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8 years ago  ::  Sep 02, 2010 - 10:49PM #1
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Meditation Certification - 4 Main Reasons to Join Meditation Teacher Training


1. Nowadays, yoga and meditation faced a great demand. 

Followed by increasing welfare in the entire world, lots of people started to search their secondary needs. It is the outside of their primary needs like foods, shelters and clothes.

2. Followed by stress pressure in their environment, their office, school and home, now people are seeking for peace, stress management, stress reduction and spiritual guidance, and the best answer for their problems are yoga and meditation.

3. Eat Pray Love Effect 

Some spiritual and relaxation ritual actually known widely by lots of people more than decades ago, but recently, a best seller book and box office movie called Eat, Pray, Love which published this year, made the demand of spiritual guidance, yoga and meditation in greater high demand.

4. A life style 
For most of the developed countries around the world such as United States, United Kingdom, etc it becomes a life style. Not only the developed country feel the euphoria of yoga and meditation, some of developing countries are beginning to step in to this spiritual business, proved by there are some yoga and meditation studios starting to popping out.

This spiritual guidance demand which growing greater everyday, unfortunately not accompanied by service, teacher and trainer that adequate. Some people starting to claim to be a yoga or meditation teacher. But, they have not a distinct background of where they learned or others information about their teacher background.

These counterfeit teachers and trainers are caused lots of people who learned from them never been experienced of the its benefits. With meditation teacher training, people who want to be a meditation or gentle yoga teacher or trainer, will get a proper and official certificate to legitimize their teacher ability.

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