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7 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2011 - 6:10PM #1
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For the past six months, I have been having the same, very lucid, repetitive dream, which repeatedly says I am Jesus’s carrier and must prepare to step aside. My soul must return to heaven for his to replace mine. The planet is angry at humans and wants all animal and PLANT LIFE cherished. Accordingly, “they” (care-takers of the planet) are going to deevolutionize humans and send them back to the stone age by reincarnating Jesus (stealing my soul), who will live in a way the rest of the world will see as shocking, but ultimately be compelled to live – only few may survive. They discuss how the time has to be now because: it’s 2000 years after jesus crucified, 2012 prophecy, the last 100 years has been madness for the planet, and the Jewish calendar predicts kingdom of heaven at year 6000. The kingdom of heaven, however, will be for the rest of the planet, with humans needing to be an extinct species that is terrorizing the world.

Of course, I understand the clear delusional component to this and am seeing a therapist. However, I have never had six months of the same exact dream before, and with such concrete names, dates, and other such details. Please note, I did already have a drug-induced psychosis in 2003, during which I thought I was Jesus. Additionally, my 33 birthday landed on Easter and my misshapen body looks like it would after being nailed to the cross.

I understand this is likely a psychiatric issue, and again, am seeing someone. But the “people” in my dreams repeatedly say that we, humans, have treaded faaaar too heavily, using our higher “intellect” just to consume all the other plants and animals on the planet, and the time has come for our species to be one that is turned back or possibly even totally extinguished. I will not be Jesus, but they plan to take me and then use the fact that I had a drug-induced psychosis earlier about him (amongst other aforementioned items) to give more credence to the fact that I may really be him and then use this version of me to make incredible changes that will reduce 99% of the population, with humans unable to have children for hundreds of years.

They say that “he” will begin to do relatively “little” things next year. He will slip in my body, virtually unnoticed, and just start wearing only organic items, have no carbon footprint, and be an organic vegan. Soon, he will slip into a fruitarian, respecting ALL life and start acting in other seemingly prehistoric ways, involving sanitation and other hygiene behavior (no more cutting hair, bathrooms only outside, etc…)

If you could check in during 2012 and see how I am doing and keep a watch on me, that would be ouststanding!

Thank you and have a great day!


Michael Winder

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