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3 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2014 - 1:51PM #1
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Should I stick with my Bible study group if I like the Bible study aspect of it but have become very disillusioned with the women in the group and the social and prayer aspects of the group?

I really like our study.  The leader does an excellent job of researching what we are studying.  I find it very rich.  It is the main reason I go.

I am, however, disillusioned with the extreme self-centeredness of most of the women in the group.  Some are not this way, but the majority are. 

Is it ME who is actually the self-centered one, being too judgmental in judging these ladies? 

In the past, when someone in our group has been going through a hard time, I was right there alongside them, cooking meals, doing housework, praying, anything I could do.

Now I am the one going through a very hard time with a sick family member.  I am managing okay with the day-to-day logistics, but only a couple of these ladies have reached out to me to offer any kind of emotional support, even though I have asked for prayer.   I guess I just want to know that people care.  This is the first time I've been in need this way, and I'm very disillusioned to see that my fellow Christian sisters are not there for me.

Another lady in our group has a husband who is dying.  She is also not being attended to except by a few of us. 

Should I step away from this group for a while?  Or should I just go for the study part, which I like a lot, and ignore the rest?  Am I being too sensitive?  I feel like I should be looking to God to comfort me instead of expecting anything from these women.  Is it me who needs the attitude adjustment?  Should I be praying more for these women?  So far, I am trying to pray about all of this, but all that is coming to me is that I should work very, very hard not to be like these women.  Resentment is creeping in to my soul. 

I'd really appreciate some advice.
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