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I did not have a religious guide in my early years of life. It was not until my eighth year that I heard of God. Prior to that time the name God was not in my vocabulary. For me, this love of God had become in my mind, a universal law. That is because I did try to love all others even before I was introduced to any religious concept. Love in my mind was what should govern all behavior. I felt that there was no exception to this rule.

I was compelled to attend the institutions of academia by the pubic school system, which put me on the path of contradictions with regard to the truth of religion and science. What were the answers to these profound questions of life?

Then the darkest questions of all came, despairing thoughts of anguish, dread, and horror. Is God real? Was the Christian faith truly about God’s law of love? Was the story of creation in the Bible really true? Simple faith anchored me within my mind my search for the truth. Finally I came to a course of action. I began to write letters to world leaders about my proposition concerning my adaptation of life.

Then came “eureka” In 1978 when I discovered a book from a pile of books that my editor was about to donate to various organizations containing other religious principles and thoughts. I found one that was entitled “Messages to Mankind from the Almighty and His Spirits” by Alexander Homics, in it there were answers I never conceived or heard of before - unbelievable, astounding, completely and strangely compelling answers to creation, life, spirits, planets, human beings, the purpose and function of life on Earth. All of my questions were answered. How was I to provide these revelations to the world? Where was the author of this profound book which gave to me a clear insight into the questions that so long dominated my mind?

For thirteen long years I studied the information contained in this one book, and also maintained contact with the publisher. My passion increased, to the point of provide this information to the public.

Finally I learned of Mr. Homics whereabouts in 1991 and I rushed to find a telephone number for his last known address was in Petersburg, Fl. There was no number listed in his name, so I drove to his home address only to find out that he had passed away many years ago. Was this the end of my journey?

I sat in my hotel room wondering what to do. One option remained - his death certificate. On it would be his next of kin, hopefully. There it was the name of the daughter of this writer. Maya Homics, who assured me that her father and some others were the ones from Latvia that received these vital messages. Then she put me in touch with her cousin, and nephew of Mr. Homics, Mr. Nick Mezins  He had published two books containing these new revelations to mankind [Revelations, 2000 Trafford Publishing and The Tidings – Volume One, 2005 Trafford Publishing]

So for these last nineteen years and the past thirty two years of my life, we have been working to make this information known to the public. My journey is not yet complete, and I have told part of it in two books that I have published [ Search for the Promised Land: How to Bring Religion and Science into Harmony, 1999 CeShore Publishing Company and Supplementology: Combining Religion and Science, Trafford Publishing, 2005] The second book shows the development of putting the messages under the umbrella name of “Supplementology” it is hoped that others will find out what I have found out along this long Jouney to a Revelation.












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