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9 years ago  ::  May 02, 2009 - 11:50AM #1
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Hello, I was wondering if anybody would like to help me with figuring out a synastry and composite chart with me.

It's one couple. I'll call them person "A" and person "B". These are the things that stand out.

1.They both have very similar looking Natal charts -- kite formations with Saturn as the tail.
2. In Synastry both their Saturns oppose the other's Venus.
3. In Composite the Saturn opposes the Venus, but the Venus is on the ASC.
4. So, there is Venus conjunct ASC, and Saturn is right on the cusp inside the 7th house, near 6th House.
5. In Composite their Sun and Moon are Conjunct.
6. In synastry their Moon is Square Moon.
7. In Composite the only planet in the 7th house is Saturn in Aries.
8. In Synastry person "A" Venus is conjunct person "B" Moon in Libra.
9. In Synastry person "A" Pluto and Uranus is conjunct person "B" Venus.
10. In Composite the Sun is in the 11th house, Moon is on the cusp of 11th and 12th house, Venus in 12th house cusp 1st house ASC conjunct, Jupiter is in the 10th house, Mars and Neptune in the 2nd house, Saturn cusp 7th and 6th house, Pluto and Uranus is in the 12th house, Mercury and Part of Fortune is in the 11th house, North Node is in 8th house in Taurus with the South Node conjuncting Neptune in 2nd house (hmmm), and last but not least the Vertex is about one degree into the 7th house from the 6th house cusp! There's a feeling of Fate/Marriage within this chart, but also a feeling of so much in the way to really get it going -- the relationship.

Just from looking at that, what do you see? It has been hard to tell what this all means because there are very good signs of compatibility and there are also hardcore signs that it will not work, yet a force of Fate is within it all.

I just need help with this. I tried finding things written about Venus opposition Saturn. I get mixed feelings about it.

ANY kind of help with this synastry/comp chart would be very appreciated!


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9 years ago  ::  May 25, 2009 - 7:48PM #2
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1. Seems there is a lot of karma involved with these two individuals.

Well, yes. I will have to be honest on this thread if there is to be any honest learning here. :)
One of the persons in these charts is me. It has felt like a lot of karma, but perhaps too heavy to deal with, too much to face......or want to work on, besides other factors I will discuss on...

2. This kind of opposition in synastry can go two ways: one of them is a very strong desire for commitement, specially on the side of the person who's Saturn is involved; the other way is that although there is the desire for commitement because of the many problems which this kind of relationship brings, one or both of the parteners may retreat. In both cases both parteners must be very mature and realize that they have to face a lot of trouble till they reach happiness. Some of the times, I noticed that this kind of configuration appears when one or both of the parteners are already in a relationship with someone when they meet.

Both natal Saturns are involved equally within each natal chart comparison to each other's natal venus -- both show their Saturn opposing the other's Venus, thus it also shows up in the final outcome within the Composite chart. Both of us retreated. One retreated first because...yes....they were currently already in a relationship. But the final retreat of BOTH was there, no problem, and very quickly.

3, 4. The opposition in composite only comes to reinforce the commitement between these two, however they must be aware of the responsabilities they will have to carry out if they want this relationship to work. Venus places on the ASC is a very romantic aspect and indicates a very loving relationship. Saturn in the 7th house is an indication that this relationship will face many obstacles, and yes definitely is a strong bond. With this placement the obstacles usually come from outside the relationship, not from inside. It's a very karmic configuration and if this couple is willing to struggle they will be highly rewarded for their patience. If the Venus-Saturn opposition is conquered and the couple succeeds to destroy all the obstacles they will face, then this relationship will be almost impossible to break.

I will have to agree with you about all you wrote here. It was romantic right away. It was as if we knew each other for many years already and could talk to each other in that sort of comfortable way. There was a happy energy within it when in each other's presence. Lots of good things going on at a soul level, strong bonding happening on the soul level. It seemed it could go into a strong bond, but as you mentioned, outside obstacles.....steered it away.

5. There is a very strong atraction, these two people complement one another.

Yes, that was there.

6. A strong emotional bond between the parteners, however they usually don't coordinate their actions and feelings with one another. In time, if there is love and patience and can learn to listen to each other, and be in tune with their feelings.

Yes, it was mostly emotional bonding. The actions didn't coordinate, the expressions were different. But also, one was in a relationship already as well....a 'no-go' situation to expression.

7. Saturn here can either separate them or make their relationship as solid as rock.

It separated, though the feeling was it could go the solid-rock way, as you said.....if the obstacles were not there, and the patience was there, which it wasn't at all.

8. A lot of sensibility between them, this relationship is all about love and how they nurture each other.

Yes, this was there.

9. Venus conjunct Uranus is an indication of love at first sight or at least the parteners get a feeling from the first moment that they like each other very much. Venus conjunct Pluto indicates a lot of passion and jealousy, this relationship shouldn't be taken lightly. If these two people break up, it will be impossible for them to stay friends cause they will never forget the passion between them. Usually is the Pluto person who is more in charge in this relationship.

I was the Pluto person. I did do the ending of it all, but it was because I saw there would be no beginning because the other was already in a relationship and didn't tell this to me as soon as they could have. Love at first sight, not physically whatsoever, but energetically and then emotionally, and emotional bonding took place within one day of private communication. It was a deep, soft emotional bond. Of course this bond wanted to go further, at least into expressions, but again...obstacles, and the strain of too much weight about it all -- seemed like a serious relationship feeling could occur. So, yeah, no friendship now, either. It's either all the way or no way. that's interesting you say this -- it's true, no way to have a friendship whatsoever from this.

10. Composite Sun in the 11th house indicates that these two are great friends and share a lot of good moments together. The Moon in this position indicates that this couple will share deep emotions together, they will confess to each other all their emotions, feelings; they will explore new emotional dimensions they never did before. Venus was already explained above. Jupiter in the 10th house promises a lot of growth for both of the individual through this relationship. Mars and Neptune both in the second house can indicate that this couple has a lot of drive to get as many possesions/money as possible but also a lot confusion about how to do it or what to do with the wealth that was aquired. Also it can indicate that the passion between these two will never die out and will resist the test of time. Mercury in the 11th house is an excelent position, it indicates excelent communication, nice conversations and a need to share each other's hopes and dreams. Pluto and Uranus in the 12th house is not quite a good position, this couple will face a lot of challenges, their deepest fears and concernes will be challenged and brought to the light. This all will happen so they can attain a better understanding of themselves. Vertex in that position is a very strong indicator that this will be an extremely important relationship. 

Yes, the element of fun friendship was there, good feelings, good moments, all there. Yes, deep emotions together -- that was the most significant aspect I saw out of this. I felt there would be a lot of growth happening through this -- it was like the higher self part of myself was awakening -- I was seeing things in very positive ways and seeing the possibilities of things happening that were the better way of life, especially in career avenues.

Hmm, about the passions never to die out and will resist the test of time, that's a tricky one. That feeling was certainly there, thus the feeling of "am I going to marry this person?" It felt like that was an easy possibility by the energies felt. But, once the ending of it all, no...there is no passion there at all. It's like the commitment can only come through a mutual agreement of let's have a go of this. If that's not there, it's a sudden clamp, a total dead-end situation.

Communication was easy and comfortable, completely.

Pluto and Uranus in 12th was just totally WEIRD. That part I did not like -- very strange sensations that I never felt before. I am a Neptune child,'s hard enough being me! No...really, there was something deeply strange, especially in my dreams, all the subconscious area......

for example, the first dream I had of this person it seemed we had a past life together as synchronized swimmers, but the kind that never come up out of the surface of the waters -- they have to stay under the waters, and yet the synchronicity was in perfect balance -- lots of degrees of sensual (not sexual) compatibility, a working together to bring something into the world that was about the sunshine and healing -- it was very grounded in the philosophy of Yoga.

In my personal life I have never taken Yoga classes of any kind, nor have I ever done synchronized swimming, so it seemed so other worldly as if in a different lifetime. Also, there was a sense of having worked together for a very long time, known each other for a long time in another lifetime and worked together -- it seemed all on a professional level of work, not relationship. When we got out of the water, we each went to our respective lives.....we did not hang out together. Which, of course, this made me think of the karma of this lifetime meaning, now is the time to work on a relationship together. I was willing to do that absolutely, but the obstacles appeared, and I wasn't about to push or pull for it.

And now...hope I helped you with this :)

It helped to hear confirmations. It gave me better understanding, thank you. Thanks for having the courage to get in here and write at all, plus you were very accurate.

This configuration really impressed me, you don't get to see such a thing everyday. If you have more question don't hesitate to ask me, I will be more than glad to help you. It will be extremely interesting to see their natal charts...

I personally sent in private message the info to make the charts. If you see more, please comment for learning purposes.

I specifically wanted to bring this chart to a forum because of the lack of info around about these circumstances. It was mostly because of all the positive aspects!

BUT THEN seeing the Saturn Opposition Venus -- natal synastry both ways and composite on the ASC line into the 7th house.

That's what made it fascinating to me. The differences of something so positive with something so HARSH! LOL What can I say? It's harsh! LOL

I just felt, "Oh my god, I'm going to be so lonely in this relationship!" I could feel that opposition totally and completely.

Well, I do have the character to go for it anyway......knowing things could get better with time....but then the other person in a very committed and solid relationship just knocked it over for me.....

I'm not willing to touch that. That's their free choice.

Thank you again! Nice reading.




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