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9 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2009 - 7:14AM #1
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I with u FRED.... environment has more to do with it than lunar cycle... i have 16k+ recorded...... since 1986......

if one wants to get "psychic" . then become lucid and talk with characters in dreams they'll show one much prophetic stuff... Especially if one is open to ego death in dream realm... ie shamanic inititation see goto dismemberment section there..... 1st initiation..... lol.... one goes into night journey of dream, is destroyed then resurrected ie reborn ....  destroy old thought patterns and see life as a new born child ie all things with new eyes....

think monomyth learn i ask myself daily about every 90mins am I awake or asleep then reality testing.. ie to verify.. then use focus on hands in dream to stabilize dream environment 

I learn from practice 23yrs of Lucid Dream methods

Personally I see dream world as land of "ghosts" ie "spirit realm" just as real as this world ie the tails side of the coin.... 1 foot in each world makes for much learning....... 15 years back I have NDE goto same place known by shaman as land of dead under great cosmic tree.. see  or

just other day i talk with relative across river in that land.....

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9 years ago  ::  Mar 14, 2009 - 4:19PM #2
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Dreams dreams,dreams,I put up a wall but sometimes I am glad I left a crack,I get to see and talk-sometimes-with people who have gone,some that very min. but that was not a dream because she woke me up,as my grandfather did,coming every night until my grandmother left,and others,a family who lost 3 members in 2 months,why the heck did they come see me,I was friends with their ancestors but not that close,not a wake up deam being with my nephew in Irag,but I woke up right after and wrote it all down,next letter confirmed it,I would rather channel elsewhere

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