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1 month ago  ::  Sep 05, 2015 - 11:07PM #1011
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Sep 3, 2013 -- 3:10PM, Artahrens wrote:


#133                                                          July 23,1979

Fermenting wines of time exude vapors of wisdom and frankness for the new times:  encompassing the follies of PAST enterprise, experiences of PRESENT enterprises, and dreams and visions of FUTURE glories.  To test the exactness of the vision is not necessary, but to dream the dreams of (the) future leaves the mind open.

Counter the enhancement of the episode by using the development of psychic unfoldment for the answer.  Equally pleasing to the senses and the satisfactions are the sensations of realization and revelation.  Complete the picture by ignoring the past's unworthy experiences and accepting them as necessary lessons.

Behold beyond, and become the balance!  Know what it means to endeavor for the planetary good.  Expect that the mysteries of housing can best be explained by the method of forecasting needs.  Needs unexpressed are not met.  Hold to the basic sense of pure satisfaction both aesthetically and practically.

Caution where the boards of government send restrictions and where powers are not present.  If the wary are consulted, and the brash, a balance between can be seen.  Focus for present needs as these are predictable.

Answer the call to produce a cycle of awareness, and covet the time to secure a foothold among those castaways.  Tighten the strings for future investment/involvement.

Planet problems can be met and sufficiently dealt with under proper guidance.  Formulate a plan to encompass also the needs of others.  Teach and learn.  Learn and share.

Come be among us!



#134                                                             July 24, 1979


Expose the purposes and reveal the goals set for the radiation and promotion of beings set apart by time and space.  Enclose this knowledge in [among] the folds of ancient books to be released as needed.

Intemperate ideologies that breed changes of an incorporate nature may be subdued from affecting men's minds, but with that, other ideologies are also subdued.


Charlotte L. Ahrens, 1929-2002


I searched for and found in the above quote, a use of the word "castaways."   Unless there may be another place in the transmissions where "castaways" is used, I'll have to give some more thought and introspection to this assumption of mine, so far as I can imagine at the present moment.


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1 month ago  ::  Sep 08, 2015 - 8:00PM #1012
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I haven't found any others yet that specifically mention castaway, however, there are other words with similar meaning. I got the feeling this for of cast away was more along the line of refugee, but it could also mean to be outcast, displaced or even those who are "marching to the beat of a different drummer," which would include many of us who are open to research various levels and meanings of spirituality. 

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2 weeks ago  ::  Sep 24, 2015 - 7:33PM #1013
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While not able to transfer matter yet, scientists are developing faster ways to teleport quantum data which means people will be able to receive the Quantum Spirituality Answers thread faster than ever in the future.

Scientists set new record teleporting quantum data — 60 miles

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