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7 years ago  ::  Apr 26, 2011 - 2:53PM #1
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I've learned a lot from checking out this board and having a few people give ideas of interpreting my dreams, so I'm just sharing some dreams I've had lately and my own interpretation. Feel free to comment or shed any additional insight if you like.

The last 2 years or so seems like my dreams are more "powerful". The symbolisms seems more intense but not necessarily easy for me to decipher and the images are very vivid in that the experience seems more real life than I think I've ever experienced. The last 2 months a new dream experience for me is very clear thinking, sometimes as my "dream self" and sometimes as I'm dreaming I saying to myself "what is the symbol behind this image?" and another part of my thinking in dream is memories but they are "dream" memories, not things that actually happened at all. I'll give just a few examples.

As an aside, I just got accepted to a university and I'm 40yrs and currently have a stable job (that has little chance for advancement cause I don't have degree). I'm definitely at a plateau and years ago I decided at the university level I would attend full time (been attending community college part time). I'm divorced and still dwell on some guy (Mr.R) I've had a crush on for about 6 yrs but he's never made any attempt to meet my interest though I know he's attracted to me and appreciates my values and beliefs. A few months ago I met a new guy (Mr.Z) who instantly fell in love with me but he's not relationship material at all (deep level issues) but there was something in his aura that is pure. We got close but that's pretty much over now.

Since late March consciously I've been "afraid" of what my future will be like, what is the best way for me to go, and at times I feel more alone than I've every felt in my life. So here have been some dreams--just prominent highlights cause I can't type out all of it:

Boat: I'm waiting at a bus stop across from my current job. The bus is taking me to a cruise ship, which in my dream I keep referring to as a boat. Mr. Z sees me off at my bus stop and as he walks away I want to go after him but I say to myself "I can't leave this bus stop or I may miss my boat". Once I'm on the boat I'm looking around. There are lots of people, mostly like in their 20s, everyone seems a little lost. I'm walking around and want to get familiar with the environment. I pass this section that is sort of like a mall and go into one store. At the back is a large make up section and I'm instantly enthralled. Lots of color, choice, good prices for name brands. I want to stay and shop but clearly tell myself that I can "come back" after I look around the whole boat. When I try to go back I can't find the store. I asked someone for directions and when the person gave me the directions I had instant relief as I thought to myself "I now know where to go and how to get there". As I'm on my way I'm asking myself "why am I so concerned with make up?" cause in real life I don't wear much make up at all. Then as I'm wondering why I want make up so bad...the vision of the make up store comes up again and I experience the excitement of seeing all those colors and I can smell the perfume and I have that desire to be there again. There's some more prominent images that came up, Mr. Z pops up again a little bit too, but that's all I'll share for now.

Waves: I'm at the beach with an acquaintance from real life, but in dream it's like we are close friends. We are talking then she wants to go surf but there is no surfboard so she decides to bodysurf. I don't know how to do either but I think to myself that I will watch her bodysurf and get some techniques down. She's out far in the ocean and the waves are pretty large. I'm watching her. Next I'm out in the ocean, but not really "with" her. I'm bodysurfing and it feels good. Next I'm sitting on a rock watching other people surf on boards and body surfing and the waves are large. Next acqaintance and I are eating a restaurant on the beach. It's like 8 stories high and has glass walls. She walks away for restroom or something and when I'm alone at our table and HUGE waves come crashing over the restaurant. Not in a disastrous way, just like a regular shaped wave. I'm looking at it enthralled, a little grateful I wasn't out in the water at that time. Very clearly though I think to myself how exciting it must be to able to ride a wave that huge, yet I felt fearful of drowning or getting swept out to sea. Acquaintance returns and tells me she's getting cosmetic surgery. I'm shocked and asked "what for?" She tells me she has some live in bf that she hasn't been getting along with, then shows me a picture of her aiming a gun at the guy and there is an "X" above her gun. The picture is like a charcoal drawing and I can't see vivid image but clear figures. I'm shocked cause I don't see her being that "type" of person, not violent. As I'm processing all the information...the bodysurfing experience, the image of the wave, the picture, my thoughts of her, my feelings...she looks at me and says she's getting cosmetic surgery so she can make a fresh start. Again there's a lot more to this but these are the main parts. Actually with this dream,  before I went to sleep I sort of "asked" myself to get a message on Mr. R and that's what came up.

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