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9 years ago  ::  May 02, 2009 - 7:05AM #11
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Hi All

This has turned into a really interesting thread and it is so nice to see everyone sharing their views.  I do believe in the law of attraction but I also agree with Appy - I feel that the two things are working in tandem.

Many years ago I was stuck working in childcare and was desperate for a change, at the same time I also had very few male friends and felt a need to have more company.  I had read a book about hypnotherapy so made up a tape that I listened to every night which had suggestions (or affirmations) on it.  I asked that I would attract a job different from childcare where the employers would be nuturing and happy to train me.  I also put on the tape that I would like to attract into my life more male company and I would feel comfortable being around a lot of men.

A short while later the people whose children I was caring for offered me a clerical position in their furniture factory and put me through an administration training course, I found myself at the factory working with 60 guys (there were just 3 women when I started)!  I could never have forseen it but everything I put onto that tape came to pass.

I have attracted other things and opportunities into my life in this same way but there are two important factors - firstly you have to consistently work on attracting what you want and secondly, you have to grab the opportunity when it arises for you.  For example, when the position became available in the furniture factory I was scared to put my hand up and ask if they would consider me, I had a lot of fear about jumping into the unknown.  Secondly, I had to work hard once the opportunity was given to me - there was nothing magical about having to study while working fulltime.

I really believe you can attract things and opportunities but this works in tandem with hard work and goal setting - what is that old saying...... "the harder I work the luckier I get."

I also agree with Appy that we come into this life with certain areas that may cause us grief or pain.  For example, I have always looked after my health, eaten healthily, exercised, etc, but despite this I have had a number of health issues crop up over the last few years.  Despite affirmations and healing myself, these conditions persist.  Bad things do happen to good people and sometimes we will not know the reasons for this until we cross over.



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9 years ago  ::  May 04, 2009 - 8:53AM #12
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May 2, 2009 -- 7:05AM, Leolotus wrote:

Hi All



Agreed.    There is some validity to 'The Secret', but at the same time there is no substitute for hard work and persistance.   

If there is any tragic misguidance associated with 'The Secret', it is that it is a magic cure-all.   At the same time, intention and effort do have magical power in them.  ;)

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9 years ago  ::  Oct 20, 2009 - 8:57PM #13
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i believe in the law of attraction to an extent. i an currently reading the secret by rhonda byrne and while there are some good ideas in the book, i do not agree with all of them.

for example, i have a hard time believing that the universe will bend to each and every person's will. i do believe that your thoughts can influence your life. but i believe it on a more secular rather than spiritual level.

like, if you focus all your thoughts on getting a partner, then you start to act in a way that would make you more attractive and more likely to find a partner. its not because the universe is bending to give you a partner; its just you making yourself more open and what not?

does that make sense?

that is what i believe about the law of attraction. and even while i don't agree with everything in the book i'm reading now, its still i good book and has given me many ideas to improve my life.  ^_^

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ~Harvey Fierstein
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2009 - 9:35AM #14
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I believe in the law of projection.  When we find ourselves attracted to anyone or anything, it is what we have projected onto the person or object that we are attracted to.

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2009 - 10:37AM #15
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I do believe it in parts.  I do think sometimes shit happens - it just happens and you didn't will it on any level.  I also believe you have to work, be dedicated and do what it takes to achieve your goals.  however the ideas in the secret are good because if you can tell yourself you are 'doing your part" in working and the universe will do it's part.  This helps alot with motivation.


I don't like to blame people for their misfortunes and I don't think people always deserve blame.  However, people often do attract shit - sorry they do.  If you can use some of the ideas from the secret to get your thoughts in better order that would be worthwhile.

In my family, I have a Mother In Law who is aged beyond her years.

She always loved to talk about how should took care of her ailing parents and I think she wanted that for herself.  She wanted to be taken care of.  So she has allowed herself to deterioraite at an alarming level.  I can remember before she took this steep dive we were at a restaurant and this very old woman was returning to her seat at another table.  this was a very frail, very decrepit, needed lots of support and help to get to her seat.  My mother in law said under her breath "oh, that will be me in 10 years."  At this point she was only like 56 years old!!!  

I will say she is well on her way to becoming such a woman and I don't think she will have to wait untill she is particularly elderly. 

More recently she developed fractures in her spinal coloum - spontaneous fractures.  She has been tested, she has NO Osteoperosis!!!  They don't know what causes it but I think she has willed it.

I know this is rather mean of me but this is a negative example of the ideas of the Secret working. 


On the positive side I have achieved things that when I am in a gratefull mood and reflective, I realize are very special.  I wanted a way to make a good living that afforded me the ability to be very available to my children, to work from home, I have that!  But most of the time I focus on the negative parts of it (isn't that the way?).

OH, and here is something Very, very embarrasing but we are all annonymous.  I think it is helpful to this thread so try not to tease me. 

When I was pre-pubescant I had this twisted idea (dont' know from where, TV probably).  That women with flat chests were very unfortunate and considered unattractive.  Women with large breasts were very fortunate and people always thought they were sexy.

Everynight for I don't know a few weeks maybe and then off and on I would pray fervently "please let me have big breasts"!  What do you know friends - I have one word for you DDD.

Now, know this - on a good day my Mom and her sisters are a B cup.  On my father's side the women had issues with obesity and would weighing over 250 pounds get up to a D cup. 

I was a slender woman, very tall, wearing size 10 and sporting 34- DDD.


For the record I think God has a tremendous sense of humor because boobs have been my burden and I think very small breasts are actually very pretty and versitile. 

I am quite sure I got what I prayed for and there is no biological reason that would have happened

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8 years ago  ::  Dec 17, 2009 - 9:06PM #16
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I have very mixed feelings about the Law of Attraction.  I have seen people sit around passively expecting things while they do nothing to effect the change they want.  I have a friend who is a firm believer in much so she does not believe in getting regular checkups or mammograms simply because she does not believe cancer or other things can happen to her.  Do I think positive and hopeful attitudes can effect change?  Yes I do.  I believe they can affect our health, our approach to life, and even how others treat us.  But I have seen the other side of the Law of Attraction to promote a greedy lifestyle or a type of lack of activity waiting for change to happen magically.  This is just my understanding.

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8 years ago  ::  Mar 02, 2010 - 12:00PM #17
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Yes, I do, and yes, it has :)

I've been introduced to the LOA about a year ago by my friend and coach Q Moayad who is using this concept in his work with people and ever since I conciously learned to use and believe in it (because a part of me always had on a subconcious level) things have started to improve one after another - my job is better, I am happier with my situation, my lovelive became more relaxed and thus better ... it's like all the pressure in the world suddenly turned away from me and I see open pathes where before there were only blocked roads all the time :)


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8 years ago  ::  Mar 07, 2010 - 3:34PM #18
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I believe that perception can become reality..but you create reality by your thoughts becoming action...and following through...a positive mindset is critical..but it doesn't mean a damn thing unless it's carried out to fruition...just my thinking...

good question though!


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8 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2010 - 7:47AM #19
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Of course I believe in The Law of Attraction.

 I am the living example of it.

 Not because I read it somewhere in a book because I was consciously applying the principle at physical Birth.

  I recognized that everything goes my way before I could even read.

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