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8 years ago  ::  Oct 28, 2007 - 8:12PM #1
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Do you remember when you first encountered a past life memory?
Feel free to share your experience here.

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 28, 2007 - 8:17PM #2
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With apologies to the regulars who've heard this story before,
I’ll start…

I was a juniour in high school and,
since I was raised in a faith that did not embrace reincarnation,
my first experience of remembering a past life was simultaneously
unbeckoned, unexpected, and decidedly unwelcomed.
While I'll spare the details of that previous lifetime for privacy’s sake,
I will for the curious explain that particular process of remembering...

By special invitation I was in attendance at a literary film preview,
benchmarked because it'd been filmed where its author had lived,
something not previously done.
The storyline itself was one with which I was totally unfamiliar.
As the movie progressed, I found myself curiously drawn
into the film’s location and scenic background rather than to the storyline.
And I found focusing on the movie’s locale rather than on the story
triggered something like memories that were more far more vivid
than the story on the screen until, finally,
I realized that I couldn’t decipher what I was “remembering”
from what I was watching.

Although I’d been exploring Hinduism for awhile,
I’d never seriously considered that recalling a past life was even possible.
And not being particularly interested, I resisted the experience entirely
until tragedy made me realize that in order to "stay sane,"
I'd have to revisit and deal with that experience.

I have since remembered a number of past lives,
all of which have increased and expounded upon my bank of self-knowledge.

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2007 - 5:52PM #3
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I was probably 5 or 6 when I told Mrs. Smith, a very very Christian neighbor, that my name was really Roxanne and I was adopted from a family that lived in a big grey castle. 

My mother was SO mad at me that she sent me to my room.

As it turned out, my birth name was JoAnna, before I was adopted. When I began having "flashes" of a life at another time, I was in a gray dress in an herb garden of a castle. BTW the castle was gray.

So it was 40+ years ago that the first visions/knowledge came.

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2007 - 3:02PM #4
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I was maybe 10 or 11 when I was held down in a slushy snow pile and suffocated...
I fought, I struggled, I screamed in my head - I had no voice because when I hit the snow my  throat, mouth and nasal passages filled with the slush. Im screaming in my head I did not want to die...I had no interest in that activity what so ever...about a minute later still struggling and screaming I hear a voice -
What are you doing?
I'm screaming you idiot -  I I I I I do not want to die...
Why not?-
Why not - are you kidding me?
You've done it before you will do it again...

Oh yea - why didn't I remember that til now...
And I did remember  - in the back of my head I could feel time stretching back...The disembodied voice didn't say anything else but later turned out to be a friend from England I would meet decades later...
2minutes plus with no air I had floated out of my body...
The  one who had done this to me had at first grown board because I had stopped moving and then worried because I wasn't moving and he'd get in trouble...he ran off...
I floated up and thought about things - and decided at some point I had to go back - there was stuff to do...whatever that was...
So I did I jumped back in - took a minute to adjust...sat up coughing and sputtering and arms were numb - they had been collapsed under me the whole time...compressing my lungs...
In that moment I decided okay - I have lived before - I wanted to remember it all - I give myself permission to remember it all-  I had no idea what reincarnation was - I had never heard the word before but as I sat there and over time after I began to remember things and people and saw who I was going around with now and how they were connected to before...
Several lives in England- I live in the US now...
A life in Thailand
Something to do with India
A life in Ireland
A life where I was homely as all hell unmarriable and was resigned to tending cows in a field...
A wealthy widow whose child ran off in a storm...
A life during the prohibition era
A life where I was murdered by drowning in a town close to where I live now...
Just lives - I don't think I was ever a movie star or someone like that.but that was where all the remembering started...

I never mentioned any of this to my son...I never talked about reincarnation in front of him but when he was nearly 3 years old he began to talk of a past life.  He didn't say it like that.  He just started complaining of headaches and talking about when his name was Eric (which its not now nor at the time did he have any friends or relatives by that name) and that he got shot in the back of the head.
Looking at me aggravated because he thought I should remember were there don't you remember...
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8 years ago  ::  Nov 04, 2007 - 10:36AM #5
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I was about ten when I had a vivid dream that made no sense to me at all at that time. I remember the dream woke me abruptly and fully, and I was such a sound sleeper at that age that it generally took me a while to clear my head once I awoke.

I'd dreamed that I was a twelve-year-old girl with long, straight, tightly braided hair (very unlike my short, naturally curly hair in this lifetime) running for dear life down a rutted wagon trail trying to find someone alive of my family's neighbors. The feelings of desperation and panic were very strong as was the unfamiliar sensation of my braids slapping against my shoulders as I ran. It was too strange at the time, so I simply lay back down and eventually went to sleep.

I had no interpretation but "weird dream" at that time, but I remembered this dream decades later while participating in a past life regression workshop  when I could access that lifetime for more details. Finally, that long-ago dream made sense.

A few years prior to this, I was so fascinated by the book, All Of a Kind Family, about a Jewish family in New York City in the early 1900's, that my mother finally gently suggested that I read something else for a change, I'd re-read this book so many times that my name was about the only one on the library book card! As there were no Jews for miles near where I grew up, my fascination with the traditions described in that book was inexplicable...until I accessed a Jewish lifetime once I began exploring past lives.
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8 years ago  ::  Nov 11, 2007 - 9:24AM #6
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I was in my 20's(a late bloomer)when I began having a recurring dream whenever I was stressed or upset.

I would be flying  (astral I'm sure)  my wings weren't flapping, just gliding, high above these ruins, or steps (like in the pyramids) but more like Mayan.

My feathered wings would then turn into arms, and I'd look down at my arms, realizing I can't fly......I would see the ground coming up quickly as I fell towards the bottom of these pyramid like steps....and then I'd wake up just before I hit.

I had this dream for many, many years.  I had also begun investigating phobias, and why I had such a fear of falling.  I felt comfortable enough to talk w/another lady at work about our strange dreams.  She told me hers, and we talked about the possibilities of another life.

The last time I had that was always the same...flying.....falling....the steps coming at me fast as I fell.....but then I crashed at the base of the steps....I hit ground.....I was still alive.....I dusted myself off.....I looked down at myself....I had some sort of white/beige draped toga type dress on....I think I was a sacrafice.

I never had that dream again, once I saw my ending to that life.  I do admit that I was free of restrictions, more free in my life after.  But, more than ever a student of the Metaphysical.
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8 years ago  ::  Nov 13, 2007 - 3:10PM #7
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I think what impresses me most about these stories
is how very different they all are –

thatthere’s no set process to accessing a PLM.
That’s an important keynote for newcomers
to the idea of past life work.

It’s not about following a prescribed process,
but rather about trusting one’s instincts and intuition.

Boh – your story about being set on the path
by “a very, very Christian” woman is delightful –
how come your mum got so angry with you?

Urukai – What an astonishing experience,
and to be so young and yet so receptive!
Clearly you and your son are both endowed with profound insight –
I am suspicious that Spirit has plans of great adventures
for your bloodline…

Dot – thank you for reminding us that obsessiveness
can often be a hallmark/flag to a PLM –
I remember being utterly compulsively obsessive
about the roof slant of a particular shack in this lifetime –
years later I discovered that a similar building
had been the location of a work of art I’d created in a previous

Motherhealer – your story illustrates how a PLM
can manifest as clarifying self-knowledge in this
lifetime, in this case, your acquired sense of freedom.
Well done!


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8 years ago  ::  Nov 17, 2007 - 7:32PM #8
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Hello, wonderful people!

My first real PLM didn't come to me until I was 32 or so...  but I've known that I lived other lives since I was 21, when I met my spirit guide in a dream.  The moment I saw him, I knew that he and I had been dear friends and companions through many, many lifetimes which I could remember clearly in the dream...  but the memories didn't stick with me upon waking.  The knowledge that I'd been through many lifetimes did, though.

It wasn't until years later, when I was going through a particularly traumatic time, that I dreamed of two of my past lives, both of which showed me some very complicated karma with the individual who was currently causing such upheaval in this life.

There was no question in my mind when I awoke that I had been remembering, not "dreaming" those lifetimes.  I could remember details of archaic dress and language and culture...  I could FEEL what it was like to live by the heat of a fire all cold winter long, to walk down cobblestone streets with the smell of the sewage that ran in the gutter mixed with woodsmoke filling my nose...  I knew the times and the people intimately, with utter familiarity...  and although I've never been a student of history, yet I was able to accurately describe the dress and cultural practices of a tribe of Visigoths to my amateur-historian husband.  (The Visigoths aren't just "history" -- they're really obscure history!)

Since then, I've had impressions of a few of my other past lives, when walking in places I lived before.  I know that I lived one lifetime in Versailles, because I knew details about the place that weren't on any tourist map, and I was able to predict landmarks ahead of us before we had reached them.  I remember some funny incidents from that life, too, for instance --

The King filled a few of his smaller fountains with wine, ale, cider, and I think mead?  for his grand garden parties.  I liked wine, so I spent a bit of time at the Bacchus fountain.  I remember a young man in fine clothes bending over the edge of the fountain to refill his glass...  but he'd already had one too many, so he fell in!  He stood up sputtering and laughing, his expensive embroidered brocade soaked through with red wine...

(I speak French almost fluently now, after only three short visits to Paris.  It has always come to me incredibly easily, and my accent is so good that the Parisians kept asking me if I was Canadian!)

I don't try to remember every detail of past lives of which I'm aware, or every past life.  I know that when I need to remember something that has a bearing on this life, it will come back to me.  And if I don't need to remember it, it won't! ;)

Love and hugs and sweet karma to all,

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7 years ago  ::  Dec 05, 2007 - 2:24PM #9
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The first age that I remember vividly having a past life memory had to have been around age 20, and it came to me in a dream.  I was speaking a language I didnt know upon waking but understood fully in the dream, and carried a few of the words with me until I could do a 'google' search.  I also remembered details of the surroundings.  Standing on a cliff wearing a white simple cloth gown with a wire like tiara on my head with a moonstone in the center (found out it was moonstone after the dream lol).  So I googled the words I recalled.  Amazingly I spelled the words correctly and discovered that it was irish gaelic I was speaking in the dream, so going from there I googled cliffs in Ireland and the very first picture I recognized instantly.  I recall the moment too - my heart seemed to stop, as though time stood still and as I stared at the photo of the Cliffs of Moher more and more memories came flooding back.

Everytime I try to turn my back on that part of my life the memory returns in my dreams, and becomes more and more detailed - as though my guides are trying to prove to me this is truth.

Since that time I have had fleeting memories, and have studied past lives only enough to understand. 

The other night actually a song triggered past life memories and my dreams were filled with flashes from one life to another.  There was a reason I understand that - as they showed one person in each - the role he played in each life - he is also in this life as well.  But it was so very interesting!  I looked down at one point and was wearing a very heavy brocade (thats the word I thought when looking at the gown) gown.  I was sitting sideways on a horse that was being lead by someone else, and was being taken somewhere by a man wearing armour and a red cloth over his chest.  I do not know when that is or what its about was just amazing!!!  There are more but I wont bore you any longer!!!
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7 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2007 - 11:32PM #10
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Roughly 20 to 25 yrs ago a lady who was doing a reading 4 me. Her face turned white as a sheet an sarted to scream  She shut the whole thing down at that point . I was kinda flabbergasted !She related  2 me that i was a german  fighter pilot in ww1 and was shot down and passed over in the ensuing crash and fire. After that she could just go into my past lives at a whim. Sometines it came in so easly she just started to. I know  before that i was a woman who raised a family in the time america was expanding west. The other one that came in real easy for some reason I was someone who was deeply invilved with Texas independence movement. That one ended wen i got shot off of a horse.. I 4 what ever reason feel on that one i was Fannan and got killed  at Goliaid.. Ok enough.. Just some of many Lives... Bill... PS in this life im a retired  pilot, aircraft mechnaic, and senior parachuite rigger i finished as a FAA inspector   (Deeply invilved in Aviation).  Thanks for reading this
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