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7 years ago  ::  May 25, 2011 - 9:48PM #91
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No longer employed so are many others oh well I last posted in Dec 2010 check this out I was terminated Jan 2011.Good ridence to bad rubbish. I just had to get it off my chest I hope someone will reply maybe it will be another 6 months before I come back but I hope not you know how they say the elusive Pisces.I guess I have taken a much needed hiatus hope I spelled that right. I have said what I needed to say but I do think it worked out for the best .The supervisor set me up w/ H.R. she said no one liked me.I felt like I needed to stay guarded so I stayed to myself.She still got away w/ the lies.It was time for me to go. I thought it was ridiculous but she is out of my life she likes to play people so she lied her way right pass the owner You know I gave the mgr a lot more credit than he deserved I  she wanted folks to ice me she would not confront me  but I know God has a way of evening the score so she has been demoted / and now takes the bus home ....Read my last post did I not mention being fired- talk about intuition I get premonitions but I also have common sense. It took a while but I did cry she is young I am old I released the hurt now it is behind me lesson learned she was such a needy individual and kind hearted me just had to put the band-aid on, no more of that! People will hurt them if you let them if it doesn't feel right don't do it respect yourself and don't let people take your power you need to like yourself at the end of the day no matter who lets you go .Just keeping it real as most Pisces do my date February 23.Now one writer here said we have weapons or a sword yeah my armour was aweak heart.

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