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9 years ago  ::  Aug 27, 2009 - 7:54AM #1
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(In 2007, Sri Chinmoy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev)

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8 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2010 - 2:52PM #2
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Thank you for the lind and the book.

A book I like is Evolution of Consciousness by John Kuykendall

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5 years ago  ::  Nov 21, 2012 - 8:01PM #3
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I continually find it amazing that so many of us are hooked on the words of others as though they were the direct authority on the logistics of Divinity as it applies to my expression.    The words of others are merely expressions from their vantage point.  Those words may have an impact upon anyone’s understanding but it is the confirmed application (via the core of ones being) of any new awareness that is to be considered.  The person, place, thing, or event that projected the catalyst toward a recipient’s energy is certainly to be appreciated and thanked (whether it was presented in a positive manner or abrasive) but their divinity never has been nor ever will be any greater than that of the recipient.


With that being said, here are some thoughts that may resonate with your position and direction of journey.  Let’s not react to the title “God” because of some misrepresentations by zealous others.  The totality of that concept is actually far greater than any one word so while we try to fathom infinite concepts with a finite brain, we’ll use that word as a common ground.  First of all God is not Spirit.  The entire spirit realm has been and is being created, just like the physical realm has been and is being created on an ongoing expressional basis.  That which is the origin of ALL energies is God.  Now that not only includes the entire cosmos as we know it but any other cosmoses that we are not aware of.  Anything and everything that has a name or will be named upon discovery (not including the transitional word God that we are injecting) is a created creative expression and thus not the origin, or God.  So, any Saint or Savior, place or position in the spirit or any other realm, angel or devil, or any likeness, is not God.  And yet, everything is and is acting in full cooperation, authorization and guidance in perfect harmony with the original author of every-thing, God.


Let’s look, for a moment at our soul.  That is the personality that is the combination of select portions of the different spirit levels as well as the different physical levels projecting through a temporary physical body.  An example of physical levels is the brain capacities, the emotional capacities and the physical body capacities.  As we focus largely on our physical bodies and this realm for our daily lives, we tend to forget that we all have many friends in higher places as we also continuously interact with other souls.  The spirit portion of our soul has a much longer life span than the physical portion.  It can be likened to each of us purchasing a different car as the old one wears out.  Each time we purchase a new car, we project our personality into it.  We tend to add unique nuances to the appearance and sometimes to the performance of the car.  Other people will often identify us with our car.  We also outlive our car as we ultimately own several cars during our lives.  The spirit portion of our soul outlives many of our physical bodies by simply moving into a new one when the old one is done.


The concept that our soul is primarily of the spirit realm does not mean that our soul is eternal.  It also has a life span that is often called a Journey.  An “Old Soul” is one that has expressed through many physical bodies (involving many different atmospheres) and has developed a wide perspective on many life forms in many frequencies.  Every soul does, however, ultimately arrive at the conclusion of its journey.  So what happens then?  An appropriate way to describe that conclusion is to visualize a river flowing into the sea.  It is the end of the river but the continuation of the flow of water.  Once the river flows into the sea, no one can extract that individual water.  It has merged into the vastness of the sea and is now one with it.  When a soul dies it merges into the vastness of its origin and becomes one with it (God).


In a very brief description, that is the journey of a soul.

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5 years ago  ::  Dec 30, 2012 - 3:30PM #4
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everyone is certainly free to follow whatever path they choose.

People can follow a path with the guidance of a teacher...or they can choose to follow a path without the guidance of a teacher.

However, we are, in fact, all of us....always following the path and guidance of many teachers.

If there is an electrical failure in our house, we don't follow our own course and wisdom, we find a professional electrician and use his knowledge.

We do the same throughout our daily lives, using the wisdom and skill of all sorts of teachers and professionals in our lives.

We were taught to read by someone else, we were taught sports by someone else, we were even talk critical thinking by someone else.

So, whether we acknowledge it overtly or not, we are always taking advice from others and following advice from others...whether that advice comes from a plumber, or a math teacher, or Socrates or Plato...or whoever.

And yes, there have been false teachers and false paths.  There have been corrupt teachers and corrupt paths.  That is so in every single institution across society, not just in spirituality or religion.

Yes, people do, sometimes get led by charismatic frauds and led off course...whether by someone like Hitler, or Bernie Madoff, or a cult leader like Jim Jones.  That does not mean we throw out the entire body of political leadership, financial advice or religious guidance, merely because some percentage of all courses of action are going to be led by frauds.

If people want to engage a spiritual path, but are afraid of coming under the influence of a cult..they are free to engage the spiritual path on their own.  They can pray on their own, meditate on their own, do acts of charity and live a morally pure life...all on their own.

Or, if afraid of being under the influence of a cult leader...they can simply join a well established synagogue or temple or that has been around for decades and is highly regarded.

As long as any path does not engage illegal acts, is focused on prayer, meditation, charity and living a moral life...people will be fine.  And if any path significantly deviates from that, and people are concerned...they can leave and find another group.

Just as experts and extreme experts exist in every field ...whether Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Babe Ruth, Shakespeare or Beethoven, someone, somewhere, in the course of history was indeed an expert on the spiritual path.

History has assessed Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna and others as being some of these people.  People have every right to accept the experience and testimony of millions of their followers, that their words indeed come from the mouth of one of the greats.

If that is not your cup of tea, then find your own way, you are free.  But people are not sheep that are so easily led anywhere, by anyone, at any time. 

I met some Moonies out in San Francisco in 1980.  I was invited to a "vegetarian meal" - which quickly turned out to be some recruiting strategy for them.  The gal doing the recruiting was such a complete loon, within 45 minutes, I was running out of there. 

In my work in soup kitchens, I have found so many, many wonderful Christians and Jews, both lay people and ministers.  I have interacted with Catholic and Buddhist nuns and monks...who are among the most amazing people I have ever met.

There are indeed, many good quality people out there, admist the sea of scammers and frauds.  And it is my belief that if folks are sincerely intended, the idiots and losers quickly become apparent.

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5 years ago  ::  Dec 31, 2012 - 11:05AM #5
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nn123  Thank you for your comments.  When we are realizing the expressions of humanity upon this planet, the range of consideration dictates that human behavior does not fall into one catagory.  "But people are not sheep that are so easily led anywhere, by anyone, at any time." Hmmm - - There are the leaders (who need followers), there are the followers (who need leaders) and there are the independent thinkers (who interract with the others but are not dependent upon either type).  Yes, everything we have learned within this realm has been taught to us by some outside influence.  Every realization within every realm is propelled by some influence.  To realize a concept and even to implement it does not make one a follower.  To realize a concept and then commit to following that influence down a dictated path is the constitution of a follower.  To realize a concept and dismiss it solely on the basis of the origin, constitutes a fool.  And yet, every expression is OK as all are an integral part of the creative complex collective.

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4 years ago  ::  Mar 16, 2014 - 6:33AM #6
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people have fears of cults.  In recent history the resurrgence of this really started with Manson and his spree of killings.

But the Thugees (origin of the word Thug), were doing this kind of thing centuries ago, as do paramilitary groups in conflicts around the world, the Mongols and Huns and Vikings and on and on and on.

There are evil people.

Blaming religion for the existence of evil people is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

As far as people being easily misled, the question becomes for how long.  Maybe some charlatan can convince someone to join his group.  Maybe.  But then come the daily interactions with people and situations and finances and on.

Over time, it is very hard to hide one's bad intent.

So a huge percentage of people, over time...and really, just a short time, certainly less than a year...a huge percentage of people are going to realize they are in a scam and get out.

But that is so of many institutions...whether it is a chop shop, a stock scam company or the thousands of scams and corruptions that fill our world.  It is hardly unique to religion.

If people are worried about following a spiritual leader, than simply follow a standard path...whether it is Catholicism, a traditional Buddhist monastery or whatever. 

Or meditate and pray on your own, and read spiritual books.

If folks are worried, they can always do that.

It is far less of a problem than folks want to believe.  Scandals create headlines, they don't accurately reflect the percentage of evil in the world.  They blow that out of proportion to the point that people think far more is corrupt than truly is...

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