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10 years ago  ::  Dec 03, 2007 - 1:26AM #1
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I once knew a man who had been accused of a terrible crime, after he had fulfilled his obligations he went to a far away land to begin life anew. Whilst he was there he met a lady who appeared to be everything that he had ever dreamed of and he then made a fateful desision. He told her everything that he had ever done and then chose to come back from his new home and try to rebuild a life with this woman. This poor woman was full of angry bitterness and jealousy but this was hidden from him as he so much wanted this thing to work between them. This man was also striken with a terrible malady that left him alone much of the time even when surrounded by friends. He so much wanted to reach out to others but his malady sometimes made such outreach impossible. The woman that he loved beyond all others was trusted to even contact his only remaining child and even order several hundred dollars worth of jewelry from her wich the mans daughter faithfully purchased the supplies and then spent many weeks in hard thankless labour to make. However it was a labour of love for the woman that her beloved Father had chosen as his future bride. One day as the man was arguing again with this woman he realized that this relationship had not only sourred but had all been based on illusions.  Mainly his fault as he realized that she hadn't really changed but that she was a toxic person and not good for a man of his particular malady to be around. so he terminated the association. He was very deeply hurt by this but also realized that it was for the best for him and for her. The man's daughter of course was stuck with the bill of the jewelry that she had made with care for this woman but she was of course more saddened that her father's heart was broken again. After a month the man chose to try to reconnect the association with this woman but again her bitterness and jealousy drove him away, however this time the poor woman chose to attack she first contacted their mutual "friends" and told them of the mans evil intent and how he used her for..well, the man will never be quite sure what it was he used her for and then she called one of the man's coworkers from a nearby city and claimed to be a member of the organization where the man was employed. She accused the man of being symptomatic, practicing "black magic", and embezelment. The problem here was not so much for the man but as he worked for a center for the mentally ill the persons that he worked with tore each other apart trying to figure out wich of them had done this foul deed. Some have even been damaged by this action, (mentally of course) but this didn't matter to the poor woman as she had exacted her revenge on the man. She went away smug and satisfied that she had thrown this stone. The man of course was deemed evil and full of foul intent and this was proven by looking into his past, a past he never hid from her but never had told others as it wasn't any of their business or so he thought. The really sad part to this story was that his virtual friends (except for one) never asked him how he was dealing with his heartbreak, never asked what was the deal with this business or even seemed to care. I expect that this thread will be deleted soon and won't be read by the poor woman who should actually read this but she left the man with a curse and the man told me to send this blessing to her...Marie, may you live forever.........
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