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In order to further understand the ZPoint method of simplicity, power, and enlightenment-effectiveness:  ZPoint's approach via words and feelings is conveyed in the below video.  The Spanish portions are brief and comfortable (preferably without CC, Closed Caption).

Here is a breakthrough disclosure by ZPoint's originator, Grant Connolly, of his purposes for this rapid enlightenment method:

Lucia Iurcovich is in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Connolly is on a presentation-visit there.


""Grant Connolly - ZPOINT" Lucia Ines Iurcovich"


Listen to a 10-Minute Quick Intro to ZPoint on Youtube:


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3 days ago  ::  Aug 30, 2014 - 8:37PM #972
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Excellent links Art has provided to help understand Grant Connolly, creator of Z-point, how it originated and why it works.

Grant Connolly explained how words are sounds and each of us perceive that sound in either negatively or positively and we can simply change or adjust our feeling towards those words. You can do this by following his advice in the links Art has provided in post #971.
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