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8 years ago  ::  Jul 10, 2010 - 3:52PM #1
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Airplane in distress makes emergency highway landing:  Dream of July 10, 2010.  Feel this is a warning dream.  In the dream I am driving a car.  I have stopped at an intersection waiting to turn onto Washington Street.  This is a 4 lane busy highway. Just as I go to turn out , I hear a loud metal crashing sound.  I think I have hit another vehicle.  Then I realize that a large passenger plane, jet, is flying extremely low over the roadway.  Parts of the outer cover of the plane are missing, have fallen off.  I see one large square piece of metal has fallen onto a car that is driving under it along the highway. I think a couple of cars do hit each other as a result of this confusion.  When I look up, the belly of the plane is directly over us.  I can see where inner parts of the plane have been revealed by the missing outside layer.  This big plane is low enough that it must be trying to land on the highway.  It is definitely coming to the ground for a landing of some kind.   The body of the plane is primarily white in color. I see on the side of the plane printed in big bold black letters/numbers   A 4 7 11.   The '7' didn't seem quite as clear.  I think in the dream that this is the flight number, but it may be the 'plane ID ' number, like a license plate so to speak.  ( Also connected  to this is a friend of mine Le.Jo.  Also at the end of dream I see a young boy walk by himself to the door of a house. )  Notes from author:  This seems to be occurring on a clear sunny day because the sunshine seems to be reflecting off of the bright white metal of the plane.   I am not sure of location but I think WASHINGTON  Street could be for Washington as in DC.  Also my friend L.J. has a Washington connection that we have spoken about.   I think this dream is a warning of a major airplane that will make an emergency landing, or crash landing onto the highway/ freeway and it could be Washington, DC and the numbers that were shown to me will be connected to this flight.           Thanks.  

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8 years ago  ::  Jul 21, 2010 - 4:09PM #2
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United flight hits turbulence, leaving 21 injured

By the CNN Wire Staff

  • United Airlines flight hits severe turbulence and is diverted to Colorado
  • NEW:Incident leaves 21 people injured
  • NEW: Chief paramedic: "It seems like they got jostled around pretty good"


(CNN) -- More than 20 people were injured when a jetliner headed to California hit severe turbulence and landed in Colorado on Tuesday night, authorities said.

United Airlines Flight 967 was en route from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles International, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The Boeing 777 was diverted to Denver and landed about 7:30 p.m. (9:30 p.m. ET).

Twenty-one people were transported to local hospitals, said Scott Bookman, chief paramedic of Denver Health. He said they did not anticipate any more patients, but crews were on stand by. The Denver Fire Department earlier said that one person was seriously injured. Bookman did not comment on specific injuries.

"It's really unusual to see this many patients from a single episode of turbulence," he said.

Most of the casualties included moderate head, neck and back injuries, according to the chief paramedic.

"It seems like they got jostled around pretty good," he said.

Initial reports from the Denver Fire Department had put the number of injured at 30.

United said the plane had 255 passengers and a 10-member crew.

The airline will conduct an investigation, spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said.

Inspectors were en route to the airport, the FAA said.

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8 years ago  ::  Jul 23, 2010 - 8:57PM #3
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I see no correspondence between your dream and the event of passengers injured in the turbulence. One might ask, what was the revelation of your dream supposed  to do for any one? The flight crew and passengers do not know you. The numbers do not correspond. In the dream, the plane crashed on Washington St. and caused car collisions. It was a safe landing in the event in California and left from Washington, D.C. Dreams are symbolic expressions and have a great deal to do with the dreamer. One looks within to see what a dream means. For instance, what is the meaning of the excised square piece of metal? There's nothing about that in the news report.

However, it is your dream, and you can do what you want with it.

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8 years ago  ::  Jul 26, 2010 - 2:45PM #4
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To:   Dreamhealth.  Thanks for taking the time to reply and for your thoughts.

Just a few comments about your reply.   I posted the news article about the jetliner making an emergency landing because it does contain certain key elements that were in my dream vision.   I stated that the plane would be connected to Washington, DC and the flight originated from Washington, DC.  I stated that the plane would make an emergency landing or  a crash landing.  It made an emergency landing because of extreme turbulence. 21 People on the plane were hurt some seriously.  One female passenger's head hit the side of the plane so hard it made a crack in the wall.  I bet you she and others would say they had been in a 'crash.'  You also said that I didn't know any of the passengers on the plane.  First of all you don't know who I know or don't know.  I could have a connection to someone who was on the plane and not know it for some time.  I also do not have to know people personally to have visions about them. 

I continue to study all of my dreams including ones that I feel are visionary or prophetic.  I also continue to look for ways to gain more insight into dream interpretation.  And you are right, I will do with my dreams as I see fit.

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