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9 years ago  ::  Jan 04, 2009 - 5:02PM #1
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My mother wanted me to ask about her dream so here it goes....It is summer time and it is very clear and sunny outside.  My deceased grandmother from my fathers side just walked up to my mother and handed her an enevlope.  When my mother opened it there was money inside, my mother tried to hand her back the enevelope but she refused to take it.  She cannot remember what was said but my grandmother was insistant on her taking the money, then she woke up.

Does anyone have any ideas?  She has been dreaming of the dead quite a lot lately.  Thanks for any input

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9 years ago  ::  Jan 22, 2009 - 7:26PM #2
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There are a few themes here.

Unexpected visitations
Interacting with the dead.
Interacting with dead relatives.
Receiving and rejecting gifts

To know what these dream themes could mean you'd have to know how your mother relates to the themes.

How did she feel about the unexpected visit?
How does she feel about getting visits from the dead?
How does she feel about her motherinlaw?
Why did she reject the money? Was it out of humility or was it a rejection of her motherinlaw and connections to her?

Knowing how she felt during these encounters will give you a sense of your mother's dream meaning...
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9 years ago  ::  Jan 25, 2009 - 4:29PM #3
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Some people believe that dreams are just that. dreams ie and try to look at them from a psychological symbolic interpretation. whether it's freud, jung, or other variant thereof. I personally know "ie not belief/theory" that that dream world is spirit world. It's only place we talk with ancestors ie the deceased. Now some may choose to argue but i have only an NDE and many years of studying these visions to guide me so they can believe whatever "they" want.
It's good when our ancestors visit us in dreams. My wife once dreamed that her deceased grandfather came to her to tell her he would soon take her grandmother but that all would be okay. she'd be with him. several days later her grandmother passed on to the other realm. This dream conforted my wife greatly...
As for your mothers dream it appears that a relative or ancestor is trying to give her something valuable (ie money in envelope) Maybe in life your mom didn't like the relative or held a grudge. i don't know since you didn't say. It's possible that this relative is trying to reconcile. To refuse is not good especially from an ancestor. She might think/reflect upon if she is holding grudge against said person and realize that this relative was a human with human tendencies to error. Sounds like whatever it is there is wisdom in it. I'm interested to hear more of the dream in detail. Only that way could i help u interpret it. i cannot interpret it for you. only point this way or that t.. good luck. You could go into on a quest  ie ecstatic vision to seek its meaning. ever heard of lucid dreaming? it's a form of ecstatic trance consciousness though not as powerful. it's where u become aware your dreaming while your dreaming. then u can converse with ancestors and other dream spirits directly and learn their wisdom. By the way the setting is in the clear light of day. This is very important in my mind. Sounds like a boon being sent not misfortune. I like how the relative was insistent that your mother take the gift. maybe it was a peace offering. A way of thanking your mother for looking over her descendents.
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