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9 years ago  ::  Sep 20, 2009 - 1:02AM #1
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I would like to share an experience that happened 32 years ago, but has stayed with me.  Maybe someone has had a similar experience.

When I was  14 years old, I went to the Rennaissance Faire in Southern California with my dad and siblings.  This was an annual event for us, and my dad was typically dragging us around to everything, but not stopping long enough to look at anything.

I was lagging behind and as I was crossing over a small bridge, I happened to glance up.  My eyes locked with a young man for a few seconds, but I will never forget it.  When I looked in his eyes, I saw his soul and a sort of vision of eternity and timelessness.  I knew that we had known each other before this life.  He was older than me, but I couldn't know by how much.  He was blond and blue-eyed.  I remember that he was with a friend.  I had a sense of him being a bit more worldly than I (I was very innocent).

Anyway, we passed each other and then both turned to look back at each other.  I don't know for sure, but I have always felt that he had seen some of the things in those seconds that I had.  Or maybe I just had a weird look on my face and that made him turn back.

That was the last time I saw him.  I spent my dating years looking for him in the eyes of any man I met.  I always hoped that I would find him, because I felt that there must be some deeper meaning for what had transpired.

When I met my husband, I looked for that same spark or transcendence, but it wasn't there.  And although I love my husband and have been with him for 22 years, I sometimes think of that experience to many years ago.  I wonder if that was just a weird experience, or a lost love that was ruined by poor choices on the part of myself or the young man.

Well, if anyone can relate or has any feedback, I would be interested to know.

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9 years ago  ::  Sep 22, 2009 - 11:52AM #2
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Once had a similar experience but at a gas station of all places...I was on vacation with my

husband years ago and just walked by this person...there was instant recognition...

I didn't let it go beyond that or try to find him was just a moment of recognition

and moving on with the life I have to live this time around...



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9 years ago  ::  Sep 22, 2009 - 8:28PM #3
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Thank you for your reply.  You may be right that we can sometimes run into people that we knew before this life, but just recognize them.

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7 years ago  ::  May 29, 2011 - 12:30PM #4
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Eyes are indeed the windows of the soul.  

I had a similar experience once in a church at Easter evening Mass.  

We were about 14 persons in the church staying in a circle waiting for the Holly Communion.

I had a glance at the priest eyes and it seemed to me that I had seen him before, centuries ago.

He was at the exactly the same stature and posture but I was a kind of important dignified 

man.  A vague  mysterious smile came upon my lips and persisted every time I met him 



Also It happened with me a couple of times that when the soul recognizes something in the 

other person eye, flashes.  Once I got even the same flash back as a response:)


I have got even my own theory, precisely that you can say how religious is someone 

by looking in his eyes.  I noticed many times that at moments of ardent desire of getting 

closer to God eyes turn completely black (even the white part of it), the skin of the face tight,

so you would think that is an angel in front of you:)




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