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6 years ago  ::  Jun 20, 2012 - 11:46AM #11
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Jun 20, 2012 -- 11:28AM, Mak_jo_si wrote:

Jun 20, 2012 -- 11:17AM, christine3 wrote:

Jun 20, 2012 -- 10:49AM, Mak_jo_si wrote:

Music? you mean our Tao.Music section? of coures the music can heal but only if you pay and we do the ceremony over here on our side while you listen to connect the power over. It acts like a connecting spot of rthe patient to receive the energy and magic to heal. I had people who got cured before from mental illness and so I know how effective it was, the only problem is that it is hard for those patients to accept to get healed at first.


Nice meeting you!

You don't need a connecting spot.  If you are a true healer, you don't need anything to connect.  All you need is for you to have the ability to connect with the person you are healing.  Sorry to take your time.  

Of course you don't need one, but then there is a way you can do it with the music. Basically that is one of the many option people can choose. When I do exorcism or healing for people, I don't need a single thing and we can do the magic directly too. The music magic is different, it is something that allow the person to have some different experience instead.

We had nuked tons of bad sorcerers down without even knowing how they are until we notice their death and the person who paid them to do the crap too. So what? do I have to ask them to connect?  Please don't be silly. I am just explaining the music part and how that work, but doesn't mean I NEED a connecting spot to do the magic. If you doubt me, try me out and see how things works. haha!

Well, I am especially sorry for taking your time if you "nuke" tons of sorcerers etc.  I'm just not interested.  Sorry for taking your time.  Again, I'm not interested.  Please just forget about my questions and have a good day.

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