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7 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2011 - 6:04PM #21
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Oh , how I wish that I could tell you that I love you!

that the declaration that courses through

my heart,

my soul,

my body. . .

could find it's exit and then,

with ribbons of love

weave around you and me until we cannot tell 

where one leaves off and the other begins.

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7 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2011 - 7:24PM #22
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aww these are beautiful amy.... i hope someday you will be able to share them with her.... 


"It took me a long time not to judge myself
through someone else's eyes" ~Sally Field
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2011 - 10:40PM #23
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I write about what I feel and what I wish. . .
when I write about love.
The truth is somewhat bleaker,
I. . . am in love alone
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2011 - 10:46PM #24
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Feelings are not a choice or a decision!
The only choices involved with feelings are
whether to express,
how to express if you will,
or whether to dwell on or not,
but whether to have the feelings or not,
is not a choice,
the mind does not govern the emotions
except in the aforementioned ways.
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2011 - 10:52PM #25
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When one person steals your heart,
can the one she stole it from
steal it back?
Probably not.
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 04, 2011 - 6:02PM #26
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Silence, company, calming, solitude, sweeter
I love to be in your company reading in silence,
it is like peaceful solitude, only sweeter.
Your presence has a calming influence on me.
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7 years ago  ::  Feb 09, 2011 - 4:45PM #27
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If only my imagination was reality (but it's not)
You would be in love with me too
 it wouldn't be an easy situation
we'd have to settle for quality of time together 
rather than quantity,
but when I look at that face that I love so well
and will miss with every bit of my heart when it leaves me behind
I cannot help
that I Love you with every sub-atomic particle of my being
and that I want you passionately
in my dreams. . .
lips melting heat fairly sizzling against each other
then my lips
softly igniting every inch of you
tongue teasing. . .
on fire,
like I could never possibly get enough of you;
that's how i would love you if I could.

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7 years ago  ::  Feb 09, 2011 - 9:35PM #28
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All in my head
that's all it'll ever be
since I can never express the things I feel
I pour them into poetry. . .
poetry is my way of expressing what I either can't in reality
or in some cases, such as spiritual poems
stuff not many in my real world will care about. . . my thoughts
(except of course the people at church, most months
I have a poem in the churches newsletter
except when I forget to send one in like the last two months) 
Poetry. . .I guess I'm lucky
some people's feelings that would be unwelcome
or inappropriate,
have to just fester inside
at least I have a way to let them out.


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7 years ago  ::  Feb 10, 2011 - 6:29PM #29
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Invitation, paramount, landscape, application, claim
Love landscape barren
except for one beautiful
sign of life. . .
but I am barred access
I can only speak from afar
the answer I receive is kindness
but the gaze is not in my direction,
I am not of paramount importance.
The only beauty 
my heart can see, love, and want
is beyond description
in importance to me
the love i feel consumes me.
There is, however, no invitation to come nearer. . .
and my applications in this area. . .
gently and vaguely rejected.
So, I think I am paralyzed,
any claim of my ardent love and passion 
would only force
a kind soul to step out of character
in order to send me away;
a heartache I'd rather choose to embrace,
than to put the loved one in that place!

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7 years ago  ::  Feb 10, 2011 - 6:35PM #30
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ass facing oblivion;
Oblivion, is a mist to those
who disregard it's existence
and a ravine littered
with sharp facts
and pointy heartaches
to those who dwell there
in the land of the forgotten
having fallen out of the heart and mind
of someone they love. . .
to whom they no longer exist.

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