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5 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2013 - 11:27PM #1
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Essencially you have Job, a man, a universal man who represents all men of faith, a man who does everything God asks. As such, God decides he wants to meet Job, face to face.

Happy the pure of heart for they shall see God- the beatitude of Jesus.
But before God meets Job, God decides to test him.
Note (the statements of the characters from the book listed below are not direct quotes but rather seek to give the general meaning, of the statements each make, some ofcourse are directly quoted)

The begginging:- God says "have you seen Job satan, there is noone else like him" Satan replies "well that's only because of everything you have given him, should you take his things away, I warrent he'll curse you" "really?" god replies, "then I put him in your power, but don't touch his body"
So Satan kills Jobs family, destroys his land, kills all his catle, leaving Job with nothing but his wife- his wife is ofcourse married to him, and so part of the one body, so satan does not kill her.

2.24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.

Job says "Naked I have come into the world and naked I shall leave" The sablime answer and satan looses and Job, gods servant, wins a victory over evil.
God then says "have you seen Job satan there is no one else like him"

"skin for skin, a person will do anything to save their life, but I warrent if you touch his body he'll curse you" satan says in responce "Really" god replies "then I put him in your power but do not kill him"
So Job becomes covered in all kinds of horror. Jobs Wife under possession says "do you really mean to continue with your innocence, curse god and die"

"That's how foolish women speak" Job replies "if we take happiness from gods hands, should we not take suffering as well" And with that reply, Job- Gods servant, defeats Satan completly.
Then three friends arrive and sit for seven days and nights saying nothing for so terrible did
After the week is over, starts a new combat, a combat between ignorance and truth.
"What did you do?" ask the friends "I didnt do anything" Job replies "No, No, Job, you must have done something, God does not do that to his servants, only the bad are treated in such a manner"
"That's not true" Job replies, "I see the bad over there, happy as anything and here I am, having done everything God has ever asked of me, and look at me"
"You cant say that" say the friends "No one is perfect in gods eyes we are all sinners, repent for your sins and maybe god will forgive you"
"I could talk like you using long and fancy words and speaches, I don't know what has caused this to befall me but put me in the furness and I will come out like GOLD, who can win me a hearing with god, I've done nothing wrong"
Job here is a total Donkey, stubbon as a mule a man of great chasity, a man who knows himself and knows what he has done and what he has not. "what have you done Job?" "nothing" and he sticks to it-a total donkey, with lots of chasity, a man who really believes in God and in many respects understand Gods ways. Notice also that Job will die- protesting his innocence.
What Job does not understand is- why this has happened.
and when Job calls for a hearing with god, that is what he is expressing that he does not understand why it has happened, knowing as he does, that he does do everything God asks of him. The answer I see to that "why?" is as I stated at the begining- It's a test.

When Jesus says in the our father "do not bring us to the test" basically he is asking: 'please God do not do to me, what you allowed to happen to Job'.
Something important to understand also, is that Job does not protest the suffering, rather he is completely worried about why his relationship with God is no longer good, he fails to see that his relationship is as good as always, but it's that possibility that causes Job to suffer really, not the soars or pain, but Jobs suffering is that maybe even though he has done everything God asks, God isnt with him anymore, So Job protests his innocence,

"I have done nothing, this attack is not justified, why are you no longer my friend?" To say even in that situation Job still is all about God and not himself.
But there is more for in the conversation between Job and the friends, God seeks to

1st. Educate the friends and secound increase Jobs trail.
Having lost the arguement the three friends do not know what to say, here Elihu starts up, he is a young upstart, full of passion, quite cocky considering his young age, and he goes for it, doesn't know what he is talking about really, has very little wisdom, yet is passionate, and does truly believe in what he says.

God does not allow Job to reply to reply to Elihu, you may wonder why, I feel it's because of his age, Jobs reply would probably run along the lines of "be quiet upstart" and considering his age, sureness of his opinion, he probably would find the reply Job would give him, quiet a crushing blow, You can see what I mean surely, here is a young kid really believes in what he is saying, yet you know he is wrong, ways of approaching that are difficult, you do not wish to crush him and admire his passion, he's young and not yet a man, and I think the beautiful thing in this story is no one does correct him- rather God speaks and Elihu learns for himself
God appears and stops Job from replying to Elihu, having appeared God speaks to Job and the friends and asks Job "Would you really put me in the wrong, to make yourself right?" and Job replies "You ways are too difficult for me, I retract everything I have said"
How can you not, just love Job?
God then says to the three friends "Go away and repent for not speaking correctly about me, as my servant Job has done" and there is the friends education, as well as the readers ofcourse.
There are many levels to this story and it is by far, one of my favourite stories from the bible.
Job as he said "Put me in the fire and I will come out gold" he failed to realise, as he said that, that he was in the fire at that very moment, I do ponder if he had said it before the trial even began, highly possible.
Peace to you all, enjoy the story of Gods universal man of history.
Happy the pure of heart for they shall see god!
FOR GOD IS GOOD, and his servants- often very silly, I include myself ofcourse.
As a P.S one thing that is also very important for all people who follow God to understand is that, truly there is no "safe way" in fear most people say to themselves "if I do all this, then I will be safe, my life in heaven will be assured", what I feel you all need to understand is that no there is no safe way as it were.

Fear drives that type of activity, an activity to make a box to live in, to be sure you'll be ok, understand you are called to freedom and that calls you to walk in insecurity, with no boxes,

"those who would find their life will loose it and those that would loose their life will find it"

Jesus says and you can see why surely. As a life in abox is a life in a prison and so in many ways a life of death.
Those who through fear and cowardice try to make a little safe way of life, that garentees their entry into heaven are in many ways just trying to cheat their way into heaven, and do so while living in a prison.
This in many ways, is why so many Jews react to Jesus as they do, they have built a little prison to live in and then say 'everyone should live like me'. So when Jesus says or does something which goes against their box understanding of God- they protest, "He drinks alcohol and sits with sinners! Ignore him! Cant be Godly, this is how the Godly live?"
Sadly that way of faith, which truly it isnt a way of faith, as in some ways it shows no faith at all- is sadly shown across all the faiths, all are guilty of it, which also is why when God sends prophets to speak to you, the boxes you've all made for yourselves to live in, you defend, on the death of a prophet they fall apart and then you make a new box and talk about how wonderful it is they(the new prophet) woke you up to the truth you hadn't seen before and again you carry on in fear and live in a box, as that's safer isnt it?
Be sure you are called to have faith in God, God is your rock, no matter what comes, it's not easy to live like that, you have to be sure and have a good understanding of what God wants from you, so naturally anyone who can not be bothered to look into their faith and try to understand it- can never achieve that way of life- same tragic story "I want the promise but will make as little effort as possible"- lifes hard, so I'll look to make it easy.  
You want security? Well the only thing that is truly secure, is GOD.
JOB sees that, "if we take happiness from Gods hands should we not take suffering as well"

Really to say that life is a gift and whatever comes, that blessing stands.
You see it's God first here, Jobs ignorance is about the situation, the why, and it's not so much the why do you attack me, as about why are we no longer friends, for I know I have done no wrong? Again it's easy to serve God when everything goes well, quiet different when nothing does. 
Job protests his innocence, yet serves god to the end- in the truth he speaks, to the suffering he shows(at the percieved break in their friendship)- He stands for justice, and loves God truly.
God does test us- Are you really what you say JOB? Yet God does not give us tests, he knows we cannot pass, that would be cruel, yet that at the same time, that does not mean we will always suceed, it is as always down to us.
Christ had the same on the cross.
iAnd understand something else, the Job at the end of this story, is a far better and wiser man than the Job at the begginging- "Put me in the fire and I will come out Gold" and he does.
Come what may, Job is a servant of God, who will not take a bribe, be scared off or intimidated, take the easy way out, or run off like some coward, or will only serve God provided God puts good things in his belly- JOB IS A MAN OF GOD AND COME WHAT MAY JOB SERVES! 
An updated Interpritation of the Book, I hope you all like it.
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