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7 years ago  ::  Jun 09, 2011 - 9:33AM #1
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Each one of us has a journey to make in our life. It can be difficult and very hard at times, but the journey is only ours to make. There is nobody that can make it for you or travel the road with you. If you choose not to make the journey, you are destined not to discover your true self or potential.
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7 years ago  ::  Jun 09, 2011 - 1:29PM #2
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I think all this is true, and yet I struggle to realize it.  We must make a trial of what we've been told and proceed on what we have learned; the older I get, the more I come to this conclusion: we must think and plan for ourselves.

Only you can take your own journey.  Someone else's journey cannot be your own; someone else's conclusions will not necessarily do for you because he has his own separate life apart from yours.

There's an old Zen story:

One evening Doken despairingly implored his friend to assist him in the solution of the mystery of life.

"I am willing to help you in every way, but there are five things in which I cannot be of any help to you.  These you must look after yourself."

Doken expressed the desire to know what they were.

"For instance," said the friend, "When you are hungry or thirsty, my eating of food or drinking does not fill your stomach.  You must eat and drink yourself.  When you respond to the calls of nature, you must take care of them yourself, for I cannot be of any use to you.  And then it will be nobody else but yourself that will carry this corpse of yours [the body] along this highway."

This remark at once opened the mind of the truth-seeking monk, who, transported with his discovery, did not know how to express his joy.

"The candle that is set up in us shines bright enough for all our purposes." -John Locke
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6 years ago  ::  Feb 20, 2012 - 4:05PM #3
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I am new to this site and I have just been browsing so far.  This is my first post and I feel it is appropriate I begin with "Reconciling the Past"

I also believe that we must plan and think for ourselves as well and only we can make our own destiny for ourselves.  I see time and time again people blame others for there own misfortunes because yes, not all of us are born into wealth and prosperity and some do have it better than others.  But it is not for us to judge them.

Observing recent tragedy has taught me that you can be the wealthiest, talented and most beautiful in the world and still be dead inside.  Always searching for answers at the bottom of a bottle.

I have come here to make peace with myself and my past.  I look to the past as something that I felt I could have changed, for example, "if I had done this in a particular way then this would have happened"  We are all guilty of that at some point I believe.  However, slowly as time moves on and the years pass, people events and circumstances have arisen to make me believe that those experiences that I wanted to change from my past would have led me on a different path from the one that I am already on.  Those things were MEANT to happen to me.  That's why I'm here.  That's why I am here right now.  At this point in time.  As you are reading this.

Don't question your past.  Embrace it.  We are here together.  Right here.  Right now.  If my words make it to you, please understand that I have suffered greatly in life.  Maybe not as much as others but the path that I traveled to get me here was hazed in sin, alchohol and arrogance.  However, now is what matters.  What I feel within is coming through as I write this.

We have the power to make our own destiny with ourselves.

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