have "found it" again, has shown me that it was not just music that I love, but it has been instumental in forming my desire to walk with and Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.  Some of the lyrics of this music have shown me just what that means. There is also a female singer who's name is Lori Wilke whom I had the pleasure of hearing in the early 90's.  She has 2 tapes which I believe are awesome  "Here I Am" and "hand in Hand".  I think these are awesome worship cd's as she sings the Word and her voice is great too.  Well, this started out being a simple post, but as I got going, I just thought of more and more( bad habit of mine!)  Please forgive my longwindedness if anyone has even made it this far... God Bless You...LOL 

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8 years ago  ::  Mar 05, 2010 - 6:17AM #22
Acts 28:22
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Kenneth Cope   I'll allow these compositions speak for them self

It is impossible to stand upright when one plants his roots in the shifting sands of popular opinion and approval.

Thomas S. Monson
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 04, 2010 - 12:49AM #23
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My favorite Christian bands include Skillet, Capital Lights, Toby Mac, newsboys, and Relient K. I have read some posts about protestant bands like these being ungodly for conforming to the world. Now, they have not conformed to the world. All Christian musicians don't have to be hymn-writers and other traditional Christian music players to be Christian. Skillet's songs like Monster, Comatose, Rebirthing and Awake and Alive all have clear Christian themes. monster deals talks about the sins caged within all of us, while Rebirthing and Comatose both talk about God's love. Awake and Alive is clearly about God empowering us through his spirit so we may battle the worlds temptations. 

Other Christian bands like Capital Lights don't always have Christian songs, but clean songs. For example songs like Outrage and Worth as Much as a Counterfeit Dollar don't have any real Christ-based theme and I don't belief God demands every sing we write must be about him. Of course these songs are completely clean and are just fun to listen to. Other songs like Return are clearly about Christ, Return in particular about God's triumphant return to Earth. 

I love God and I love music, but i don't think every single Christian song in existence has to be about God or has to be a 'traditional' song. 

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