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8 years ago  ::  Feb 21, 2010 - 7:58AM #1
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Meditation is the journey form thoughtful state to thoughtless state. Meditation is the journey from body-mind state to Self. When we are passing through Mind zone, thoughts do come. Thoughts may be known, unknown, related to our life or unrelated to us. All kinds of thoughts do come when we pass through Mind zone. Some times it is so irritating that we tend to come out of Meditation abruptly. Thoughts do disturb us when we are in the mind zone. The way to cross the mind zone and to reach Self is what we call Meditation Technique. Here is the Technique to transcend the Thought zone: Sit comfortably with clasping your fingers and with crossed legs, Close your eyes gently. Take few deep breaths. Now relax…totally relax… Relax…your body…totally… Now just be with your self… Watch… Watch the silence…inner silence… Let the breath be on its own… Watch the Breath…. Thoughts may come….know, unknown… Watches the thought….just witness the thought… Do not analyze….do not negate... do not go behind the thought… Just allow it happen on its own… Just be with the Breath…. Witness the breath….witness the thought… Just be pure witnessor…. Slowly thoughts reduce… Emptiness…inner silence increases… Watch the Silence…Watch the inner emptiness… Slowly you will reach No Thought state. Special Instructions: Normally you will experience No Thought state within few minutes in the first session. It will be felt normally after few sessions. Meditate for 45 minutes in one sitting. In these 45 minutes, almost 20 minutes will be spent in Thought Zone. We will have pure Meditative state for few minutes in intervals. By doing more and more Meditation, we will have very less thoughts and we will really experience the bliss in Meditation. Science: Thoughts are of Mind Zone. To transcend the thoughts, we have to do beyond mind work that is we have to do the Self work. Concentration is Mind work; Observation, witnessing with out analysis is Self work. When we are with Self work, being a witness, we can easily transcend Mind. Stop all activity of Mind and start Self activity. You will attain Meditative state.  Meditationguru


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6 years ago  ::  Jul 29, 2011 - 8:36AM #2
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In meditation you find the mind going very deep into itself, but something brings you out. Deep impressions, thoughts, come out and the depth is lost. Over time you repeat the process again and again, and you find your whole nature is changed. Meditation is such a process. Meditation happens when thoughts subside.

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