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7 years ago  ::  Mar 20, 2011 - 11:33AM #41
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Feb 15, 2011 -- 4:58PM, littledoes wrote:

I am dating an Aquarius  man  and I am  a Capricorn  woman with a Libra Rising. He  is now   in West Africa on business. I  spoke to hime every day or at least everyother day by yahoo messanger. We had a disagreement, our first big one  last Thursday . I  met him on OK Cupid and I went back on the site to see his picture and  and  reread his profile for something and i noticed he was on it , this was the third time in about 3 months.  After he said he loved me  I told everyone  on ther I met someone and I wish them all  well but have not talked to anyone since which was about the  end  of Nov beginning of Dec. Well he never told me I had to go off  but said to follow my heart. Well I  used to  go on the site to  see his picture  but never  talked to anyone. I told him that too because  that was the only picture I had . He sent me 2 pictures   with him in  West Africa so i  have not been on the site for about 2  months. Well i wanted to see his old picture and reread something on his profile and I noticed he was on it. (It shows the last date on  online)  I asked him about it last Thurs, which was the last time I spoke to him and he said he saw alot af emails from there  and he  has not been on it in along time . He  asked why I felt insecure and threathened. (I told him I was.) i explained  that I  thought  you said I was all  you  needed and  the other 2  women he was talking to, he told them he would not chat with  them anymore  but concentrate on me. Well at first he did not understand why I was hurt but as we talked he said he did ( I wonder)  and that he was sorry. My question is this. I have never  dated an Aquarius man who likes his freedom so much. Not  sure where to go from here or what to feel at this point. I have not heard from him since Thurs ,  when we had the disagreement. I have  emailed ,  ya hoo messenger  but have not had a response.   So you Aquariuns men and women I need some feedback.



As an Aquarian woman, I like my space and when some one pushes me to like them, I back away. Aquarian men are more aloof and into themselves, they come first and foremost.

Maybe you should just give this guy some room and see what happens.

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