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8 years ago  ::  Feb 11, 2010 - 11:52PM #1
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I got this from the Facebook Chinese Astrology application. Since it only takes birth year into account, I'm sure it's no more astrologically sound than all those "predictions" based on sun sign alone. But so much in this prediction is making me say, "Yes, yes!"


CAT/RABBIT 2010, The METAL Tiger Year

Tiger years are full of hasty rash moves and risky changes of direction. In the early part of the year, you might still be reeling from what the last couple of adverse years have done to your gentle spirit. Once you are back up on your bunny feet and feeling hippity hop tip top, you will be pleasantly surprised at how clement, easygoing and devil-may-care the atmosphere is in this Tiger year. Many of the major events happening this year will affect you directly. A person or people whom you didn’t know till now will approach you at several different times for your assistance or engagement in their projects. Remember. You work best with Pigs and Goats. Whatever you do, don’t take up with a headstrong Horse or a daring Dragon. Their very style abrades your delicate nervous system. By year’s end you should be feeling terrific and perhaps even a bit sentimental. Why not spend some quality time with old friends from school or grab your mom or dad and hie them off somewhere exotic where you can stroll along a beach and learn more about your childhood. Health looks relatively good this year for Cat/Rabbit people. Keep to your diet and exercise routine or you will spend the better part of next year getting rid of excess weight.


Still reeling from adversity in the last couple of years... yes. I've already been asked to take part in a project by people I didn't know before. Two projects, if you count a journalist who interviewed me for an article she's writing, that involves something I wrote. I don't know if any of those people are Pigs or Goats (goat is same as sheep in the Chinese lunar calendar, isn't it?), but my SO is a Pig.

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