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10 years ago  ::  Oct 26, 2008 - 5:16PM #21
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Blü wrote:

Thanks for that clarification.  Nice work.

Thank you! We are all trying to get as near truth as we can, don't we ... :)

Blü wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed Alan Millard's book, too.  As you know, I haven't personally read it.

As I said, it is beautifully written and illustrated. It is not super-fresh (1990) but, at $ 6.95, it is a real bargain. Well worth having, IMO.

Blü wrote:

Millard's email to me was unequivocal that the statement attributed to him was incorrect, and backed that proposition with the citation of the two articles by John Kane.

I still don't understand why he didn't simply say, "That quotation is wrongly attributed to me".

Blü wrote:

My local library found the Kane articles for me on-line and downloaded them for very little, so they're not far away if they interest you too.

Thanks. I can download them for $ 9 and $ 23, respectively. How does it compare?


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10 years ago  ::  Oct 26, 2008 - 8:34PM #22
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I paid 20c a page for my downloads - $1.40 and $3 (and was carelessly imagining libraries everywhere would be as reasonable).  I wonder if a university (&c) library in your zone would have a kinder student-friendly rate?  The more directly relevant one is the shorter - "By No Means 'The Earliest Records of Christianity' - with an amended reading of the Talpioth Inscription IESOUS IOU".
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