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9 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 11:36AM #1
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Here's the link from the old Beliefnet: … nID=430729

I'll be copy/pasting the posts from there to here so as to have it seen in one place. I may do a little revising, just a little.

The new Beliefnet Poetry board is now also Creative Expression, so....hmm, more to do!:D

Feel free to jump in and comment whenever you like. And if you want to be a character within the shows, you'll just have to jump in and do so! LOL But, beware, it can get......b a l l i s t i c.

Don't jump in though until I have all the copy/pasting done. Everything will be dated. Wait for the present date to show.

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 11:47AM #2
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5/9/2005 10:40 PM     1 out of 50    
This sorta just landed in my lap today
..and so, here it is....

I will describe to you the first character, Ig.

He's wearing silk clothes, shiny material. He wears a black pointed hat with a little round black material ball, dangling just a bit from the top. He's wearing a silk shirt. The arms are the color of sunburst orange (light yellow/orange), with black cuffs and black collar. The rest of the shirt is dark orange with purple buttons, and each of the buttons have sparkling silver things. His pants are blue, and he wears no shoes. None of these puppets wear shoes. He has a voice sort of like a person groaning, as if he's about to die or something. If you hold your neck really tight and try to talk, that's kinda what he sounds like, and he likes to
just bob around the stage, all dopey and dumb.

Then we have K'ne.

She is wearing a turquoise dress with a gold pointed hat, and she holds a gold looking wand, but it is really made out of styrofoam. It looks like a stick with a hand at the end of it, facing down. She likes to use it to hit puppets over the head. Her voice is rather strong, with a bit of a high pitch to it, sort of like a child when is having fun, and she holds herself in a position of just waiting for the moment to get to hit someone over the head with her wand. She loves to say 'shut up!', though she doesn't mean to, it's just that she's really smart, and ignorance can bring out the worst in her - like telling someone to shut up. So, that's her, and she can do whatever she wants. She mostly likes to hang out in the high corner of
the stage.

And then there is Puls.

He's an angry puppet. He wears layers and layers of clothes.
He has on a nylon suit covered with black leather pants and a wool jacket, and his face is always red. He doesn't wear a hat.
He has black medium length hair, so when he moves around,
his hair really shows it. He's always flaying his body around the floor, hitting his head on things on purpose. And when he talks, it sounds like a hurricane voice, or something like that.

So there...the three characters so far:

I don't know what I'm going to call the show, but the word 'ballistic' keeps popping up in my head. Ballistic Puppet Show it is.

How I will turn this into a *poem* is beyond me. I might have to take it over to Creative Expression.


5/10/2005 11:08 AM     2 out of 50    
so have them all go ballistic!!!!
and start it up!!!!
very cool puppetry makes a lot of sense to me...

5/10/2005 11:15 AM     3 out of 50    
:0 yes, the energy in them is saying "go ballistic". it's summertime, so I think it's a perfect time to let them loose!
thanks for the encouragement!

5/10/2005 12:18 PM     4 out of 50    
let them loose!!!    

5/10/2005 3:01 PM     5 out of 50    
I have to get the blessing of our Nir first.
I trust her instincts about this....if it would be wise to print here or not.

5/10/2005 3:17 PM     6 out of 50    
kids dig angry puppets...I want to see the angry puppet!!!    

5/10/2005 6:21 PM     7 out of 50    
A Nir blessing?
I'm not a goddess,
Just the priestess
of piss and darkness...
I already told you,
to bring it on,
in another thread...
so, please, please, do...
here, there, everywhere...
my only suggestion,
the girl puppet
wins every argument...
the way it should be,
betwixt and between,
a man and a woman...

twiddling my thumbs,
waiting for the show
to begin and never end....



5/10/2005 10:17 PM     8 out of 50    
Lady priestess of piss and darkness...I love it! You make me laugh so hard with that!

my only suggestion,
the girl puppet
wins every argument...
the way it should be,
betwixt and between,
a man and a woman...

Your wish is my command, my Lady.

twiddling my thumbs,
waiting for the show
to begin and never end....

And so, the show shall begin....

Just a little note to everyone listening....this is going to be written all in 1st draft rough draft style....therefore, I'd like to welcome any one of you on any given day to feel free to take something you see and put it to poetic style, if you'd like! Please do. I think it would be more fun that way,, I welcome such a thing, gratefully.

and hold onto your hats!


5/10/2005 10:22 PM     9 out of 50    
Okie dokie, Lady Brata,
your wish is my command...
but not tonighta,
cause i gotta,
cut down the forest,
growing on my legs...
i havn't shaved,
since before,
i got sick
with the ick,
last week...

I wouldn't say,
my legs look like a man's,
their too curvy for that...
but, if I wait much longer...
they will look like a man's
with curvy, cute legs...

i must be suffering writer's block....
writing about shaving my legs...what a crock!!!!!

blessed be, our sweet sister,
in high jinx and insanity...
and bring it on........
bring it on....
bring it on...

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 11:55AM #3
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5/10/2005 10:33 PM     10 out of 50    
Part One: The Introduction

Ig plopped down from the ceiling of the stage!
With his arms held out, he motioned to gather
all the people to come closer to the stage,

"Come, come" he said
and the crowd gathered in,
especially the little children.

"Come closer, and sit in the front.
I am about to introduce to you MYSELF.
A man I am,
and my name is Ig.
No need to call me Iggy,
for I am not an Iggy.
I am an Ig.
I am what people call Ignorant,
but I do not like being called that either.
So, if you would be so kind as to call me Ig,
then I will tell you more about my life.
Okay, now let's see...
oh yeah....
I have a great love!
Her name is K'ne.
Her name means "knows everything",
and indeed, that name fits her well."


5/10/2005 10:47 PM     11 out of 50    
Out of the right corner of the stage, from the ceiling of the stage, K'ne gradually came down, holding her golden golden wand with great precision and carefulness, not to use it unless completely sure that she must. She said not a word, but walked gently across the stage, peering out into the crowd as she walked, and then turned to gaze upon Ig.
Ig lifted his hands, putting one hand to his chest, and he said,

"Heh, heh....see, there she is.
The woman that I love.
The love of my life.
Heh heh."

K'ne poked out her wand
and hit him on the head,

"Shut up!"

She hit him three more times,

"Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!"

Ig responded all dope-a-ly,

"Yes, she likes to do that to me
all the time,
but I never mind it one bit.
I never mind it one bit,
and neither should you!"

He said this to the crowd.


5/10/2005 11:06 PM     12 out of 50    
At that point the children began to laugh, but some of the adults were gasping,

"This is NOT what we want
our children to be hearing!"

One lady in the crowd even retorted outloud,

"I dare say, this is not what we should be teaching
our children today!"

She gathered her child in her loving, protective arms, and left the building....quite upset, too!

Right at about that moment,
out jumped Puls...

He flayed his body across the stage
in such an outrage, peering into the crowd,
and seeing the woman leave,
he shouted to the back,

"Oh, isn't that just great, now!
A floundering, judgemental woman, now!
How wonderful that she has left!
She hasn't even begun to hear
the wonders of this story
our Ig is about to tell.
Let her leave,
and anybody else
that would be so brain damaged
as to agree with her!
Go, leave!
before I slam my body on this floor
so hard that my body should break!"

The children were giggling with delight,
as some parents began to get a little weazy,
not knowing for sure if they should stay or leave.

Finally, K'ne decided to speak up, to the crowd,

"This is a story, my friends.
It is nothing but a story.
It is always good to remember that!"

Her voice was very 'ta ta' sounding about it all.

And then Ig proceeded to explain.....

(that's all for tonight!)    

5/11/2005 12:53 AM     13 out of 50    

*...chases the self-righteously indignant woman and her passel of children out the door, speaking in a chanting sing-song voice...and immediately, three fat, sore mongering boils, grow upon the judgemental woman's arse...*

awaiting more, with you guessed it, bated breath...


5/11/2005 7:46 AM     14 out of 50    
Nir, I haven't done this sort of writing in years! lol
I don't know what to say, I'm laughing so hard. :)
Thanks for the support, all you kittens so cute!

5/11/2005 10:39 AM     15 out of 50    
I ask for more. This is great!!!
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 12:07PM #4
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5/11/2005 1:06 PM     16 out of 50    
**From the right side of the stage, a new friend of the puppets appears, half dressed and completely drunken with wine and merriment as his name is oft unspeakable in coherent talk...his real name is Dan the Dirty but he often refers to himself as Ackkkkhukptoeey**
*thus spake Ackkkkhukptoeey, staggering in with a boastful wagger*

Let me show you my membership,,,aaacckkk
merlot my influence indulgently induce my, you,
name, Ackkkkhukptoeey, the Dirty,
and I might be needing a cooling off!!
(Dan the Dirty then completely disrobes onstage)
**thus pake Dna the Dirty**
Look, **gyrating hips to and fro**,
an airplane propeller!! Wee, I am a flying floooker,
Hey, know what I just saw,
huh, what's wrong with you lady?
never seen an airman before...I'll fan you I will.
WEEEEEEEEEE, **falls over and pisses self on stage**
--all gather and demand to know who brought this drunk
fool puppet into the fray---
only time will tell...

5/11/2005 8:24 PM     17 out of 50    

giggling til I choke and my crazy little dogs are barking their heads off at me...

~*throws a chenille blanket over the drunken pisser, to hide his now disappearing propeller*~



Ooh-la-la! i am laughing so hard...    

5/11/2005 10:07 PM     18 out of 50    
I love what you wrote, John! What a gallant surprise! :D
here's some more.....    

5/11/2005 10:11 PM     19 out of 50    
Ig, K'ne & Puls all went into SHOCK!
Each of them said the same thing
at exactly the same time,

"How did you get in here?"

Dirty Dan:
"Get in where? What? What? Where? Where am I?"

K'ne yelled,

"You're on OUR stage!
Who let you in here?"

Dirty Dan:
"....aaaaacckkkkkk...who what? me? where? where am I?"

Puls slammed his fists to the ground,
groveling on all fours, crawling ever so closely...
then appraoching Dan's ears,


Puls smiled to the crowd,

"HA HA HA, that outta wake 'im up!"

This only kocked Dirty Dan over
flat on his back.
K'ne was trying to cover her laugh
while Ig dope-a-ly walked over to Dirty Dan,

"Heh heh...hey Dirty, you wanna 'nother merlot?"

Puls lept up, all the way into the air,

"Oh YEAH! I'll get him a glass of merlot!!!"

Puls twirled around, and out came a glass of merlot in his hand...he went gingerly, tip-toeing all the way back to Dirty, and from the very highest point he could be, he began to pour the wine right down on poor-drunken Dirty Dan's face.
By this time, K'ne wasn't laughing inside anymore - she threw a tantrum, instead,

"Oh please, Puls!
Enough! Enough!"

and she whacked him over the head!

Oh, that was a very bad thing
that she did that to him....
Ig didn't mind if she did it,
cuz he loved her so much,
but this Puls...
he could care less,
and he let her know,

"Give me that wand!
And I'll break it in two!
Give it to me, you witch!
Before I clobber you!"

K'ne just laughed!
She laughed so hard...    

5/11/2005 10:26 PM     20 out of 50    
"Why should I give you MY wand
when you have one your own?
But if you want mine so bad,
maybe you should......BE GONE!

Why, I would NEVER give you my wand,
especially since you have one your own...
of course, you never did use it well...
I suppose that's why it's gone."

She just laughed all the way
to the right high corner of the stage.
She held herself in perfect rapture
to know he could never win.

Ig got in,

"Oh, why are you getting so angry, Puls?
Heh heh, she hits me all the time.
It doesn't even hurt,
it's just made out of styrofoam!"

"Who cares! I hate that she hit me!
She thinks she can do anything!"

Dirty Dan lifted himself up just barely,
raised one hand, and blurted out,

"...AAAACCCKKKK.....I buleve she can do.....aaaacckkkkk....
anyding....aaaccck...she want to"

K'ne quickly hit all three men over the head,

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

"Shut up!"

*Ka-plunk*, Dirty Dan fell back down
and completely passed out.


5/11/2005 10:38 PM     21 out of 50    
"Wow! That was terrible!
terrible scene!
Oh, such a terrible
terrible scene
just terrible
just ter....

"Shut up!"

K'ne hit Ig over the head.

"Heh heh, see?
It's good she hits me
or else, who knows
what I might keep saying?... heh heh"

Ig bends over to Puls and whispers,

"Heh heh...she only has one wand,
and a wand like that is always
about to break....just you watch,
my man....just you watch."

"Hello? know NOTHING!
I have m....a....n...y.....wands.
Many, many more wands."

She could hear everything, too!

"Oh.....heh heh heh, I didn't know!"

"Of course you didn't know!!"

Then she peered into the crowd,

"Of course he didn't know
Of course he didn't know...
that's why his name is IG
everywhere he goes!"

Then she kicked the drunken Dirty
all the way off the stage.......[exit right]


5/11/2005 10:55 PM     22 out of 50    
[enter left]: 3 singers: one boy, two girls. The boy is dressed in black with black grease/wet/matted black hair. The two girls are in puffy purple dresses with beach blonde hair sticking straight up, about med-length height hair.

They start taking up K'ne's words into song:

"Of course he didn't know!
Of course he didn't know!
That's why his name is IG
everywhere he goes!"

The two girls were whipping their hips
back and forth to the beat.
And, as they sang, K'ne held herself in glee...
back in her favorite spot on the stage -
the right high corner -
rattling just a bit cuz she's so happy,
and both her arms are out
pointing towards the singers....

"Of course he didn't know!
of course he didn't know!
That's why his name is IG
everywhere he goes!"

All the while
Ig was plopping his body around
as happy as can be,
so proud to have a song sung about him....

and he danced around happily,
flapping his arms up and down to the beat....

"Of cousre he didn't know!
Of course he didn't know!
That's why his name is IG
everywhere he goes!"

(ciao for the night....mamacitas)
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2008 - 12:13PM #5
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5/12/2005 8:14 AM     23 out of 50    
[there's an interlude of wind happening...a strange kind of wind, that doesn't bustle around or blow, but rather brings them down low, all dropping to the ground....and these characters are resting now]


5/12/2005 6:20 PM     24 out of 50    
as part of an impromptu, Dan the Dirty performs a nude ballet of flight of the bumble bees and maintains lift for over ten minutes with his magic propeller...frotunatley for most of the audience, they are in the lobby getting refreshements and going to the restroom and stuff...except for Carol Montgomery Richardson, Royal Ballet queen of Manhattan who is absolutely mesmerized with the magic of the floating bumble bee dancer before her...never before had such a vulgar diplay and artful music and movement combine to something so sweet to her as to make her also wish to join in on the magic she was becoming one with....    

5/12/2005 9:21 PM     25 out of 50    

Carol Montgomery Richardson, longlashed eyes closed in midstep; though truly feeling her deepest, basest carnal desire to become one, with the drunken, guru of wisecracking, was however, a Southern Belle, at heart...Opening her star filled eyes, seeing the pathetic beings' poorly draped demise, she says "What? Did someone sell our dearly avaricious, once more drunken, King Ding Dong, from HostessLand, a suit of bad goods, again? Telling him, the Maharaji wore an outfit just like this?" And having a bit of magic, of her own and feeling sympathy, for the mindlessly unbeknownst one, in such a state...She wiggles her fingers, with a hint of glee in her eyes, winks and whispers, over her shoulder, to the skilled Lady Brata the Puppeteer, and says, conspiritorially, "Watch this..."

Phht! Pop! Dirty Dan, is dressed in a Sears and Roebuck, Buster Brown outfit, in blue and white stripes, complete with short knickers, and a straw hat...Ala late 60's wardrobe fare, for little boys, at Easter time, heading to the studio, for a family photo session...In his arms, is a department store mannequin, where once, Margaret, had been...

Unaware, he has been so adorned, and still thinking the fleet footed Margaret, is still drifting across the stage with him, the inebriated Dirty Dan, his peepers, blissfully closed, continues to dance to the Flight of the Bumblebees...

(gigglegiggle. I played that in high school...oh, yeah, that's a sidebar...couldn't play it now, if you put a gun,to my head...)

Margaret, turns to Lady Brata, the skillful puppeteer, and says, "How's about we step out, and get us a Margarita, at one of the pubs, across the Village Green? It's on me, girlfriend...He'll be occupied for a while...gigglegiggle"

The girls, march out the door, arm in arm, singing, "100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 99 bottle of beer on the wall..."

~*Bronwyn, I love what you are doing with this puppet thread...It's so cute and gigglegiggle funny!!!!!!! I've never seen you write, quite like this...Stretching and poppping that rubberband of creativity? It's showing...Love it! Just love it!

Got more????? I am waiting.......*~



5/13/2005 1:21 AM     26 out of 50    
john, you're doing so much better with dan the dirty, than i!!
i forgot that he could fly. :( that's so fun what you're doing with him! :) i love it!!

nir......99bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer....dudt dudt dudt, dudt dudt dudt(forgot the words)..98 bottles of beer....


(I might have a double post coming on the's giving me troubles posting)....need to go sleep now.


5/15/2005 1:23 AM     27 out of 50    
**quothe Dan the Dirty**, zwee botles of beeeer on the ball, five penguins whizzing in my ear, I am James Brown, come on GET DOWN, fourteen circus clowns pinned to the wall....burp....*drinks the last of the beers**'
mow mower bottles of beer that can fffalll...*exit Dan, propeller down**    

5/15/2005 4:31 PM     28 out of 50    
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2008 - 12:17PM #6
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1/14/2007 9:31 PM     29 out of 50    
these damn puppets are so mad at me. they weren't even getting warmed up and i shut them down. lol poor idiot fools, they have awakened and been calling me to let them arise...let's see what they have to say now....


1/14/2007 9:53 PM     30 out of 50    
A cool, cold, freezing-a*s wind settled into the stage. it woke Puls first, then Ig, then K'ne, just in that order, they popped right up on their strings in a perfect flat stare...

Ig: What the hell has hit us?

K'ne: What do you think? It's called AIR, cold-as* frozen air, haven't you ever felt it?

Ig: Well, I think I have but I don't remember! Where were we? What were we saying? I feel lost!

K'ne: Of course you feel lost, you're just a dumb idiot!

(K'ne hit Ig over the head with her wand. For some reason this made Ig feel loved.)

Ig: Thank you, now I feel really alive, thank you thank you so I know where I am, I am with you.

K'ne: NO, you are not with me, you are on a stage, idiot. lol and people are watching you....even some little children out there, so make them laugh....anything silly will do, Ig!

(haha, K'ne was so happy to see Ig alive and swinging again, just like old time, just swinging on a string.)

Puls: This is ridiculous. I was having the best dream of my life. I saw the whole earth in global warming and completely splitting up...all the ice-bergs were corroding! WoooT! What fun to have a dream like that, to see everything go to disaster!

(K'ne hit Puls over the head with her wand)

K'ne: SHUT UP YOU FU**EN FOOL! This is no global warming, this is LIFE. L - I - F - E. IT's just repeating itself. Are you busy listening to the fu&*en fools on the TV or something, or AL GORE, big fear monger? LOL Who you listening to?

Puls: Well, I'm listening to myself! My own dreams! I saw it with my own eyes, man....I saw the earth overheating! I saw myself having so much fun cuz I pretty much hate everything anyway, ha ha ha. and I got to see it all fall into the ocean bubbling with joy. lol

K'ne: You are a dope, Your dreams are a dope. In fact, I wonder, do you take dope?

(Puls went into a furious rage!!!!)

Puls: DOPE, are you kidding???!! I only Take some drugs once in awhile, I mean, I'm cool, What's your problem?

(Ig starts to bounce around on the stage, hoping he can jump into this delicious, beautiful overwelming conversation)

Ig: Let's not talk about drugs, guys...I really want to hear about this global warming. What should I know?

Puls: KNOW THIS! I HAD A DREAM! AND I HAVE A DREAM! That this world is going down just as I had thought all along! HA HA HA! My wish is coming true!

Ig: You sound a bit pathetic, but....tell me, is it true?    

1/14/2007 10:12 PM     31 out of 50    
K'ne: Of course it's not true. You see, Puls takes drugs, and he has mix the two together, and guess what? - we need SAGE! LOL you know, to clear the air, the thoughts out.

(giggling to her high right corner now)

Ig: I feel lost, what's happening to me. I can't seem to understand a thing either of you are saying. :(

Puls: Poor man, get a grip! The world is going into disaster just like Al Gore said.....didn't you see his movie?

Ig: How could I? I'm stuck on this stage with strings to me, and who knows how I even move around,

(Ig looks up and around at the curtains by the side trying to figure out who's holding his strings.)

K'ne: You are very stupid Ig, but that's okay....people love stupid people cuz it makes them feel if they know more, and you know, you tend to make me feel good to hit you over the head sometimes. I don't even care if you care, but I know a lot of things, I know you don't mind cuz you think my wand will eventually break...even though I have many...I mean ...m....a....n...y..more wands just waiting to be used if need be.

Ig: I know I am stupid. This is what I came here on this stage for, to represent ignorance, so I know I fit in at least. I mean, I know who I am. :) Damn, that's the best thing in the world to feel, even if you know who you are is all about being ignorant. I mean, think about the ones who don't even know who they are!

K'ne: SHUT UP!

(K'ne bashed her wand straight down on Ig's head with such thunder he actually began to giggle)

Ig: You know, K'ne, your wand is filled with styrofoam, so it really doesn't hurt, that is...unless I take your actions as being seriously mean. But, you know your wand doesn't hurt me, right?

K'ne: SHUT UP! The children are listening! They like action of all sorts, but this mindless jittering of talk they do not want, please! Let's please the children.... ;)

Puls: I am so fed up with you K'ne, you're always starting something with your words that makes me angry. I can't figure you out for one thing, but the next thing is that I wish YOU would shut up!

K'ne: Ha ha, well, that will never be....I am the star of the show, didn't you read? Anything I say goes....    

1/14/2007 10:29 PM     32 out of 50    
(just about at this time a group of singers came in again, they all looked worked up for the show as if they had been practicing for hours and hours on this very song)

Group singers (let your imagination see what they look like):

We are here to sing this song
about this Earth so lovingly strong
She shall not wait for your lonely words -
She knows Herself, and She knows Her cures

We are here to sing this song
about this Earth so lovingly strong,
She shall not wait for your lonely words-
She knows Herself, and Herself will cure

without you....

(they were singing so softly and beautifully true,
such rapturous tones of beauty, it seemed to fade
into shades around the stage....)

(Puls begins to look around the stage at the shades appearing)

Puls: You know, I am an angry man, but these shadows appearing are giving me a fright. :(

Ig: Oh, come here, young man....let your angers die away. I don't know what these shadows are about, but I'll be your friend this day.

Puls: No, go away. I don't trust in anybody, not even you. And who are these singers? I don;t trust them either. I would rather trust Al Gore, man.

K'ne: You foolish little fellows, these are my singers. I brought them in. they sing for me, shall I make them sing again?

Ig: Well, I don't understand a thing they're saying, so why bother, K'ne?

K'ne: Why bother? Why, they please me. They would please you too if you had half a brain, poor man, you need healing.

Puls: Shut up K'ne, the man doesn't need healing. He is better off than all of us, can't you see?

K'ne: Of course I can see.....
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2008 - 12:28PM #7
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1/15/2007 9:32 PM     33 out of 50    
one of the spectators
was a boring person
and slept through nearly the whole show
but she woke up to hear the end
of a rather puzzling dialogue

then she smiled
and shrugged
in her realization
that if they could agree on a cure
they might actually cure someone.

But they don't WANT to cure someone
they WANT to fight for someone's attention
and the way to do it is to promote
their cure
at all costs
as being better than everyone else's cure.

once you've been tugged
in a million different directions
by people touting *thier* cure
without any accounting for what you *need*
you get a strong sense
that maybe you *want* to be sick
just to be rid of them
and then you have fun
justifying it at all costs...

she's just happy she knows
she doesn't need to be cured
and in that rat race.    

1/16/2007 12:33 PM     34 out of 50    
hi David :) thanks for adding into the puppet show. I like seeing into the audience and what they might be doing/saying/thinking, so I was glad you put something in! :-)    

1/16/2007 9:28 PM     35 out of 50    
As the Puppeteer sees into the audience...
A shape dissects itself from the back wall...
A pall of a squall of shape, no more than a shadow...
It constricts itself into a nebulous ball...
Floats above the heads of the rest of hall...

Stops...Erupts from nothingness into something more...

Three words emblazon the emptiness with sound...


Then someone whispers, after that...
Hell of a show...Got more?

1/16/2007 9:30 PM     36 out of 50    
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I see...I see...That's five words, not three...You know me...Zigging when I ought to be zagging...Still...TAG! YOU'RE IT! Nir.    

1/18/2007 5:42 AM     37 out of 50    
just passing through... great stuff here, brats and all.

for puppeteers have no hands
or feet to tie on their hearstrings,
isn't this so amazing?
they live for only one thing.
love. :)    

1/18/2007 9:03 AM     38 out of 50    
well, here's some love indeed! :D Nirling, Koala and Dawnzie...coming in to partake and enjoy with me...being silly and having the most of fun with whatever might travel through us to write. I loved yor popping CLAPS Sabrina, thank you ever so much for your love and excitement...and damn near getting your arse in here just to say so...that means a lot to me, friend...cyber alternate universe buddy...I wish you'd visit with us all here more often.
thank you again, my friends....

the show will keep going. they are tapping their feet for me to get my fingers tapping on the keyboard for them once again...i tell them now, 'ok ok, when i have more pleasant time.' :)    

2/12/2007 7:54 PM     39 out of 50    
*continuing with my new user name, no longer brataholic moniker, k, kids?*
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 20, 2008 - 11:52AM #8
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2/12/2007 8:05 PM     40 out of 50    
following from post 32...

K'ne: Of course I can see.....    

2/12/2007 8:23 PM     41 out of 50    

scene from the audience...

the puppet probably thinks
the singers only sing
at his expense...

he probably thinks
how could an angry puppet
accept a cure
from those who caused his ills to begin with?

such an angry puppet
would aslo perahps 'remember'
when he did accept a cure
and got slapped in the face

the angry puppet may be
so bad off
that even a cure
hurts more
than anything good it could possibly bring.

maybe the angry puppet
sits there with his wounds
tries to protect himself as best he can
with the words they say
over and over
when he is reading between the lines
'we don't want you'

2/12/2007 8:26 PM     42 out of 50    
K'ne tip-toes over to Puls and taps him ever so lightly with her wand...

K'ne: You see, I did not bash you over the head like I was so willing to do, and could have done....easily, since it is my show and I can do whatever I want....but, Puls....I have to say, I love your angry face and the red that never goes away. Whoever dressed you up sure knew what they were doing. You look so earth, so cool...

now, let me tell you something I think is so funny...

Puls: I don't want to hear it, K'ne. Everything you say only makes me angry. Why can't you just go away?

Ig: oh, let her be, know, even though we don't care what a word she says....the show must go on...and she makes it go on, does she not?

Puls: She does not! She makes the show DEAD, like a D and an E and an A and a D. DEAD. Is that something you like, Ig? If it is, well she goes!

K'ne: Yes, here I go with my lovely plea of address...

Ig: I am the stupidest man on earth, of course I will love anything anybody says. Nothing irritates me, isn't that amazing? I think my brain has lost enough brain cells to make this so, but I'm not sure. Do you think it's just a heart gone mad? What is it that makes me not care and not want to know anything???

K'ne: Let me bash you over the head Ig and all will be well, I promise.

[BASH] - K'ne hits her double-edged-sword wand on Ig's head]

Ig: Hey, where'd ya get THAT? That felt good for once. What is that wand anyway, a sword?

K'ne: It's doubled-edged. It makes all things feel fine. :) It cuts right between you, so it really doesn't touch you. Isn't that cool?

Ig: huh huh huh [dope laughter], yeah, feels fine to me K'ne. What were you gonna say that's so funny?    

2/12/2007 8:36 PM     43 out of 50    
oh David koala, you think he has an angry red face cuz nobody wants him? hmmmmm, that is very strange....there are no answers to the mystery of the universe, hang on, get your coat on, and have a cig....or....whatever you like, but do understand there are no answers to anything! not in this puppet show!    

2/12/2007 8:41 PM     44 out of 50    
But David, I do love that you are interjecting as an audience voice, that's pretty cool. Love the comraderie. :)    

2/12/2007 9:09 PM     45 out of 50    
K'ne: Well, I was going to say something I think is so funny...oh, but thank you, I heard some voices from the audience letting me know that Puls does not feel wanted, thus his face continues to stay red. I would totally agree, but anger is so myriadical...I mean, there is really no end to all the things that could enrage such a human. Well yes, he is just a puppet, but puppets do represent! I must say, they do represent.

Let me tell you something Ig, since Puls is full throttle out of it...
there is this funny thing I've been thinking people are so concerned about what is going to happen to this earth, and yet....who does anything to support non-violence with nuclear weapon making? Who is showing any concern about the fact that even just a half a block of Uranium will take about 700 thousand years to become safer, and yet it will still be radioactive. After another 700 thousand years, half of this has become safe.

Yes, believe it or not, but it takes millions of years for radioactive waste to become safe....and it's just sitting right now in our earth, building up, too. Isn't that a lovely thought that the governments of the world do not want to talk about?

Ig: that IS so funny, K'ne! Why is it that we hear about what nuclear can DO FOR US, but we do not hear what the WASTE will do? That is funny K'ne, very very funny! You are making me laugh so loud now, we may have to end the show for the night...I really cannot stop laughing!

K'ne: yes, I love to make people laugh. It really makes a show, don't you think? Let's all laugh!

[K'ne points to the audience of children]

K'ne: Children, let us laugh! Let us laugh our heads off tonight!

[and down went a thousand balloons from the auditorium, floating ever so softly, but indeed coming down for the children to have]

K'ne: Whatever you do, do not pop them! They are filled with Plutonium! And gods knows what that will do to all of us! But, let us practice the FEELING of what it feels like to be scared like that. Perhaps we will laugh it away, yessss....that shall be our answer, to laugh it away!

If you laugh hard enough, the balloon will rise and lift you up as you hold its strings....and you too can begin to feel what it feels like to Pan!

[the children did not understand the seriousness of Plutonium in the balloons, but understood clearly the fun of flying like Peter Pan.
No, they would never understand the feeling of getting cancer or myriad of physical problems due to Plutonium or its wastes...but indeed they knew how to FLY, or at least that is what they hoped would, the children laughed as they grasped for the balloons coming down.]
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 20, 2008 - 12:02PM #9
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2/12/2007 9:37 PM     46 out of 50    
[K'ne was so happy to see the children laughing and flying all about the room.]

Puls: This is SO ridiculous, this show! K'ne, you could easily kill it! I mean, these children are INNOCENTS!!!!!

[Puls face was so very red, how could it ever get more red? But, magically did. His face became as hot as coals burning. In fact, his face began to turn black with red oozes hanging out. Eww, how ugly he looked.]

[K'ne swung her double-edged sword across Pul's face]

K'ne: There you go, I just cut off some of the black coals that were growing like worts on your face. LOL, did it hurt???

Puls: You are SICK! You are a sick witch, you must be, you must be not only a terrible witch, but a sick one. I'm going to look for the originator of this puppet show and have it ended, right now!

Ig: Puls, you are SO over reacting, I can hardly believe it. I mean, look at K'ne, she is only trying to say something that might be important.

Puls: And at the expense of children's lives?? Are you all together the most ignorant man on stage?

Ig: Indeed, I am....that is why I am. I am only AM because I am what I am. If I am ignorant, so be it...but I shall forever be exactly what I am...isn't that marvelous?...I mean...isn't that just...

[BASH! - K'ne poured her sword right across Ig's face!]

K'ne: I am telling you to SHUT UP! We...and the whole world....already know how incredibly ignorant you very pleased you feel about, please, would you please stop telling us about it? It is REALLY quite boring....

[K'ne walked to the edge of the stage to see the children laughing and flying about. The more the children laughed, the more they would fly. She noticed one child was not even budging from the ground]

K'ne: You! Yes, you...little girl...what is wrong with you that you cannot laugh right now?

[a little girl from the audience, her name was Matilda...she was not laughing or flying....and her mother was no longer in the room, she had left a long time most of the parents HAD]

Matilda: I cannot laugh because the balloons scare me.

K'ne: Why do they scare you? Look, they are giving the children a fun time of flying.

Matilda: So? Just because they are doesn't mean I should. Why should I do what everybody else is doing? I would rather not.

K'ne: And why do you feel that way, Matilda?

Matilda: Because I think children are stupid.

K'ne: But you are a child, too. How can you say that?

Matilda: I am no child. I am different than children. I look like a child, but really...I am very smart....smarter than YOU.

K'ne: Hmmm....

Matilda: You play laughing games, but I would never do such a thing.

K'ne: Hmm [K'ne looking worried]...what would you do now?    

2/12/2007 10:05 PM     47 out of 50    
Matilda: I would tell the children the truth.

K'ne: But I did! It's not my fault that they don't know what Plutonium MEANS. LOL [K'ne's eyes bugged out]

Matilda: Yes, but really, I can see you don't care either. You're just having a laugh out of us. I can see this.

K'ne: Hm, you're very insightful. What should I do to change this scenario, then?

Matilda: Stop laughing.

K'ne: Hm, well...that will be hard to do since Ig is still carried away with it, aren't you Ig?

[yep, Ig was still hackling his *ss off]

Matilda: You will have to stop laughing and also make the balloons disappear.

K'ne: Hm, let me see which of my wands can do...just...that...thing. Hmmm, let me see here...

[K'ne wanders around the stage looking at different pot holes on the ground of the stage. That's where she pulled them from.]

K'ne: Ah, yes, here is my brilliant bright light deep blue wand. :) It will most definitely do the trick. I shall pop them openly with this, just you watch this, Matilda.

[Matilda was certainly waiting]    

2/12/2007 10:25 PM     48 out of 50    
[K'ne lifted her wand to begin popping the balloons. She had to fly just a bit to reach each one.]

K'ne: Ew, I cannot do this on my own, there's just too many, and the children are falling like flies. Puls! Can you help me out here!?

Puls: Right-ee-oo, I have a wand just like yours, you know! LOL

[Puls was much more anxious to get these balloons popped and done away with, but even he could see that a thousand balloons was too much work.]

Puls: Come on over here Ig, stop the laughing and get to work! Grab these children as they fall and make sure their heads don't get bashed!

Ig: [chuckling in his ug-ug way]...ooooo, problem, Puls, got it covered!

[Ig was falling over with each child that came down, but at least the children were safe, falling on top of puppet Ig's body, clunk clunk.]

Matilda: Now tell me, K'ne, where is the Plutonium going when you pop those balloons?

[K'ne, practically out of breath working so hard]

K'ne: Whew! Don't worry about it Matilda, we're gettin' 'em down, that's all that matters, right???

Matilda: No, where is the Plutonium going?

K'ne: I'll tell ya in a minute, when all the balloons are all destroyed, hang in there, child!

[Matilda was certainly waiting]
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 20, 2008 - 12:18PM #10
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2/13/2007 6:10 AM     49 out of 50    
[Finally all the balloons were completely split open and done away with and the puppets returned to their stage. The children were all back in their seats safe and sound. Matilda was waiting to hear what K'ne would say, for even though Matilda thought she was smarter than K'ne, she really didn't understand the concept of magic just yet, or how it could be that Plutonium could be held in a balloon, or popped, or what would happen after that.]

K'ne: Okay Puls, hold out your magic deep blue wand, and I'll hold out mine, too.

[Both Puls and K'ne held their wands out for all the audience to see and even examine closely if they wished.]

K'ne: Now look deeply into these lights you see within the deep blue. Do you know what that special light can do? It can completely take in and saturate any Uranium.

Matilda: But I thought the balloons were filled with Plutonium?

K'ne: Yes, Plutonium is the name of Uranium when Uranium has been f*cked with. What our wands did was bring the Uranium back to its natural state, believe it or not. Now, we're going to put these wands back into the pot holes where we got them and let them seep into the ground and let the Uranium have its natural life back.

Did you know there is a reason why Uranium is fissile....

Ig: Fissile? What does fissile mean?

K'ne: It means its atom is capable of being split or divided.

But, you see, once Uranium's atom is split or divided, it is a very unhappy metal! Uranium does not like to be changed and then called Plutonium. That is not what Uranium wants to do. Uranium wants to be Uranium.

[Puls was being so angry, as usual.]

Puls: Aaaaaawwww, who would want to split or divide Uranium?! What is the purpose of this scientific madness?!

[K'ne bashed Puls over the head with her golden star wand]

K'ne: Shut up, Puls! It is not scientific madness. It is DISCOVERY! There's a big difference, let me tell you. A big, big difference.

I think it is fine to discover things, but it is quite another to take that discovery and not know what the hell one is doing with their discovery....not thinking of WHY a certain thing is the way it is. I mean, wouldn't it be common sense that to DISCOVER something is the way it is, perhaps then that is the way it should be?

Am I right, or no?

I thought about this for a long time, and I seem to think that Uranium's atom is fissile because Uranium (on the crust of Earth) allows for the heat of the core of Earth....and the heat of the be able to NOT burn us to smithereens! It is like wearing sunglasses. The Earth has her sunglasses, too....going both ways!

So, you see, Uranium is AWESOME. Well, just like natural oil....She will repair Herself. She will know how to build Uranium back up in the earth.

Talk about Global is the losing of Uranium that is also causing the warming. We are losing our two-way-mirror sunglasses. :(

Ig: You always sound right to me, K'ne.

Puls: Shut up Ig, she is not always right, and in this case she is dead wrong. It is a real good possibility that Uranium was discovered for the purpose of generating energy! Ahhhhhh hahaha! Generating energy! Woooohoooo yeah! Energy!

Ig: Oh boy, could we use some more of that! Notice how so many people are feeling fatigued??! Energy, energy, energy, that's what we! Wee-heee. :p

[K'ne smiled ever so softly...]

K'ne: But Puls, that is what Uranium was doing already, in the most safest of naturalist ways....    

2/13/2007 6:34 AM     50 out of 50    
K'ne: ....and Ig, that is generally what Uranium can do after it has been messed matter how much Uranium is dealt with to reduce the fission that has happened to it, it will literally be dangerous for people....there are so many health problems that have come from it. Have you not read about the Gulf War and the first use of munition products from depleted Uranium? There are many veterans of that war still suffering from it. That is just one example. There are too many more to even begin to talk about, and let's not scare the children away with words they just cannot even begin to hear about. I mean, they need LIFE! They need JOY! Joy is life for the living, right?

Ig: Yep!

[Ig started to bounce around again all across the stage]

Ig: Hey K'ne, can you bring out those singers again, I need to dance!

K'ne: Sure, Ig ... but it's time for an intermission so the kids can get something to eat and drink.....and so a new group of kids will come in.

[K'ne waved to Matilda with a pleasant smile, almost to thank her for being so brave to speak up like that. It was a smile of respect and admiration, and a hope of good luck wherever she might go....and with whatever she may have learned....]

**Curtains drawn for Intermission**

copy/paste is now done!
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