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Switch to Forum Live View Please if someone can interpret this dream.
6 years ago  ::  Jun 15, 2012 - 3:23PM #1
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I had a dream recently about one of my church sister's; In the dream i saw her in her kitchen cooking in full white from her hat down to her shoes, she then said in Patois," Mi change enuh!" meaning change.  Her facial expression was a dazed look, no one was around her because i was trasparent in the dream.  who she was talking to i don't know.  She then moved to the dinner table, full white with a plant in the middle, as she started to set the table with the knives and forks.  Out of nowhere a plate just 1 plate filled with cooked white rice cabbage /w corned beef.  I took the plate off the table and walked outside, then following behind me was her son in also a white shirt.

In the dream her children were in the house but wasnt around the dinner table.  I could feel all of them as if they were in their rooms.  The mother was the only being in the kitchen and by me standing there, maybe I was in the form of the person who she was talking to.  Setting the table she said, "move let me set the table."  The dinner plate appeared out of nowhere and i took it up.
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6 years ago  ::  Jun 18, 2012 - 10:14PM #2
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Most of who have studied dreamwork believe that, in the end, only the dreamer knows the full extent of the dream. After working with my dreams in the 80s through studying DREAMS AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Savary, Berne, and Kaplan Williams,  I found that I could help others, too, to perceive their dreams. That does not mean that understanding my own dreams is easy. I am usually baffled by them. The book contains 37 methods of dreamwork, giving plenty of tools. There are four stages of the work suggested in the book: the dreamer's history, the dream experience, the report on the dream, the dream work and wrestling with its questions, issues, and insights--and finally some kind of action as a response that integrates the insight into daily living. For instance, Jacob dreamed of a  stairway to heaven. When he awoke, he built an altar where he had slept to memorialize the revelation. In other words, the dream would soon evaporate, but the stone would remain for a long time as the memorial of God's presence. The book is based on Jung (who examined thousands of dreams), Judeo-Christian scriptures, Senoi culture, which is based on dreamwork (supposedly, they have no mental hospitals or prisons), counseling, and theology. The three authors have integrated their specialties together.

You have already begun your dreamwork by  underlining the color white in your report. To me, in this context, white exhibits perfection, dignity, and a sort of eminence. For instance, in the Catholic church, only the pope wears a white cassock and cap. If the quote means, "I have changed enough," maybe you are mirroring yourself in the dream.  If you are striving to be an intensely spiritual person, perhaps part of you has "had enough" and maybe chasing glamor instead. As the children are there but not present in the dream, maybe the more childlike ares of yourself are hiding out, not wanting to go along with the program but seeking their own spontaneity as they were created to do. You in the dream are only active when you take the food outdoors, if I remember right, and you are followed by the child, a boy. Would this be your budding masculinity (in the Jungian sense of men having an inner woman and women having an inner man as psychic balance)? It seems that in the latter part of the dream, you are accepting the "food" that is presented, in other words what God gives on a daily basis, "our daily bread",  to your outer life (taking the plate out of the house). Perhaps the dream is inviting you seek in simpler ways

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