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(Sir Patrick Spens)

Wang Dan Famurin sit on the town
  Blude drinking red wine;
'ó whare I get the captain skeely
  This new ship o 'the sail to my? '
Knight eldern-up group, spak
  Sat in his right knee of the king;
'Sir Patrick Spens is the best sailor
  In other words, the sea far sail'd.
Our King, to write a corded
  And his hands, and it seal'd
Sir Patrick Spens is sent
  Was walking on the strand.

To the Noroway, Noroway is
  To the Noroway faem o'er;
Daughter of the King o 'the Noroway
  'TIS must Hame ye of her.
The first word, read Sir Patrick
  So loud, he loudly laugh'd;
Read the words neist Sapatorikku
  Tears blinded his e'e.
'O buffer is the problem that made this deed
  And the king o 'me tauld
When you send us this time o 'the year to the
  To sail the sea?
'It's like it always is to do it, sleet, hail to the wheat it is
  Our ship must sail faem.
Daughter of the King o 'the Noroway,
  We have proclaimed the need to fetch her POV. '

They sail on the morning hoysed Monenday
  The Wi 'speed, they may be.
They landed Noroway Hae-chan
  Wodensday bon appétit.

'Mac is ready, prepared, Mac, my merry men!
  Gude morning we sail boat '
'Until now alas, my master dear,
  I'm deadly afraid of storms.
I saw the new moon late last night
  Her arms Wi 'Old Mon;
The sea, we gang master
  We are afraid to come to harm. '
They hadna the league, league sail'd
  Just three league
Elevator dark when the wind blows loudly growth
  And now gurly sea.

Anchors and black trap mass
  It was a fatal storm of the original:
The waves cam owre the broken ship
  Was torn from her side.
'Silk claith, a web o' to get
  Another o 'the string,
And our side of the ship, their WAP
  Then we go into the sea after all '
They are silk claith, a web o 'fetch'd
  Another o 'the string,
And they wapp'd them round the side of a ship that Gude,
  But still came into the sea.
O Rice, the rice was our lord Gyudosukottorando
  Heel'd wet cork to Shoon.
However, LANG or 'play was play'd
  W hat to them aboon.

And the feather bed was Monee
  it faem flatter'd;
And the son of Lord Monee Gude
  It never Meakamuhame.
Rung O, lang may sit the women,
  Get connected to their fans,
Please see them before the Sapatorikkusupenzu
  Come sailing to the strand!
And lang, lang may the maidens sit
  His hair Wi 'the gowd Kames,
, Ein waiting dear I love them!
  For them, after all they are mare appears.
Half owre, half Aberdour owre,
  'TIS 50 fathoms of the deep;
Gyudosapatorikkusupenzu and there
  At his feet Wi 'the Scots lords!
Adepto vestri stercore simul.ttr
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