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6 years ago  ::  Feb 20, 2012 - 4:57PM #1
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I guess I am getting wiser and less selfish with the years. . . 
when I told the one I adore last week about the cleanser they are making me use on the floors
I didn't use the wicked. . . (I won't say witch, why insult witches) bi*ch's name. I just said "they"
why draw her into something  that has nothing to do with her or ask her to to take sides. It wouldn't surprise me if the bi*ch would try to turn this person against me though, that wouldn't surprise me one bit!!!Even though I've done absolutely nothing towards her, it's all her doing toward me!!!!!!! however, I am about to put it out there to the universe and let the universe kick her ass. I am the defenseless one in this situation she 's the one targeting me and has the supervisors are either in her pocket kissing her ass or are willing to let her have her way. I have no recourse at work for this reason. putting it out there to the universal forces is all I have except not allowing her to drive me to quit without another job lined up. That i won't do no matter how she & her helpers try to torture me  not just for the sake of myself and my daughter, but  out of loyalty to my father who would end shouldering the entire burden of our provisions if I were to quit and therefore wouldn't get unemployment, so no she can do her worst I won't quit no matter what carved in stone unless I win the lottery or get a better job offer, I am starting to look because the woman I absolutely adore is going to be leaving there soon anyway & I don't need to be there with someone who is determined to be my enemy as the only other female there.
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6 years ago  ::  Feb 21, 2012 - 10:20PM #2
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because of the bi&ch and the supervisor who is in her back pocket with his lips on her ass, I now have to fill out a sign in sheet like the guys on the crew except I dont think theirs covers lunch too and this has never been the case for this job in the almost 6 years I've been there, however. . . she doesn't have to sign in and out on one . . . we get 1/2 hour for lunch, there have been numerous times when i have come over from the warehouse to take lunch and she's already gone and a number of these times i was finishing up rinsing my soup bowl to get back to work when she came back after starting lunch before me, but hey whatever, I have lodged my complaint with the forces of the universe, let the forces that be kick her A#&!

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6 years ago  ::  Feb 28, 2012 - 6:26AM #3
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Okay yesterday,

even though I said I wasn't going to speak to the Bi&ch,

I did ask her how her weekend was.

Didn't catch what she said but she acted incensed 

that I was even speaking to her.

Then, later I was emptying the garbage,

she was away from her desk.

I have no interest in her things

but I couldn't help but notice. . .

there in her trash,

not crumpled or anything was my chore sheet for the week;

which I was given a while back,

that says turn in to your supervisor (the boss man),

which is not her,

so why is it in her trash

because, as I thought all along it was instigated by her

(the creation and mandating of that sheet)

then when I'm getting ready to put her trash bag in the can

she comes up behind me and

when I move out of her way to let her get to her desk

she snatches it angrily from me and says

something about her doing her trash (my job).

but you know what . . .

none of this upset me!

my thoughts towards her as I walked away were:

"go ahead and drown in, choke on, you own venomous hatred."

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