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10 years ago  ::  Oct 24, 2008 - 8:32PM #1
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Hi! I had just started to participate on this board and few other's over the summer. THen in August my anxiety reaches a big high, and I've been sick since it seems with one thing or another.

The last sickness I had was truly a sickness, I was in the hospital for five days for meningitis and then between trying to catch up on school work, my photography work, the High Holidays, my son's 3 bday and everthing, I've not really gotten to truly rest. just because they let me home form the hospital, i'm sitll supposed to rest

I'm actyally in bed now on painkillers of the heavy narcotic kind (dilaudid and fentanyl patch) with a "reminder" headache. this is worse than child birth, well the headaches that alerted me something was wrong and setn me to the ER were. these are like little teases. one day I am fine, the next in bed. it's awful.

i  am so overwhelmed. one of my best friends "broke up with me" and she was one, actually the only real life friend i had who i could talk about spiritual things with, and it was over something stupid. so i've lost that.

i've lost my spiritual thirst and connection and I realize i've got to get that back.

also I might have celiac disease or some other issue, i go for an endoscopy in November. My GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) has gotten worse, which i didnt think possible.

i', sick of being sick tired of this.

I wonder if someone could do a read for me and see if we can gather what is coming? I am too loopy on drugs and fever and headaches to do it myself.

\sorry i just sorta dropped off the planet fpr a while, right when I was getting to know you kind people :)
I hope so to be on this board agian soon. I need spiritual friends, i need to get back to spirital things and you all are such kind people and a big help!

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