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8 years ago  ::  Jul 06, 2010 - 9:26AM #1
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Big news everybody, B'net has been sold!  Fox News Corp has sold this site to an outfit called BN Media.  This could be either a good thing or a bad thing for our beloved B'net.  My thinking is if things are going along well, any change will likely be for the worse.  But in this case, things haven't been going very well.  Aside from the firing of the remaining B'net community staff {grrrrr}, this could very well turn out to be a positive move.  Here is a note from Stardove copied from another forum:

Good day. It was announced June 25th that Fox News Corp has sold  Beliefnet to BN Media. Click  here to view an article.

Other than the fact that  paid staff I've had the honor of working with the last few years were  let go as a result, there have been no changes to the community forums  with these exceptions:

1. To report a software glitch, click on to send a  private message to the member Beliefnet_Community.

2. For  technical assistance, visit the Beliefnet Knowledgebase. We'll do our  best to help. If you're uncertain whether you're experiencing a genuine  software glitch or a temporary hiccup on  your computer, feel free to  post a new thread on the Knowledgebase.

3. To report  scam/phishing emails sent through Beliefnet's Private messaging system,  press the Report Content button. That action will notify the appropriate  person who vanquishes the spammer/scammers.

If BN Media is more  amenable in cultivating social networking sites, this could very well be  a positive move for our beloved Communities.


With these new  changes I have been given the tools to all the forums and groups, a  Super Moderator along with Merope and Rangerken.  Which means my time is  going to be spread thin. 


For the moment the three of us are taking  care of the Community side of Beliefnet. If any thing on this forum needs my attention please send me a private message through B'net.

Kind  regards to all,


Stardove ~ Beliefnet Community Host


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8 years ago  ::  Aug 26, 2010 - 12:49AM #2
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I hope this turns out to be good.  I already miss the "old" Bnet.  Blessings to you.


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