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10 years ago  ::  Oct 02, 2008 - 9:59PM #1
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I've been using the runes for a few years now, though not consistently. Most of the time, I just pull them out of the bag one at a time and lay them down in the order of the spread I'm using (either 3 runes or 5 runes).

So there was one day that I was asking this: "What should I do with my life?" Being a uni student and all, I wasn't sure whether to continue studying or to go out into the workforce. I figured that 3 or even 5 runes wouldn't do the job just as well. Instead, I did a 9 rune cast, which turned out as in the picture.

Naturally not all runes landed face up as shown in the picture. Those that landed face down were:


I drew another rune to confirm/dispute this reading: Berkana (reversed)

Perhaps this has become a bit too overwhelming for me to interpret, as I've always only been using 3 or 5 rune spreads until now. Could someone please give me an idea of what the runes are saying here?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.


P.S. In case my picture isn't clear enough, the runes that appeared in this reading were: Gebo, Mannaz, Ehwaz, Sowilo, Wunjo, Hagalaz, Jera, Fehu, and Ansuz.
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10 years ago  ::  Oct 03, 2008 - 2:31PM #2
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Hi, Marco -

This is a fascinating spread.  I can give my interpretation & guide you through how I got to it, but please also look at each rune yourself & interpret it within your own greater knowledge, ok?  In other words, here's my take, but you don't have to accept it if it doesn't jive with your understandings.

First, when considering a cast such as this one, the reader usually takes three things into account: position, relation, and visibility.  A reading can often be interpreted from the center of the cloth radiating outward, with visible runes being interpreted first and hidden runes interpreted second.  A reader may or may not take inversion into account; this depends on his or her view of the impact of inversion on a rune reading.  Make sense?

When I looked at your cast, the first thing that I noticed was that at the very heart of your cloth, we find Fehu, but face down.  To me, this says that the opportunity or time for gaining wealth is not yet arrived.  It is still hidden. 

The visible runes of this cast seem to support this reading.  Hagalaz and Jera are closest to the center and clearly visible.  Hagalaz indicates that there is necessary change (disruption) still to come.  This may be from your past or from lessons that you still need to learn.  It sits next to Jera, the rune of the harvest.  You can't rush harvest; it must come in its own time, but it will come.  Let that which must still grow and develop within you have the time to do so.  Tender plants don't do so well in a hailstorm.  Across the cloth from Jera & Hagalaz & a bit further away rests Gebo, a rune of generosity & receiving, of balance, partnership, and boundaries.  Freya Aswynn's book, "Northern Mysteries and Magick" says this about it, " [Gebo represents] voluntary sacrifice of one's resources, time, & energy to whatever one holds sacred, without an expectation of reward other than the development of one's own potential." (35) To me, Gebo in this position, & in relation to the other visible runes in the spread, says that you still some time & grade to go before the deal is finished.  The other visible rune, Ansuz, reversed & well off of the cloth, seems to suggest an influence & a warning - you may be remaining silent & withdrawing when it is really the time for you to speak, to reason, & to communicate. 

Face down runes can be interpreted in one of three ways: they can be ignored as irrelevant, treated as reversed, or viewed as matters that are relevant but hidden to the reader.  I tend to interpret them in the third manner.  With that in mind, Mannaz & Ehwaz lie facedown near Gebo.  Mannaz always deals with people and relationships, matters of mutual cooperation, especially when appreaing with Ehwaz, which deals with the process of transformation, or learning to adjust to circumstances.  Sometimes Ehwaz also indicates a woman with whom one has a relationship (not always a romantic one).  These two runes facedown near Gebo may indicates a relationship that is still developing, a matter of cooperation for the benefit of the group that still needs to resolve.  Wunjo facedown in the corner of the cloth says that joy, perfection, is there, but hidden.  You haven't found it yet, or it is still to come along with the cooperation indicated by Mannaz & Ehwaz.  Sowilo, facedown above the cloth seems to indicate that the sun has not yet risen on your "new day".  You are still developing.

I see the final rune that you drew, Berkana reversed, as a confirmation of what was in the reading.  You may be rushing things by wanting to go out into the workforce.  Slow down and allow the nurturing of your creative growth.  Even if you don't see obvious fruit, there is still life and growth and beauty that needs to happen. 

Anyway, that is my take on the cast you did.  I hope it helps.  If nothing else, it gives you a process by which you can develop your own interpretation. 

Be Well.
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10 years ago  ::  Oct 05, 2008 - 4:05AM #3
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My initial thoughts about this spread were this: At the centre of my life is money. To one side, I have my friends, gifts, and self, while at the other would be perhaps work which might have some disruptions and some problems, though in the end I guess I'll be happy to work anyway. Success will not be easy to reach, though it is not impossible. And perhaps there is something about "forsaking religion" though I'm not quite sure how to put it in.

Thanks for the interpretation. You let me see the runes in a new light, though, I have no idea how you came up with that. It seems complex.
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10 years ago  ::  Oct 07, 2008 - 3:59PM #4
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I find the layout of the runes to be of particular interest here.  Basically, I see 3 sets.

The closest rune to you as you took the picture, Ansuz, is associated with the mouth -- and by extension, learning.  It's reversed, indicating that the root of this question comes from your dissatisfaction with pursuing school.
At the heart of the matter -- almost literally in the center of the cloth -- is Fehu, wealth.  Your dissatisfaction with school is to some extent manifesting in the idea that you could/should/want to  have more money. 
At the top and center is Sowelu, success / victory.  This is what you want out of the whole thing.

I think these three runes indicate what the issue is all about.  Overall, you want to be successful, which at the moment you associate with making money.  but this whole issue has emerged into your consciousness because of the underlying dissatisfaction with school.  All of this seems to correspond with what you reported in your post.

Now you have two other main groupings of runes.
To the right is Hagalaz - Jera.  I take Hagalaz as a "wake-up call," which usually manifests as hardship.  From it's pairing with Jera, I get the sense that the warning has to do with putting in what is necessary in order to get back what you want out of life.  Since you're thinking about leaving school to get into the work force because you want to earn money, I would interpret that as a warning that without sufficient preparation and investment beforehand (through schooling), your potential to gain the wealth you desire will be limited.
The positioning of this grouping is interesting.  They appear to pretty much line up, and if you drew a line through them, it would basically cut off the top right corner of the cloth, where you have the face-down Wunjo, joy.  I interpret this to mean that the issue represented by these two runes could create hardships in your life that to some extent will interfere with your overall happiness.

On the left you have another group -- Gebo, Ehwaz, Manaz.  These are your friends and your relationships.  Ehwaz & Manaz face-down may indicate that you are not paying enough attention to maintaining a "right relationship" to the other people around you.  Perhaps there are people depending on you, or perhaps there are people you depend on who will be affected by your actions.  You should take these into account.  Also, do not overlook what yor friends and relatives have to offer you in support.  I think from the way the runes are laid out that this grouping is an indication of the things that can help you to overcome the issue posed by the group of runes on the right.  You can call on friends and family for support while you take the time to put in the work that's needed now, to get you the payoff later.

Like Paks, I take the reversed Berkana as an indication that maybe the plan you are contemplating is trying to rush the growth process a bit.  (If it had been an upright Uruz, things would be totally different!)  Overall, I'd say the counsel here is to stick it out in school, because if you skimp on your efforts now, it will hold you back later.  Rely on support from friends and relations to get you through while the process unfolds.
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10 years ago  ::  Oct 07, 2008 - 10:04PM #5
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Thanks shawnf. That was quite a bit of an interpretation there.

Due to lack of finances, I can only continue studying if I'm getting a pHd scholarship for next year. If not I'll have to go out to work anyway.

P.S. I'd like to try to improve the interpretation of runes that I'm giving to myself/friends, but often I can only see the meanings on the surface. How can I tap into the deeper stuff?
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10 years ago  ::  Oct 08, 2008 - 1:42PM #6
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This extra bit of information provides some insight.
The reversed Ansuz was probably not so much about your desire to give up school, but about the fact that you may have to give it up.  (In the general sense, troubles or dissatisfaction around schooling.)
The reversed Fehu points to this as well. I originally interpreted this as simply your desire to make more money, but it's could be more about your need for the money to stay in school. 

I still think the Sowelu at the top points to a successful outcome through all this.  If this money (scholarship) issue was a more primary concern in the reading, then perhaps the grouping that relates to "friends and relations" can be understood in the broader sense of "others" who will be able to help you, and that could relate to the scholarship. 

The key question is how the Hagalaz - Jera group is working.  Jera can relate to a job (where you get paid for the work you put in), and Hagalaz is hardship.  I took this as a sign that you would have a harder time making the money you want if you didn't put in the necessary schooling.  But it might be less about the future and more of an description of the current situation (where "hard times" will force you to go into the working world).  For me, the runes usually give more insight into the forces currently in play than they do about the future, so I'm thinking this is a potential situation that's causing you some unhappiness.

I still see you getting support from others that will help you past this issue. 

Regarding your PS:  I think you can get more out of a reading if you discuss the specifics of the situation with the person you're reading for.  The runes give you a basic idea, but  how it applies in the specific situation is difficult to know at first glance.  The more you know, the better you can sense what the rune is referring to. -- Assuming you don't think the modified interpretation I just gave is completely different from the one I gave originally, perhaps you can see this point illustrated.

Also, I think you gt more when you trust your intuition a lot.  You get the basic idea of the rune's meaning, but sometimes you can read much into just the way the runes are arranged.  You may not always be right on with it, but I think it's worthwhile anyway.  If you trust your gut instincts in interpetations, I believe you'll find they become more and more accurate.  (Maybe I'm wrong on this, but my instinct tells me otherwise!)
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10 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 2:07PM #7
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[QUOTE=Original angel;878176]Hi I do not know if I'm correct in my understanding of what are runess.
My understanding of what is runes is a object which has, contain power and from this powers one by using them can get result or answers.
is there some one which can answer this simple question?
I'm waiting with high expectancy
Original angel[/QUOTE]

Since no one else has put forward an answer to this, I'll take a shot at it.  Unfortunately, the answer isn't simple, as runes sort of operate on many levels. 

In the non-magical sense, the runes are a script (or alphabet) formerly used by Norse and Teutonic peoples.  Each rune has a name and represents a sound in spoken language, and it's possible to track changes in the runes over time as spoken languages changed.

In a magical sense, runes represent sort of archetypal powers whose interactions are reflected in the events of our lives and the life of the universe.  The name of the rune gives some insight into the powers or principles associated with it.

Reading the runes is a process of finding out what runic forces are in play in a given situation and how those forces are interacting with one another (kind of like astrology in that way, but more flexible).

Rune magic is basically drawing on the powers embodied in the runes, in order to influence the forces that are in play, and thereby bring about (or avoid) a certain situation.
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10 years ago  ::  Nov 20, 2008 - 6:18PM #8
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Hi, angel I'm very interested with the "book of changes" you're talking about. I have a friend who wants to learn about runes, but he's not very good in English, and he knows Mandarin. Do you know where I can get the book, or perhaps tell me more about it (eg its Mandarin name?)
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10 years ago  ::  Nov 25, 2008 - 12:05PM #9
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the "Book of Changes" is more commonly referred to as
"I Ching."
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 15, 2009 - 4:02PM #10
Posts: 157

Original angel wrote:

the subject of it is taoism...
the principle is that by conecting with prime sources, basic creative elements one get influenced by them and from them one make or create a system to know. one self, the universe and one mind.
this is what the concept of runes is.

good hunting
love original angel

A little late, perhaps, but I think this really needs to be answered.

Taoism and Runes have some essential elements in common an one of these is the search for the unknown (The Tao which is known is not the Tao).  However, they are fundamentally different traditions and really should not be confused.  The I Ching does not use "Runes" per se.  Strictly speaking, it uses trigrams, combinations of which make up hexagrams.  These are arranged in a way which has great potential for seeking the mysteries of the Chinese.  However, they have very little to do with the Futhark systems or the mysteries of the Germanic peoples (There are a few structural similarities which are probably a combination of coincidence and universal patterns, but these really are well beyond the scope of this post).

Hope this helps :-)

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