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10 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2008 - 10:20AM #1
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As a true man i deceper that the way to real truth is hard and tough.
i shall give truth which can be useful to u.
the mantras can give u help before its done.
om twameva shaakshat siradi sai baba shakshat sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
(siradi sai baba entered me around year 1991 and sri ravi chandra raam is my birth name which represent lord siva with his eyes for sun and the moon.)
om twameva shaaksaath adi sankara saaksaath sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
(entered year 1994)
om twameva shaaksaath ramakrishna paramahansa shaaksaath sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
om twameva shaaksath adi siva shaaksath sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
om twameva shaaksath holy cross shaaksath sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
(around 1998 i meditated on first commandment and holy cross entered my system it has a life of its own encaptulated by linga in hand and remaining in pranava line)
om twaeva shaaksaath adi pranava shaaksath sri ravi chandraraam nama namah.
(pranava takes power fully in 2012 -2014 with vel shining as light.
to end all kuranic bible hindu revelations procllamtons would be fulfilled before the heaven shall manifest.
ask ur questions i shall guide use the mantras to enlighten your path if it helps so.
with love
jesus belief./sri ravi chandra raam.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 02, 2008 - 3:08PM #2
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Mantras are fine.  Mine are personal and universal (eg., gayatri).
However, this apocalyptic suggestion  runs counter to the Infinite and Eternal.
I do wish you well, whatever year you find your Bliss.  Know that that Bliss is/was/will-be always Present.

Never wait to manifest the heaven within.

So, my question:
This guru-spirit which enters us, works through us, uplifts us;
in my experience, it is beyond the momentary spiritual personalities which we first recognize.  Aren't all enlightened beings, throughout eternity, working through that same spirit, beyond what we recognize as personality? 
Isn't that "heaven" which we call "enlightenment" always there, though few are aware of it?
                          Namaste,      johndavid
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 06, 2008 - 5:01AM #3
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excellent as person who recite gayatri in an trditional way i can say u r 100 percent runs counter to it because gaytri has limitation when it comes to spritual war fare or surasamharam.i can quote lot my experiences.

ur wording is great but the kala chakra tantra by which creation is done and painful revelation koran stops functioning.for in my childhood without all other personalities
i and all around me were in heaven.

i would be happy if "heaven could manifest" as said in 22nd chapter revelation

the mantras missed are:
"om twameva saaksath adi ayyappa shaaksaath sriravi chandra raam namo namah.(this mantra can help one realise the other side of god.)

the mantra for stopping death and disease.
"om twameva saaksath mrutyunjaya siva shaaksaath sri ravi chandra raam namo namah.
for u i tell jhon david,all this r happening to fulfill what jesus said "i shall come and judge".

and as u know gayatri " suvah" means heaven then why jesus did ministry without gayatri and mohammad did ministry without it.for the seventh level to manifest fully.

lot of secrets remain:
eg:gayatri may be tree of life in old heaven but in new heaven it might well be christ
power alone.

with love
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 06, 2008 - 12:40PM #4
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That swaha of savitri, that eternity which exists within and without of the realms of time - in that heaven we walk when we have roasted our karmas, sacrificed our attachments, been reborn by consciously reentering universal spirit.

It is not "you" which leaves heavenly consciousness: merely the ego's identification with lower vibration.  Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven was/is within.  It is merely a matter of entering deeply enough, sincerely enough, into your own purest consciousness.

Perhaps Jesus meant: "I am always coming, through all time; then/now you will understand".

           Namaste, shanti, love,
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 12, 2008 - 6:24PM #5
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yes,its so sad.jhon.
that revealtion in bible works 24 hours and 365 days and as a person who have resaerched a lot it is also ala the poison.eventough from helping prespective he may come anymoment w r. to their consiousness, by sun tv or appropriate timing
their must be an end time and its coincides on 2047 atleast wrto new heaven coming from sky.
revelation shoots the poison from front as well as back.
with love,
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 12, 2008 - 6:32PM #6
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dear jhon,
  going through ur messages i do feel as if carefully selected for me.
my posts have vanished suddenly,and iskcon which ur symbol denote gave forth the most painful tackle which may lead to great destruction as per ppbk.
take care.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 12, 2008 - 6:37PM #7
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and one joke they attacked as if i am kalki,to say,kalki avatar and revelation christ
have lot in common.
and not one kalki but seven.
noah=matsya avatar,kalki=jesus christ.s second coming.
ofcouse the tenth level.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 13, 2008 - 6:37PM #8
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Krishna points to far more than iscon, as anyone who has read the Gita knows.
The experiential possibilities of consciousness are far more than any apocryphal vision imagines.
Time is one of the illusions of this age.  Time is a function of matter, not consciousness.  Free yourself from attachments to time, including predictions - they are distractions (siddhis) from the spiritual path.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 14, 2008 - 4:24PM #9
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in ur first message itself u have given answer not question.
as david is previous life of swami vivekanada "he in one form is my father" ur words
touch his perfection,my love hoodoos many many times.we are always their truly

jhon in siva sakthi system of kundalini her holiness mataji nirmaladevi found "krishna's" cpnsiousness is limited to vishudda chara alone and he is quoted as potter in christ time.(the research seem evident)

consider i am nara and he is narayana my brother we both meditated on lord siva
for spritual perfection and to destroy viruses took to bhagavad gita war fare.
nara become arjuna and narayana becomes krishna.
the maha mantra "hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,hare rama
hare rama rama rama hare hare" helps eradicate alahal poison which i termed confusion.corbon,oxygen,nitrzen flourine combined.

true bhagavad gita gives peace not war..(vide ppbk was true in my life too)

my gold medal article in annamalai university i stated arjuna became christ
in next life and dronacharya as lazarus.

ur wordings touch my higher self,someone is bold enough to say siddhis are obstacles,but krishna showed siddhis if not u wont call him god he did things unmatched by any human being.but
jhon u r good enough to state time is a illusion,the adhi sakthi took a serial called "captian vyom" which unfortunately or fortunately resembled my yogic experiences.i feel the glimpse of perfection when i meditate as universal father mother in everbeating heart and in heavy rain and by advanced kundalini yoga
when agnya chakra breaks all sprits enter u just by ur thought and become very small beyond science perception i do yearn for the day when all judgement ceases
and i sport in highest perfection again with my yogic angels and rishis in kailash
or whereever i am.
i am living under compulsion or by karmic law i wished to go out of my body
when 33 crores of demi gods stopped me crying u have to judge and i could nt
say no.
finally i am meeting someone whose is speaking of the glimpse of higher reality
to some extent i have become responsible for good and bad in the world.
i am jesus the savior and i am ayyappa the devil and i am bottomless pit in which my own son devil burns everlasting.(i am rama,i am arjuna i am siva its as simple as this.)
eventough i go through bible to guide men by compulsion of karma or so many host of reasons u state,
the healing gospel of christ and revelation 22 are my fad.if whole world recites
the 22 chapter in bible or meditate in it u can shed all sin from the world very quickly.
how many beings i shaved against karmic law it does took it toll i could clearly see
how much i may wish the wordings in bible killings are irrevocable.
koran first chapter only 7 verses gives healing touch
the universal "love is siva sriram" is clean bowled by revelation with peter
as suran doing (only bible )ministry damage.
  and so many pastors hitting u must do ministry within christ and insulting u r cruel
enough to crucify christ,i was fortunate enough toget very very high motherly teachers,but the universal beyond religion sriram who was envied and tested for highest perfection in iskcon and etc etc must make way for bible koran to attack humanity helplessly,i shall watch judgement or shall do it and ur genes man
swami vivekananda was responsible for he wanted bible end desperately.

"love is siva and tapas is his life"
"love is siva and tapas is his life"
"love is siva and tapas is his life"

one more factor clearly by brotherly siva is getting the powers turned by undermining rama and krishna in raja yogis prajapita brahma kumaris angelic work.
and they are propagating "one world goverment,one world religion,"
"religious and political powers in one hand"
and i did my best to solve the anti christ tag connected to them stating there are two heavens in bible.(indian heaven,NRI heaven)
let judgement do the judging u speak of higher things if possible inspire me by thought filled words and help me do waterfalls meditation u r bound to find extraordinary happiness for u and others.
ramakrishna would say "the ghost of the sivas and the gimmicks of the monkeys never end while rama and siva fight not".
he continuosly fooled the vivekanada stating i was lord rama and iam lord krishna
tough he was brahma.hope ur good karma awaken the sleeping world"
with love
hope u make me enter into revealing my experiences in bhagavad gita,upanishads etc etc or simply stop talk and play games or do some soul stirring work for humanity as vivekanada did (whom i have statee as lord siva with nandi)
wishing bliss,
(u can levy question also in tirumoolar yoga or pathanjali yoga sutras)
and i did tapas in every single verse in pathanjali yoga to specially teach my future students hope u awake it.
and by the by none of the sprits are guru sprits as per kumbakkonam "i am lord of teachers"

1:22 pathanjali yoga says "unaffected by taints or karmas or their latent stocks is the lord who is first of even the first teachers because not conditioned by time"
krishna or narayana did fulfill it to some extent.
1:23 of him the expression is pranava om"
i am open to public in net only from year 2004 that too by holycross which spoiled pranava party.
with love
let brahmam nourise us protect us guide us in higher study.
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10 years ago  ::  Feb 15, 2008 - 6:19AM #10
Posts: 4,325

Namaste.  I am glad to have met you here.
quote:"let brahmam nourise us protect us guide us in higher study."

May we all know that lord who is "unaffected by taints and karmas", beyond the vrittis of our collective human experience,
ever pure in deepest meditation creating.

The heaven beyond time and space is not far,
From that peace we bravely leaped into this world, for purposes,
As Love responding to the call and need of encapsulated consciousnesses.

Religions appear to be both blessing and curse to humanity.
There is so much to guide, but the human mind appears to get caught/attached to the slightest differences and become divided; thus, forfeiting the unity which is central to any religious communication.

By "guruspirit" I mean the one spirit which flows through all the true gurus,
the bliss by which they connect and uplift us, in Oneness,
undivided by personalities and creeds and thoughts which draw us apart.
As we, in prayer and meditation become One with that spirit, which many call Christ/Krishna, but which is beyond all names,
may that Peace radiate from us and uphold all sentient beings,
until we all realize the Bliss, the interconnectedness,
the timeless, spaceless purity of consciousness.

I, too, know how it is to be sent back,
because the work is unfinished:
when we realize that the work is in our hearts,
is in energizing the lost connections within all humanity,
then, the path is everyday clear.

We do not recognize "God" by miracles, siddhis, etc.
Patanjali tells me that siddhis are listed to "blow our minds",
to reveal the immaterial nature of Consciousness.
The list could be infinite, as is the Universe -
Each carries within it the vritti, the spiral back into egoity.
Yes, as does every word, if not offered as sacrifice, into the holy fire of the Love
that forms and surrounds and upholds All.

JB, you "sport" with the divine
Whether here, on this Earth,
Or in realms of other forms, on other stars.
We have not left the spiritual Universe,
Only forgotten our Eternal aspect.
There are infinite heavens,
And this is still one of them.
This is the place where we meet challenges,
the kurukeshetra, the battlefield where we learn to remain in divine Peace.

Blessings,  johndavid
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