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6 years ago  ::  Sep 02, 2011 - 5:53PM #1
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Hey all! 

I am new on here so forgive me if this is in the wrong area to post this. But I recently had an extremely vivid dream that a good friend of mine told me was a visit from my Spirit Guide. I will give you a little insight on me before I tell you (Please bear with me because it might come into play for interpreting the possible Spirit Guide Dream):

My entire life I have learned and was taught to stand up for what I believe in no matter what, to be extremely passionate, loyal, respectful, resilient and strong. And I pride myself in this; however, I have felt as though I have never been able to catch a break. It's like each time I do something wrong, no matter how good of a person I try to be, I suffer the most extreme punishment possible. Examples:

-I watch a woman get struck by her boyfriend when i was 17. I defended her and ended up getting into a physical altercation with him. I was then kicked out of college.
-I joined the military. Some of the best times of my life. I let myself loose. I became extremely sexually active, I drank socially with buddies, and got into occasional fights with people (once again mainly for either defending a woman, or defending myself... It was VA beach... So getting jumped was pretty much expected), but, I always made a point to be as well-behaved and good mannered as absolute possible, and the absolute best person and sailor I could be. It really helped me find out what I am made of, and who a large part of me was. Then, someone asked me if I had known what one of my friends was doing. I simply stated "Please don't let me know." Just that little exchange of words got me discharged (first offense EVER) from the Military for "Failure to Report."
-After, I was left with a lot of debt from the Navy, so I was able to pull a decent job and I worked as hard as I could, but I couldn't make enough... I had to file for bankruptcy. 
-Also, I have been extremely loyal and respectful my entire life. Been the absolute best possible boyfriend a woman could ask for... However, I am always left behind... Most recent was my fiance... It was like being broken in half. But I can understand that it is not the end of the world, and I pull myself together and go on about life with a positive outlook.

This brings me to recent events. Before the other day I have never had a dream like this before. I was in this huge house, and I saw this little door on the floorboards (Almost resembled one of those doors from 'The Borrowers' ). So I opened it and a very bright light shined through and I was able to pass through this tiny little door. It took me to a pathway in the woods. Kind of dark setting, but at the same time a very pretty, dense forest. I looked to my left and I saw a very mean, scraggly (although beautiful), hungry looking wolf. If it had been real life I would have soiled myself; however, for some reason I had an extreme feeling of safety and comfort in his presence, regardless of the very threatening look he was giving me... It was almost as if we were on the same level, staring each other right in the eyes. 

I soon woke up after that... there was no communications of any sort (i.e. a voice, nothing written, not a howl...).

From most people I have talked to, and most of what I have read - No one really has ever had a kind of "Dark" and "Wild" looking spirit guide....

What could/does this mean?

Thank you so much for your time in helping me with this.

-The Irishman.
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6 years ago  ::  Sep 02, 2011 - 6:02PM #2
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**And I am just coming out of what I thought was an amazing relationship. I gave her my absolute everything and left no walls up for myself to fall back on. I gave way too much of myself and found out that she was not deserving of what I had to give and dedicate... My friend who I talked to originally about this said he knew me to be an extremely good and strong, but very wild man who was extremely independent. Then it seemed like my relationship tamed me and guided me away from who I was... Is it possible that hes right in saying that its my inner "wild me" telling me to bring myself back to life, sort of speak? To un-tame myself to some degree? Is it just reminding me who I am?


******And by the way - I wasn't approaching the life part in any sort of "Whoa, is me" kind of way. Merely showing you what someone of my simple causes have been and there extreme effects. 


Thank you again guys - the help is appreciated. Much love! 

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6 years ago  ::  Sep 03, 2011 - 12:42PM #3
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The Irishman,

Welcome to the Spiritualism forum.  There is a dream forum, but your thread here is okay too.

My thoughts about the wolf in your dream is the wolf would be one from your animal totem, not a spirit guide per say.  Spirit Guides are spiritual being who have at one time been human, but has chosen to stay on the spiritual realm to help those they guide.

The animal totem comes from the Native American tradition.  One belief is we have nine different animals in our totem.  The directions of east, west, north, south, above, below, within and to the left and right sides of us.

The wolf is a teacher, so perhaps the dream was about it is time to find a teacher.  Or the wolf may be saying it is time for the teacher within you to come forth and aid others.  Wolf is like dog in that it takes one mate for life and is loyal.

Wolf can also be saying it is time for you to expand your limited view of your present situation.  Wolf is always urging you to find a teacher who will show you the way to new life experiences.  This teacher could be within you wanting you to hear the small voice within (your thoughts), or a person or anything in nature wanting you to live and to grow is to accept all life forms as teachers.

Also wolf in a dream could be associated with traits which are sneaky, crafty, greedy, deceptive and not trustworthy.  I will leave you with these two very different ideas to think about.

Stardove ~ host Spiritualism

Beliefnet Community Wide Moderator ~ Peace Love Stardove

People change for two main reasons: either their minds have been opened or their hearts have been broken.

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6 years ago  ::  Sep 07, 2011 - 3:24PM #4
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It might not be a bad idea at all to post the story of this dream over on the Dreams board. You never know from what source you might get the insight that makes the most sense to you, which is not to say that I think Stardove hasn't provided a very good one.

I once got the key to what a dream meant for me from a popular dream interpretation book. Usually, I wouldn't have bothered with that particular book, but I happened to feel drawn to pick it off the shelf while I was working in a bookstore...and there was what I needed to figure out a puzzling dream.

As for spirit guides, I agree with Stardove that this is probably not a visit from your spirit guide. They will usually only make themselves known to you when you consciously request that they do.

One slight quibble with Stardove...some spirit guides have never been human but rather have chosen to aid humans in order to learn themselves and to progress spiritually. One of my guides is like this. We have a really interesting relationship, that's for sure. 

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