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9 years ago  ::  Jan 02, 2009 - 7:42PM #1
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I just wanted to vent a little. I'm so frustrated with the little information that is available to modern science, anthropologists, etc. thanks to the actions of early christendom. Almost every pope in the early centuries supported and encouraged the ransacking and utter destruction of every settlement that wasn't 'christian'.  From the early 3rd century through the 1700's (and sometimes later, depending on where we are talking), church leaders opposed any creed that was in contrast to its own. The church denied the pursuit of knowledge - science, medicine, philosophy, math, geography...meeting out death sentences to offenders. In Spain, general education was attempted only after the revolutions of the mid 1800's! So many of the old myths/legends had similarities - including christianity. One writer noted that the persecutions left few fragments of liturgy and religious literature that would have cast a ray of light on the origins of the christian faith. It's interesting that so much historic documentation paints early christians as a peaceable, persecuted lot by the Romans, when, in fact, the Romans were some of the most tolerant towards other 'gods'. They believed that all the deities of the people were regarded as manifestations of the one unamable supreme deity. Well, we all know who was writing history at that time! If one studies the quran, buddhism, talmud, and all of the myths that we are fortunate to have access to, it will be found that most of the hero/god/quest/blood sacrifice/returning from the dead/redemption.....stories are shared by nearly all in one form or another. In fact, most of the early non christian religions favored the status of women and gave them due honor and respect. However, as christianity spread, and the feminine aspects of the divine were eliminated from the early christian writings,  and other faiths followed suit.
I feel such a gap in human history and am sickened by the amount of blood that ran over the amassing of power.
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