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Switch to Forum Live View Can Tarot open the third eye?
8 years ago  ::  Jul 14, 2010 - 2:02PM #1
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Hi everyone. Im new here. Hope you can answer my question. Any input would be appreciated :)

I've seen many spirits since I was 8. I've seen other entities too. I didnt intend for it to happen, it just does. I cant will it to happen either. I also know if the entity is good or evil. I can control my dreams. Does that mean my third eye is open? I recently started learning tarot reading 3 weeks ago. Last night, I saw something. I know that it is not a spirit nor demon. It is not human. I have no idea what it is. It is about 7 feet tall, got huge bulging eyes the size of a tennis ball, shape is humanoid, its entire body is covered in (feathers?) rectangular in shape and is colored yellow and white. I was not afraid of it, but was shocked to see a thing like that. Any idea what that was. Did it happen because I started using the tarot?


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