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8 years ago  ::  Sep 03, 2010 - 12:52AM #11
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Dec 22, 2009 -- 2:31PM, Resipsa wrote:

Just food for thought:  Isn't it possible that sometimes a person's paranormal "abilities" are actually a manifestation of paranoia?  If anti-anxiety medications reduce paranoia, a form of anxiety, then maybe this could explain a perceived decline in paranormal experiences.

That wouldn't explain the cases where other people witnessed the paranormal happenings, such as in spontaneous PK.

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 01, 2010 - 7:12PM #12
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Dec 22, 2009 -- 2:31PM, Resipsa wrote:

Just food for thought:  Isn't it possible that sometimes a person's paranormal "abilities" are actually a manifestation of paranoia?  If anti-anxiety medications reduce paranoia, a form of anxiety, then maybe this could explain a perceived decline in paranormal experiences.

An IMHO. Not a chance. Meds reduce the "hyper-sensitivity", however I don't think there is anybody that can convince me that an other-wise "normal" 7 year old child is "paranoid" and that has caused his "supposedly paranormal abilities".

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 03, 2010 - 1:45AM #13
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It is my belief that the mind/soul or whatever you call it is separate from the body's brain. The mind/soul inhabits the body as if draw to it like electrons to an atom, to experience life in that form and in that world. Though one does not remember their past existances, some of it can have an effect on the mind/soul as they evolve.

So if your body is poisoned by drugs or if you're taking medication, it will affect the brain, and also affect how you see your world and how you experience it. However, the ability to do what is called "psychic" things is something everyone has the ability to do. It's a matter of getting past the body's brain to get in tune with the Universal Power and thus be able to know all that is in the universe.

Therefore, it might make it harder to do so as one has to get past the affected brain. For some it might not be possible (especially if they haven't tried to previously or haven't done so previously). Or, it might make it very much easier to do, as the brain might be partially desensitized or shut down more.

In short I believe medications do have an effect on what you experience in your world. What effect varies greatly from one individual to another, and how their brains were formed and how they experienced things before. It's an individual thing. No two brains are exactly alike. Each experience creates new neurons and brain cells to form while others die off. This is naturally done in response to what one experiences.

I recall reading about an experiement where therapists had given patience (in a study) a strong haluscinogenic drug in research on how to console the terminally ill. The idea was to monitor and encourage the patient as they were on their trip. Patients seemed to experience a rather spiritual trip, apparently.

Also, for years, many cultures have used herbal drugs and halusinogines during cerimonies and rituals to induce a state that can give them a "spiritual trip" as such.

To me, it's nothing more than essentially shutting the brain down just enough so that one can expreience their soul's way of experiencing what is around you and seeing what is beyond you.

I don't necessarily advocate the use of illicit or other drugs on your own. I advocate talking to someone who is very educated in use of different drugs (i.e. your doctor) and know what you can and can't take, and even what herbal stuff is safe for you (not all herbal stuff is safe and can cause dangerous interactions with existing prescriptions). Every person is different so only their doctor would know based on their medical records.

And always report side effect and unusual symptoms to your doctor no matter what they are as some could be dangerous or become dangerous if left go for too long.


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3 years ago  ::  Jul 11, 2015 - 4:08PM #14
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First of all asking for proof of psychic abilities is a lot like asking for proof of faith. There have been studies that psychic healers help people, also saints, and in some case studies prayer groups can help people heal more quickly. So really it's all based on your belief system. It's one of those things where I only know what I've experienced so I pretty much think others will think it's  crazy, because well I would if I hadn't experienced it too.

As a child I had what I call 'veil' abilities. What that means is I could see glimpses into a spiritual world. Now things like that are much more rare and nothing like I used to see. If someone has a serious illness I can sometimes tune into their aura and know the part of body that needs to be checked out. It not really something I like being able to do though. I just don't always think that knowing those things helps people.

On the flip side in my day to day life I'm a rational person, just got my B.S. in History so that proves I think very logically and standard.

When I first started seeing things like that I thought I was having a nervous breakdown or something. But there are many accounts of this happening to people around the world throughout history as well. So that is a bit about where I'm coming from. I used to be Christian but drifted away from that when I was about 17 years old. I studied Wicca for some time, explored Hinduism, and now I study all the religions I can in my free time. Truth is many as similar. Anyway I was checked out by a psych, had head scans and the whole bit. Fine...Fine and fine.

Now to answer your question the brain is almost as complex as religion and like it there are things we still don't know. There are parts of the brain we can only guess what their function is. When someone goes in for brain surgery and you ask what will be affected when they take out the tumor the doctor basically shrugs. This is because of the unknown. In this same way mediciations (even over the counter ones) can affect how the brain functions. The best way to keep this limited is to keep an eye on what you are taking, journal about life events, and if there are changes over time that you're not happy with address the issue with your doctor. I wouldn't walk into the doctor and say 'I think I have psychic abilities' because doctors are typically medical professionals and deal with that with that manner of thinking. I would say something like 'I feel like parts of my brain are not functioning properly on this medication.' Then I would be open to what the doctor says.

Some medications have effects on the intake and outtake of gamma in your brain. If you are concerned address the issue with a doctor in a medical perspective. I always consider the audience I'm speaking to before I frame the topic. It doesn't mean you are lying just that you are trying to relate to them on their level of education and understanding to get the best and most desired result for yourself. Hope this helps some.

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