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Flag Kokoro March 28, 2011 3:29 PM EDT
I have a rather bothersome recurring flashback. I do not know if it is a construct of my mind or a memory of either a past life of spirit lingering nearby, as my personal beliefs in this area are not very defined as of yet, and would like some help assessing it. My main concern is that when I am driving at night (I haven't been driving for very long and don't yet have my lisense), the trees on the sides of the roads can trigger the flahsback, creating a rather frightened state that is hard to drive in. I live in Southern Ohio, and trees line nearly every road-- the only time I am not plagued by the memory is when I am on the four lane, an unusual circustance.

The flashback itself is of driving along a road at night. I see a white woman in a gown walk accross the road. The woman looks at me--she has no pupils or irises, it's all white as well--and I swerve to miss hitting her. I crash into the trees and have a fairly vivid sensation of the beginnings of the crash, as well as the woman staring at me still.  The memory is not complete, but still very frightening.

Any thoughts?
Flag DotNotInOz March 28, 2011 6:44 PM EDT

Just off the top of my head, I get that this may be more of a manifestation of some repressed association with driving or riding in a car than it is a past life flashback.

Are you yourself as you are in this lifetime during the flashback? That would be my first question, because your answer would lead to a determination as to whether it's from a past life or issue in this lifetime getting your attention symbolically.

That the woman you must avoid hitting looks so inhuman also makes me think this is possibly your subconscious trying to alert you to something in your current life that you'd do better to bring to the fore and resolve rather than a past life.

Since you say you've not had your license long, this could easily be your mind freaking a bit when driving at night. That's generally more challenging for inexperienced drivers for a number of reasons, so this might simply be something that over time and with more driving experience will resolve itself.

Just my thinking on this, and since I obviously don't know you, I could be waaay offbase. 

Flag Kokoro March 28, 2011 10:24 PM EDT

Thank you for input!

In the flashback, I am myself -- but not in my body. I would place the age higher than mine, and the memory has existed for longer than I have been driving. I just have not had any real need to figure it out until I started driving. I have some other such memories--most notably one of a cream wall and old television that my mother insists is impossible--and tend to link them with a boy I see flashes of in my every day life from time to time. I do not know if these are actually neurological problems or a disturbance on the spiritual plane. I would be open to either, so long as I can begin to resolve them in myself howsoever is necessary.

Flag DotNotInOz March 29, 2011 6:46 AM EDT

Grrrrrr, Beliefnet! I just typed out a lengthy description of how to access past life memories yourself via meditation and then got told when I hit "Post Reply" that I didn't have access to that feature. And when I re-logged in for the SIXTH time this morning, the posting had been eaten. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH! This invariably occurs when I forget to save to Notepad right after composing a posting.

Anyway, I'll try to get back here later to re-do that if you're interested in trying it, Kokoro. I noticed that the link to suggested techniques in our host NHT's FAQ section wasn't working either. You might try the FAQ section and see if that was a momentary glitch.

I swear Beliefnet gets more wonky each time I try to do anything on it these days!

Flag Nay_ho_tze March 29, 2011 9:58 AM EDT

So sorry, Dot -
I've been having technical troubles too lately -
Y'know all this started happening
once they let the ads in -

I still have my links to the old ad-free site -
remember Beliefnet way back when?

A tip: I compose on notepad ...
learned that when I lost one too many posts...

Flag Nay_ho_tze March 29, 2011 10:03 AM EDT

Hi Kokoro - welcome!

Be sure to check out those threads Dot mentioned...
click here for Reincarnation101 and
click here for the FAQ thread --
no doubt some of what Dot explained in her lost post
might be covered in those threads...

As to your question about whether this may be a past life,
I have to agree with Dot on how she's seeing it –
it felt the same to me ...
like something else was going on.

But I also come at things differently than Dot does –
You say the memory is triggered by the trees...
so I have to ask, how do you feel about trees?
Have you ever given them much thought?

Again, welcome..


p.s. give a holler if either of those links don't work...

Flag Echo_of_me March 29, 2011 11:06 AM EDT
Your post has a very familiar ring to it. At one time, I kept having a flash of a sensation that I still cannot describe, whenever I drove past a  particular place near our home, during the winter. I would feel sort of out of my body, which was very disconcerting while I was driving, particularly with my, then young, son in the car. It was very distracting and unsafe. What is even stranger is that I got that same indescribable sensation, (it included a feeling of tightness around my neck, the rest of the sensation was unfamiliar), when I got up to go to the restroom in the night. The bathroom looks out onto a huge old willow at the back of our property. The sensation at those times came with the vague image of a soldier in red and blue with rags wrapped around him in places, in the area of the tree but the tree wasn't there, instead there was frozen water. After checking local records I found that there is a natural waterway running through the places I had these sensations, and at one time it was a river. The water table in this area is rising and now beginning to create a stream, and a swamp/pond on that part of our property, it wasn't then though. 

I was so intrigued that I kept exploring and asking on a metaphysical level, to know more; to know the soldiers story. I sought the sensation. Eventually, one day as I was standing under the willow in the middle of a sunny summer afternoon, thinking about the soldier, I felt a presence penetrate the lower back of my skull, and say in a hushed and frightening male voice, "Give her what she wants". I immediately walked away as fast as I could. I felt threatened.

Being a magical practitioner, I took action to sever all connections and set very clear boundaries. The sensation and image has never returned. I now accept that I encountered a memory of experience that was not my own past life, but perhaps that of another. I may one day discover the story, but I don't seek it, it had an unsafe effect on my driving, and felt clearly menacing when I encountered it directly. I don't hang around under the willow too much either!

Perhaps you're sharing another's memory; another's story is being revealed to you. Perhaps it is anxiety, or even a communication of the flow of future possibility. No matter the source of the vision, it is likely possible that you can set a boundary around/within yourself to stop it from recurring, particularly since it is unsafe while you're driving.
Flag DotNotInOz March 29, 2011 12:53 PM EDT

Mar 29, 2011 -- 11:06AM, Echo_of_me wrote:

Perhaps you're sharing another's memory; another's story is being revealed to you. Perhaps it is anxiety, or even a communication of the flow of future possibility. No matter the source of the vision, it is likely possible that you can set a boundary around/within yourself to stop it from recurring, particularly since it is unsafe while you're driving.

This seems very wise to me as relates to Kokoro, who's likely not had as yet a great deal of experience driving at night which can be unsettling in wooded areas even to a far more experienced driver. One never knows when a deer may bound out of the trees onto the road, for instance. Even on the open prairies of Kansas years ago, a co-worker drove up over a hilltop in the early morning darkness only to have a too-close encounter with a black Angus steer that had wandered onto the highway. She was miraculously only somewhat banged up with numerous cuts and scratches from the shattered windshield, but the Angus and her car were totaled.

Kokoro, you might check out the FAQ section, Ground, Center and Shield, which will give you useful tips on how to create protection for yourself while driving.

Yep, NHT, I might as well have saved my energy after it occurred to me when my oh-so-enlightening post vanished into the cybergremlins' jaws where it went crunchity-crunch that your FAQ section would give Kokoro that information.

Good suggestion that I compose on Notepad. I'm so headlong that I usually don't, not that you'd be surprised at that quality in me, I'm sure. heh heh

Flag Kokoro April 7, 2011 12:20 AM EDT

Thank you very much to everyone. I am not just new at driving, but also new to things of spiritual nature as well. I for a large part of my pre-teen years enforced a somewhat atheistic mindset in myself as a result of some depression that I am still dealing with, so I realize I am probably mixing up my ideas of what each thing is.

I will look into the grounding and sheilding, which I have been meaning to read about in light to help soothe some personal anxiety problems anyway, and try to make sure to use these when driving. Also, in regards to the trees being the trigger ... it is not the trees exactly, but the way they set against the faded roads and guard rails are even more bothersome as the flash of memory itself has guardrail as well.

I would say that it being memories of another may be a good conclusion, though the spirit I mentioned has never caused me trouble. The memories themselves can be problematic, but the spirit tends to merely linger when my depression picks up ... for this reason, I have often considered the presense to be a construct of my mind, but I have somewhat disregarded this view for the most part since having actual images of him appear before me. I may look for a spirit centered thread to see if I might find some more opinions on him, as he has been an important part of my life (I actually refer to him as Alec, usually, as the repetative usage of pronouns can confuse me). I do not know if he is directly linked to the flashes, though he unlike the memories has direct origin to a section of the local area that is forested. That particular forest is made of trees that never grow leaves, oddly enough, which my father atributes to flooding here a while back.


Flag Nay_ho_tze April 7, 2011 4:10 PM EDT

Kokoro -

Given your comments, you might find it useful
to visit the "Angels and Guides" forum -
CLICK HERE to get there...


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