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10 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2008 - 11:41AM #1
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I have never been religious. Growing up I went to church probly 4 times as a child with friends. I always loved the spiritual feeling I got when I when to church but I didnt feel like what was being taught was "me". From the beginning of my life I always felt a higher power was present. I talked to my parents about "past lives" and described many places on earth that obviously I hadnt been to but somehow had details of these places without seeing them. As I was a teenager I felt this power for the first time. I felt enlightend and like I was tapping into some alternate reality. I have always been more in tune with the feelings of others and feel my life purpose is to take time to listen to these hurting souls and help them to find peace. Many of these people have asked me if I was an angel sent from heaven because I am able to see the good in all and provide a sense of calm when around. About 5 years ago I started to have "visions". Had I known at the time the things I saw were going to happen maybe I could have taken steps to prevent certain bad circumstances. The one that stood out was when I was outside my apartment and had a vision of a candle burning alone and then suddenly the flame got so big it consumed the room it was in. I had a feeling of panic and fear and then the vision left. I thought my god what if that happend? That night the apartment next door caught fire and I was woke by the fire department pounding on my door to evacuate the building. Other instances simialr to that have happend but I never put 2 and 2 together until the "event" happends then I realize what the signs were trying to tell me. Another thing I find interesting is about 10 years ago i selected the name indigo eyes for a user name for no good reason. I just found out yesterday on this site what indigo people are. I find it odd as I think I may be an indigo person. Maybe that was another sign that i just didnt see. I used to have to meditate to reach this higher state of consciousness. Lately I have been able to almost sit here in reality yet be tapped into this "greater consciousness". It has become so easy to go back and forth (if that makes any sense).  When I am there it is almost like I can hear other thoughts there, but most times it is dark. Like I am "plugged in" and I am waiting for a response. What is happening? I assume there must be more to this "black consciuosness" but I dont know how to get higher. Im not even sure if this will make sense to anyone but if it does can someone please give me some insight and tell me what I can do to "interact" with this higher consciousness I have found. I have never talked to anyone about this because I know I must sound like a lunatic but the only way to find out is to ask and after reading this board I thought maybe this would be a good place to start. Thanks!
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2008 - 11:55AM #2
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While I hesitate to state, "Yep, this is what you are and what you might do about it," what you say indicates that you've opened up to your "inner self" and are ready to learn to work with your abilities.

If you've not already visited the Past Lives and Reincarnation forum, that may be an informative and enjoyable place. Look under Esoteric Practices on the Spirituality & Practices main list.

There were threads on "Old Beliefnet" devoted to indigo children, crystal children and the like. I'm not sure where/if such threads have gotten going again here, but I'm sure someone will happen by who can tell you.

Curiously, visiting a New Age bookstore near you (assuming there is one) may be all the help you need. That's what got me the info I needed to begin working with my abilities many years ago when I lived in a very small Kansas town where there were no other info sources I could consult.

Otherwise, especially if you're not a bookish person, I expect that if you ask the Universe to bring you what will help you most at this point, surrounding yourself beforehand with white light and requesting something "for the highest good of all concerned," a first "teacher" will come some form.
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2008 - 1:11PM #3
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Indigo eyes... thanks for sharing alittle bit about yourself. Many certainly relate.  I sense you already have the 'knowing' you are asking your expereinces have so indicated to you. No body is going to give you the answer you already know... perhaps not having the overt-intuition you already have acknowledge...than an outer-teacher would be able to help you... but you are already connected to the inner-teacher who is our greatest teacher of the divine self that is a part of Creator...the Great One. 

In my own experience much like you I have always had the 'knowing' of Love's Power beyond current human understanding... part of my live's journey is learning this did not make me 'special' just aware of what is our true heritage.

The seemingly chaos in the world is based on 'fear' attitudes and the control of a few 'lesser gods' if I can use this term...for the real God, who is more than the god human religion tend to worship is far above even this god who for a manner of speaking is misguided....thus all the laws about making sacirices and worshiping him... these are not the traits of the The Great who rules over all...because he/she is All.

The world is coming to understand these things....least we contiinue to believe we can have peace by warring and separating.

while there may will be layer and layers of life expressing in all manner of forum and concept...ther is One above all concepts..and this is the only 'Reality' that really exists.. in human terms we can only discribe it as unconditional love.  But to actualize this 'reality' we must forego the one we 'think'' is real and all the laws we think we need follow that in truth have nothing to do with reality at all...

Be a peace and let this peace guide you to a higher understanding of all that you are experiencing... perhaps it starts with 'forgiiveness' of your doubting thoughts about who you are and why you are here.

may blessings of peace fill your day. james
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2008 - 11:19PM #4
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[QUOTE=IndigoEyes;448693] I assume there must be more to this "black consciuosness" but I dont know how to get higher. Im not even sure if this will make sense to anyone but if it does can someone please give me some insight and tell me what I can do to "interact" with this higher consciousness I have found.[/QUOTE]

I'm still experimenting...  I don't get to see things either.  Sometimes when I do a hard meditation I do see something but it isn't the same type of sight I have during the day, other times I can just barely sense something that is very very dim and I wonder what would happen if I spent time in a cave...

You might try interacting with your 'feelings'.  I get a lot of interesting things out of that...  it is mostly unexplainable because most people don't have experience with it and you can't relate something if there isn't a common basis for relating...  but I've learned along the way that just because I like a feeling that isn't a good reason to grab it all the time, and just because I hate a feeling that isn't a good reason to avoid it all the time.   All I can say is that the more I free myself from my preconceptions about how the feelings should go together, the more beautiful the pattern in the way the feelings do go together.
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 22, 2008 - 12:32PM #5
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Thank you so much for responding to my post. I am happy to hear others are experiencing simialr things. I was feeling like I must be crazy. I have decided that I will let it go and just let the feeling come over me and take my mind where it is supposed to go. Alot of questions I had about "god" have been aswered by the higher power and I no longer feel scared and alone. This all has happend very fast, not sure what I make of it all, but I know now that the "higher power" is trying to help me and thats all that matters. Thanks again for all your insight =)
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10 years ago  ::  Apr 23, 2008 - 5:22AM #6
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Indigo, you are not alone in being aware of the Creator's presence at a young age & regularly having experiences, sometimes extended ones, where you feel like your consciousness is tapped into that higher consciousness which is God or whatever you want to call the higher power. That's what happened to me, although not at quite as high a level. I got zapped at age 14 and have been working on my relationship to that being pretty much ever since (I'm 52 now.) The older I get the more I appreciate my knowledge of & closeness to God, because the fact is that many people just feel a nagging emptiness underneath their busy lives---which is part of the reason they stay so busy, so they won't have to face the abyss. (I personally think they could find God if they looked in the right place, which is within themselves & within nature & within other people, but not in church!)

Anyway, I' writing a book about my experiences, but it's a how-to book on getting prayers answered. If you're interested, you could check out my website & blog at, but if not, I just wanted to tell you that yes, I have shared many of the experiences of God you describe, although not the ones of the past lives, which I do believe in, by the way. (I'm Christian but very liberal inclusive Christian, which is how I think Jesus was himself.)

Blessings on you!
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