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8 years ago  ::  Nov 08, 2009 - 3:16PM #1
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I have been fortunate enough to have recently had contact with my Spirit Guide. His name is See Do. I was able to freely ask questions and get answers over a period of about three months. And I had the presence of mind to write down as much as I could. The chronicle of the entire experience is here in my blog:

It is all very positive and enlightening. I want to share it with you. I'd love to hear what you think. And I'd love to discuss the many wisdoms that have been given to me.

Here's an example from chapter 9:

            "See Do explained that Love is not at all the way we think it is. He explained that Love is not to be given out, like some special currency. Love is to be felt within, for ourselves, first. We must open ourselves to loving ourselves, just as we might currently think we are supposed to feel love for another. Or might want to feel love for another. This is our first responsibility to ourselves: to love ourselves and to be that person whom we can love so completely.

            "We must see ourselves as that being who we can most truly admire. And honor. And we can only be completely honest here, with ourselves, in our deepest evaluation. There are no denials, deceptions or tricks of light. This is the real deal, and there is only truth.

            "Then we must act, to be that being we admire, honor, Love. We must act in every situation at the highest level to earn our own highest respect and admiration. This is our number one responsibility to our selves. This is very important. This is where Love takes its power."

I hope to hear from you. And don't worry, I'm not selling anything. I just want to share an amazing experience.

Take care.


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8 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2009 - 10:08AM #2
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Read Carl G. Jung's RED BOOK.  He met his spirit guide through "active imagination".  I too have met mine.  It is an incredible journey to experience.  You are not alone.  You have met your ally.  There is a great book, The Practice of Ally Work, by Jeffrey Raff, P.h.D.  Excellent book!


Raff says,  "that the ally (spirit guide) appears as a loving and accepting companion.  People often say that from the first they loved and were loved by the ally.  The ally is completely accepting of its partner.  The ally greets us with such joy and love that it is hard to mistake it for anything else.  The more developed or individuated a human, the more the ally manifests, as if the ally must await a large enough consciousness to unite with before it can fully manifest. The ally therefore encourages the growth of its partner".

Jeffrey Raff is a Jungian Therapist, he has written several books including Jung and the Alchemical Imagination, Healing the Wounded God and The Wedding of Sophia.


It is a spiritual awakening.  It is part of the process of evolution/transformation.  Expanded consciousness. Seek and you will find.  See Do is an archetype.  Mine was Enoch, who also is associated with Hermes and Metatron.

I would add, not only are you fortunate, you are blessed. 

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8 years ago  ::  Nov 23, 2009 - 2:08AM #3
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You certainly are not alone.  I suspect it is happening more than we could imagine.  I think people are afraid to discuss these events in their lives for fear of being considered, well, nuts! LOL  I think you will find Jung and his followers to be of great knowledge and kindred souls for you.  It is an amazing experience! I described it recently as BLISS and at the same time the most frightening experience of my life.  My experience came from a dream, mystical....a visitation from an entity that was the most powerful dream of my life!  What a journey!  There is also a forum in mysticism here at beliefnet. Jungians wouldn't blink an eye at your incredible journey, they KNOW it's part of life!

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