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6 years ago  ::  May 19, 2012 - 12:02AM #1
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Make Life worth living


We are born of our parents and our parents are born of their parents and so it continued over generations in time. Extending this further, it could be assumed that future generations will come forth from us, and so the chain of physical human experience will likely continue, all other things being equal.


However, in reality the future generations are already in existence, although in a different form awaiting the perishing of the current one to take place! As Mahavira the Jain Muni said, “Whatever is happening has already happened.” Death is implied in life, inbuilt; it unfolds. When the child is born, he starts dying from the very first breath that he takes. Osho said,” If you look at death directly in the eye without letting emotions interfere, then death becomes meditation.”


The first prerequisite for worthy living is to concentrate on good things about others as well of us. Be grateful for what you have. Enjoy every bit of nature’s gift and ensure that you do not waste these.  Stop negative thoughts make a conscious effort to plant good thoughts. As you think good thoughts you are planting good seeds inside you, and the Universe will transform those seeds into a crop of good happenings.


Energy is wasted in three ways — brooding over the past, anxiety about the future and deep concern for favourable situation in the present. The intellect must focus the mind on present action and not allow it to meander into wasteful avenues of past and future. To make full use of our life, we have to ensure that no part of it is wasted. The worst wastage occurs when we have negative thoughts and the resulting negative actions. One of the most common negative actions is thinking and talking about situations that you ‘do not want’. By reacting on events negatively you put passion into ‘unwanted’ loosing precious time that you could have spent in pursuing ‘the wanted’. Unfortunately the print and visual media is full of these unwanted news items.


As is beautifully put in the bestseller ‘The Secret”, “There are so many opportunities for you to give and thereby open the door to receiving.” Give kind words. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments. You can give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving. You can give a smile to the car parking attendant. You can give a warm greeting to the newspaper stand person or the person who makes your coffee. You can give by allowing a stranger to go ahead of you into an elevator, and you can give by asking which floor they are going to and pressing the button for them. If someone drops something you can give a helping hand and pick it up for them. You can give warm embraces to those you love. And you can give appreciation and encouragement to everyone.


Gratitude attracts more gratitude. Kindness attracts more kindness. Love attracts more love. Only then you are making an effort to make this life worth living. 

anand mehta

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 11, 2012 - 3:45PM #2
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Well writen post.

Yes, a lot of our time and energy is wasted over hurt, anxiety and sadness.

For some they cannot simply snap out of it, while for others it takes time... then they go on living.

Some will never never recover from the downers of life :(

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 12, 2012 - 12:20AM #3
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Yes Estacia, I also get into these negative moods but make an effort to pull out so that this valuable life as a human being is not wasted. When we retire from active job, the greates worry is how to pass time. If one tries to not 'pass' but effectively 'use' the time we can feel satisfied that we are making our lives worth living.

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